Scottish Hill Climb Championship round

Strathclyde Park, 18 Apr 1981

1 Jimmy Jack 2.2-litre March 782/79B [782-10] - Hart 422R
James Jack Crane Hire (see note 1)
2 Jim Campbell 1.6-litre Modus M4H [011-SH] - Ford BDA
Fife Fabrications
46.10s 1st in class
3 Tom MacMillan 2.2-litre Modus M4H [011-SH] - Hart 422R
Fire Fabrications/John Young
4 Kenny Allen (Clubmans Class A) 1.7-litre Mallock U2 Mk 20 - Ford
46.67s 1st in class
5 Eric Munnoch Jasag
47.36s 1st in class
6 Bill Lord 2-litre Chevron B42 [42-78-09] - Hart 420R
7 Bill Wood (sports racing) 1.6-litre Mallock U2 Mk 18/20 - Ford BDA
8 Alex Graham (sports racing) 1.6-litre Mallock U2 Mk 20 - Ford twin cam
9 Bill Ness (1600cc racing car) 1.6-litre Chevron B49 [B47 79-07 as 'B49 79-02'] - Ford BDD
10 Bob Hutchinson Tecno
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 782/79B [782-10] (Jimmy Jack): Bernard de Dryver's car at Thruxton 27 Mar 1978 and presumably all season; run by Bob Salisbury Racing. To Godfrey Crompton's Douglas & Gavin for Chris Cramer in hillclimbs in 1979. Retained for Cramer to use in 1980, when he won the British championship. Sold to Jimmy Jack (Evanton, Scotland) for hillclimbs from 1981 to 1983. The car evidently returned to Cramer, as he used it once in the 1987 season, at Harewood. Cramer sold the car in 1989 to Wolfgang Bode (Germany), who started the restoration but did not complete it. It was sold to Franz Guggemos in 2004, and he sold the Hart engine and restored it with a BMW engine, restoring it to 782 bodywork after it had been hillclimbed without sidepods. Initially rebuild in Eddie Cheever's livery, it was run in German historic hillclimbs in 2008, but was badly damaged in practice for a Historic F2 race at Spa in 2010. Repainted in de Dryver's Paris Match livery by 2015.


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