Molson Championship Race

Trois-Rivières, 14 Sep 1969

1 Jacques Couture Lotus 59 [59-FB-13?] - Ford twin cam
#18 (see note 1)
30 33m 41.6s
2 Réal Desrosiers Moleba - Alfa Romeo
30 34m 27.5s
3 Peter Morgan (FF) 1.6-litre Lotus 61 - Ford Kent Holbay
29 33m 59.3s
4 Gary Magwood (FF) 1.6-litre Merlyn Mk 11A - Ford
29 34m 13.2s
5 Jack Boxstrom Lotus 51 - Ford
#16 Jack Boxstrom Racing
29 34m 24.7s
6 Randy Fraser (FF) 1.6-litre Merlyn Mk 11A - Ford
#54 IRI Racing
29 34m 31.2s
7 Keith Powell (FC) Lotus 35
#45 Intercircuit Racing
29 34m 48.6s
8 Brian McDonald (FF) 1.6-litre Lotus 51 - Ford
#68 R.B.M. Racing
9 Peter Roberts Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
#19 Roberts & Co. (see note 2)
10 Doug Durrell (FB) 1.5-litre Kiki MK IV - BMC transverse
#24 Centennial Auto
11 Ian Coristine (FF) 1.6-litre Merlyn Mk 11A - Ford
12 Norbert Schultz (FV) 1.2-litre NS Vee
13 Louis Stein (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
14 Robert Bergeron (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
15 Gerrard Cellier (FC) Manic-Grac
R Paul Morrison (FF) 1.6-litre Lotus 51 - Ford
R Jean-Pierre St Jacques (FV) 1.2-litre JP Vee
R W Sutton (FF) 1.6-litre unknown - Ford
R Claude Marcil unknown
R Reg Scullion (FF) 1.6-litre Caldwell D9 - Ford
R Tom Moore EM Mk 1 (Brabham) - Ford twin cam BRM
R Wayne Kelly Chevron B9 [F3/68/7] - Ford twin cam
#81 (see note 3)
R Peter W. Broeker Stebro 'Mk 5' [Chevron B14]
#21 (see note 4)
R Philippe Loth (FF) 1.6-litre unknown - Ford
R Ray Gray (FF) 1.6-litre unknown - Ford

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lotus 59 [59-FB-13?] (Jacques Couture): Jacques Couture (Laval, Montréal, Quebec, Canada) raced a Lotus 59 in Formula B in 1969, appearing in the Quebec Region's Molson Championship events in Canada, and in two SCCA Pro events at Lime Rock. He won four Molson Championship races, finishing second in the championship. In 1970, Couture raced one of the pair of new Lotuses entered by the new Jim Russell Racing Driver School which had just opened at Mont Tremblant, but may have used his 1969 car in one or two races at the start of the year. Subsequent history unknown.
  2. Brabham BT29 (Peter Roberts): For the Trois-Rivières race in Sep 1969, Peter Roberts borrowed a Brabham BT29 from someone who was described only as "an Ontario driver". No Ontario drivers had raced a BT29 up to that point but Brian Robertson (Brockville) debuted his car at Sebring in December and Ken Huband (Ottawa) was a regular throughout 1970. Robertson, who ran Fred Opert Racing's Canadian division, is by far the most likely.
  3. Chevron B9 [F3/68/7] (Wayne Kelly): Sold to John Ralph and used in European F3 events in 1968 with Lucas engines. Sold to Wayne Kelly (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for 1969 and fitted with a Ford twin cam engine for Formula B. Raced in US and Canadian FB events from July to September 1969. Kelly, the builder of the Kelly Formula Vees, died in 1971 following an accident in a Formula Ford race. Subsequent history of the Chevron is unknown but it is possible that this, rather than Peter Broeker's Chevron B14, was the car raced by Bill Eagles in 1970 and 1971.
  4. Stebro 'Mk 5' [Chevron B14] (Peter W. Broeker): Canadian veteran Peter W. Broeker (Pt. Claire, Quebec) bought a Chevron B14 for 1968 and surviving Chevron records imply that it was chassis number FB-68-10. Used in SCCA pro events and also in Canadian Eastern Zone Formula Championship and Championnat de Formule du Québec races in 1968. Retained for 1969 and raced in the Canadian Road Racing Championship and the Molson Championship, often entered as a Stebro-Chevron. Then apparently retained by Broeker until 1974, when he used it in a few races. After Broeker's death in late 1980 the B14 was bought from his estate by Gerry Jones. Jones sold it to Roger Fountain who moved to England in 1988, and sold the car to Chris Ball who had it restored for HSCC racing in the UK.


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Results sheet kindly provided by Dominic St-Jean.