Australian Formula 2 Race

Calder, 16 Jan 1972

1 Vern Hamilton Elfin 600B [7015] - Ford twin cam
50 40m 14.0s
2 Don Uebergang Elfin 600B [6802] - Ford twin cam
50 40m 53.2s
3 Peter Larner Rennmax "BN2" - Ford twin cam
Roberts Auto Spares
48 40m 39.7s
4 Ken Hastings McLaren M4A [M4A/1] - Ford twin cam
(see note 1)
48 41m 03.6s
5 Gary Campbell Elfin 600C [7122] - Ford twin cam
Provincial Motors (see note 2)
47 41m 04.2s
6 Bob Punch (ANF3) 1.3-litre Elfin Mono Mk IIB [MB6550]
46 40m 35.7s
7 Ian Lees Brabham BT23 - Ford twin cam
(see note 3)

8 Peter Roach (ANF3) 1.3-litre Brabham BT2 [FJ-3-62] - Toyota Corolla "K"
(see note 4)

9 Peter Edwards (FF) 1.6-litre Elfin 600FF [69003] - Ford Kent

10 John Edmonds (F?) unknown

11 Chris Farrell Brabham "BT6" [BT2 FJ-12-62] - Ford twin cam
(see note 5)
12 Alfredo Costanzo Elfin Mono Mk IID [MD6756] - Ford twin cam
R Brian Sampson (ANF3) 1.3-litre Elfin 600B [7017] - Toyota Corolla "K"

R Brian Shead (ANF3) 1.3-litre Cheetah Mk4A [43-1] - Toyota Corolla "K"

R Barry Halden (ANF3) 1.3-litre Elfin 600B [7020] - Ford

R Clive Millis Elfin 600B [7019] - Ford twin cam
went off at Toyota
R Denis Lupton Devione LC2 - Ford twin cam

R Maurie Quincey Elfin 600B [6803] - Ford twin cam

UNK Fred Wheelhouse Brabham "BT23D" (Jane) - Ford twin cam
(see note 6)

DNSC Vince McLaughlan (ANF3) 1.1-litre Elfin Mono Mk I [M6549] - Toyota
Did not start (crashed)

All cars are 1.6-litre ANF2 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. McLaren M4A [M4A/1] (Ken Hastings): Entered by Bruce McLaren Motor Racing for Bruce McLaren in F2 in 1967. Sold to Jim Palmer (NZ) 1968, then to Tony Osborne's Argo Racing in Australia July 1968, driven by Peter Macrow in 1968 and then Alfredo Costanzo from 1968 to 1971. To Ken Hastings mid-1971, who swapped the FVA for a Ford twin-cam for 1972, and the to John Sheppard August 1973. Fitted with a 1300cc Toyota Corolla engine by Geoff Kennett 1974. Later Tony Armstrong (Victoria, Australia) in November 1982 and rebuilt around 1985. At Christie's Melbourne auction 1990 where it was sold to Art Valdez (Torrance, CA). It remained in Valdez' collection for many years, until sold to a UK consortium in 2017.
  2. Elfin 600C [7122] (Gary Campbell): New in January 1971 to Garry Campbell (Sydney, New South Wales) and raced in Australian F2 in 1971, using a Ford twin cam engine. For the Tasman series in early 1972, the car was fitted with a 2-litre Waggott TC4V engine which had been acquired from the estate of Glyn Scott. It was then taken to Japan for the JAF GP in May 1972, where it was fitted with Leo Geoghegan's Waggott engine and was raced that weekend by Geoghegan. It was then returned to F2 specification and raced by Larry Perkins in the 1972 F2 series. The Elfin Register records this car going to Damon Beck in NSW for 1973, and later owned by Bob Muir and Peter Clarke. By 2002, it was with Peter Clark, and was sold by him via Harry Galloway to Geoff Russell. At that time the car was dismantled and in storage at Galloway’s workshop at Little Hartley in New South Wales. In 2023, Russell was restoring the car to Ford twin cam form.
  3. Brabham BT23 (Ian Lees): Ian Lees acquired a Brabham BT23C frame that had been in BT23C/5 when Vic Elford crashed it at Monza in June 1968, and took it back to his native Australia. He built the car up at some point, but it was rarely seen in front line Australian races. Subsequent history unknown, but rumoured to be nearing the completion of a restoration in 2008.
  4. Brabham BT2 [FJ-3-62] (Peter Roach): Built at MRD by Frank Gardner and raced by Gavin Youl as a factory entry in European FJ in 1962. Taken to Australia at the end of the European season, and raced by Youl in the Australian Formula Junior Championship race at Catalina Park in late October. Sold to Geoff McClelland (NSW, Australia) 1963 and raced in Australia as a FJ and later with a 1.5-litre engine in ANF1.5. To Phil West (NSW, Australia) 1966 December and raced in ANF2 - Mike Barker (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia) March 1968 - Peter Roach (Victoria, Australia) 1970 - Doug Hicks (Victoria, Australia) 1972 and fitted with 1300cc Toyota Corolla engine for ANF3; also driven by Peter Jones. Later to Alan Smith (Tasmania, Australia) 1974 and driven by Geoff Bantick in 1978 and 1979. In November 1993, Denis Lupton purchased the car for Jim Russell (Victoria, Australia) and started a full restoration to its original FJ spec. To Nick MacDonald (Australia) 1995 who completed the restoration and raced the car in historic events between 2001 and 2003. To Graham Brown (Queensland, Australia) in 2003 and raced consistently in Australian until 2013 when he sold it to Grant Craft, who raced it in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2017.
  5. Brabham "BT6" [BT2 FJ-12-62] (Chris Farrell): Sold via Brabham's Australian agent Alec Mildren Pty Ltd to David Walker, and raced by Walker in 1963, 1964 and early 1965. Raced by Ralph Sach in 1965 then a Mildren entry with a 1500cc Ford twin cam for Frank Gardner and Kevin Bartlett during the 1965/66 season. To Competition Cars (Aust) for Mike Champion in the 1966 and 1967 Gold Star seasons, then to Brian Page for 1968. Entered by Graham Collier for Jack Bono in 1969. Through Australian owners Chris Farrell 1971, James Crawford 1973, Greg Kinlin 1977 and Graham Healey 1984 to Bryan Miller 1984 who restored it to Alec Mildren late 1965 spec with Ford twin-cam and raced extensively. To Colin Haste (Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia) 1998 and raced extensively in Australian Formula Junior Association events.
  6. Brabham "BT23D" (Jane) (Fred Wheelhouse): Built by Bob Jane's team using a frame supplied by Bob Britton to the Brabham BT23 pattern. The car was a replacement for the team's Brabham BT23E, and had a lower nose and higher cockpit than its predecessor, and triangular sidepods. It first raced at Lakeside's Gold Star round on 7 Jun 1970, driven by John Harvey, and Harvey later won a Gold Star race at Sandown Park in September. It was unused during 1971 and then sold to Fred Wheelhouse (St Albans, Victoria), rebuilt to ANF2 specification and registered with CAMS as a "Brabham BT23D". Sold to Rod Housego 1974 and moved to Western Australia, then sold in 1975 to Dominic Mannello (Perth), who fitted Brabham BT36 bodywork and a 1600cc Fiat twin cam engine for the 1978 ANF2. Retained by Mannello until sold to West Australian Racing Museum owner Neil McCrudden in 2001. Used in historic racing between 2007 and 2015 by Lance Carwardine as the "Brabham Jane".


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