Scottish Hill Climb Championship round

Fintray, 8 Aug 1982

1 Bill Lord 2-litre Chevron B42 [42-78-09] - Hart 420R
27.65s 1st in class
2 Hugh Chalmers 2-litre Chevron B42 [42-78-09] - Hart 420R
3 Alex Graham (sports racing) 1.6-litre Mallock U2 Mk 20 - Ford BDA
4 Eric Munnoch (GT) 3.5-litre Hillman Imp (Chevron B29) [29-75-17] - Rover V8
(see note 1)
29.72s 1st in class
5 Allen Johns (sports racing) 1.7-litre Gryphon C74 - Ford
6 David Milne (1000cc racing car) 1-litre Vixen VB1/4 - Imp
31.78s 1st in class
7 Harry Simpson 1-litre Davrian Mk8
Edinburgh Aluminium Products
31.80s 1st in class
8 Geordie Taylor Sparton FF79
9 Andrew Paterson 1.6-litre Hawke DL19B - Ford Kent
10 Ricky Gauld 1-litre Davrian Mk7
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Hillman Imp (Chevron B29) [29-75-17] (Eric Munnoch): New to Peter Williams (Brentwood) and raced in the British Formula Atlantic series in 1975, but crashed at Brands Hatch in April and not seen again that season. Entered by Williams' Coin News for Jim Crawford in early 1976 and then sold to Martin Birrane (Ballina, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland) who raced it in G8 and in Atlantic in 1976 and 1977. To Laurence Jacobsen (Glasgow, Scotland) for 1978, fitted with a Swindon BDX and entered by him for Bryce Wilson in libre that year. Converted back to Atlantic spec and raced by Bryce, Jacobsen and Graham Hamilton in 1979. In 1980, Jacobsen had the monocoque shortened and fitted the car with a plastic Sunbeam Stiletto body and Cosworth BDG engine, and raced it in GT racing in Scotland as a Hillman Imp. The car was later sold to Eric Munnoch who raced it with a 3.5-litre Rover V8 in 1982. For 1983, it was fitted with a supercharger and entered as a Davrian Stiletto. He returned with the car for 1984, but was not seen again after the first race. The tub somehow returned to Jacobsen and was sent to ex-Chevron engineer Nigel Dickson to be repaired, but this job was still incomplete when the monocoque was sold by Jacobsen to Sandy Watson. John Bradshaw remembers buying the remains of this car from Watson some time around 2006, when "it consisted of aluminium folded panels, uprights and wishbones with some instruments and a chassis plate, apparently driven by Bryce Wilson in his teenage years". He sold it on to Colin Thorpe, and in March 2010, HSCC News reported that Thorpe had rebuilt the car, which was not thought to have raced since the 1980s, and it would be raced by his son Ollie Thorpe in 2010. It was later sold by Ollie Thorpe via Ken Thorogood to Clive Wood, and by 2020 it was being rebuilt for Wood by Dan Eagling for historic F2 racing with a Richardson BDG. However, Wood crashed the car at Donington in March 2021 and while it was being repaired bought a March 782.


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Individual sources for this event

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