Scottish SCC Hill Climb

Rest-and-Be-Thankful, 12 Sep 1970

1 Jim Dickson (Special Saloon) 1.33-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
#97 BVRT
58.63s 1st in Class 10 (Over 1300cc Special Saloons)
2 Malcolm McQueen (1.3 Spec Saloon) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
59.70s 1st in Class 9 (1000cc-1300cc Special Saloons)
3 Stuart Brown (unknown) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
61.17s [class unknown]
4 Bob Smith (Special Saloon) 1.33-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
#80 Marigold
61.37s 1st in Class 10 (Over 1300cc Special Saloons)
5 G.G. Robertson (unknown) 1.6-litre Ford Escort TC
61.90s [class unknown]
6 Kenny Allen (1.0 Spec Saloon) 1-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
63.44s 1st in Class 8 (1000cc Special Saloons)
7 Gray Mickel 2-litre Brabham BT23B [1] - Climax FPF 4
#19 (see note 1)
63.83s 1st in Class 2 (over 1300cc racing cars)
8 Barrogill Angus (1.0 Spec Saloon) 1-litre Hillman Imp - Imp
64.54s Class 8 (1000cc Special Saloons)
9 Hugh Mackinnon (1.3 Spec Saloon) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
65.25s Class 9 (1000cc-1300cc Special Saloons)
10 Ian Conway (1.3 Spec Saloon) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
65.75s Class 9 (1000cc-1300cc Special Saloons)
C2 Bob Hamilton (libre) 4.7-litre Cooper - Chevrolet V8
2nd in Class 2 (over 1300cc racing cars)
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT23B [1] (Gray Mickel): Sold to Mike Hawley (Solihull) and used in British hillclimbs with a 2-litre Climax engine. Won the RAC championship round at Great Auclum in August. Retained early 1968 but rarely seen and sold mid-season to Curborough sprint specialist Bob Rose (Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire). Sold again to Scottish hillclimbers Gray and Agnes Mickel for 1969 and used in the national championship, guest driven by Mike MacDowel on one occasion. Retained for 1970 but advertised in October that year and sold to Bernard Worth (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, later Navenby, Lincolnshire) for £1600. Bernard and Sue Worth ran the car at Prescott, Croft, Silverstone and Curborough during the early 1970s, and it was also raced by John Walmsley at Curborough and Prescott. It was sold in 1976/77 to Richard Thwaites (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire) who wanted the engine for his Brabham BT8. Then unknown until acquired some time around 1990 by Joe Applegarth (Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham). Still in his ownership in 2010.


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