Scottish Hill Climb Championship round

Fintray, 3 Aug 1980

1 Bob Hutchinson Tecno
35.32s 1st in class
2 Norrie Galbraith 2-litre March 742/772/782P ["U1"] - Hart 420R
(see note 1)
3 Jimmy Jack 2-litre March 772 [3] - BMW M12/7
Jack Crane Hire (see note 2)
4 Bill Wood (sports racing) 1.6-litre Mallock U2 Mk 18/20 - Ford twin cam
5 Bill Lord 2-litre Chevron B42 [42-78-09] - Hart 420R
6 Kenny Allen (Clubmans Class A) 1.7-litre Mallock U2 Mk 20 - Ford
7 Barrogill Angus (Special Saloon) 2-litre Davrian Stiletto - Ford BDG
36.87s 1st in class
8 Tom MacMillan (1100cc racing car) 1-litre Ginetta G17 - Imp
36.97s 1st in class
9 Brian Frazer 1.6-litre Argo JM1X [018-F3] - Ford BDA
10 Ricky Gauld (Special Saloon) 1-litre Sunbeam Stiletto
37.49s 1st in class
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 742/772/782P ["U1"] (Norrie Galbraith): Built by March as the development car for the new March 742 series, but using a leftover 732 monocoque. Employed as the spare car for the Elf-sponsored works team in 1974, it was raced by Patrick Depailler at Montjuich Park, by Michel Leclère at Hockenheim in June, by Depailler to win at Mugello, by Ronnie Peterson to win at Karlskoga, and by Depailler again at Enna. It was not seen in 1975, but then sold in December 1975 to David Franklin (Portbury, Somerset) and used in British hillclimbs in 1976, with sponsorship from Wendy Wools. Retained for 1977, when it was fitetd with 1977 bodywork. For 1978, it was sold to Alan Richards (Prestbury, Gloucestershire), fitted with a 2-litre Cosworth FVC and used in sprints and hillclimbs. To Norrie Galbraith (Lanark, Scotland) for 1979, and used in Scottish speed events. Retained by Galbraith for 1980, but rebuilt over the winter by Robin Smith to 782 configuration, and fitted with a Hart 420R engine. In December 1980, the car was advertised from a Frome, Somerset, phone number, described as being ex-Depailler and ex-Galbraith, modified by Smith. It has been suggested that Stephen Cuff was the advertiser. Subsequent history unknown.
  2. March 772 [3] (Jimmy Jack): New to Norman Dickson, and raced in F2, Shellsport G8 and libre racing in 1977. To Jimmy Jack for 1978, and used in libre, sprints and hillclimbs, when it was also raced by Charlie Munro, and by Eddie Cheever in an Ingliston libre race. Retained for 1979, when driven by Jack and Munro in speed events again, and also by Andy Barton and Bill Lord on occasion, and used by Jack more rarely in 1980. To Stuart Lawson for 1981, when it was used in libre racing.


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