Caithness Car Club Hill Climb

Rumster, 29 Aug 1982

1 Bill Lord 2-litre Chevron B42 [42-78-09] - Hart 420R
26.75s 1st in class
2 Tom MacMillan 2.2-litre Modus M4H [011-SH] - Hart 422R
3 George Coghill (GT) 2-litre Lotus Esprit (Chevron B40) - Hart 420R
Norfrost (see note 1)
28.81s 1st in class
4 David Milne (1000cc racing car) 1-litre Vixen VB1/4 - Imp
29.39s 1st in class
5 Allen Johns (sports racing) 1.7-litre Gryphon C74 - Ford
29.66s 1st in class
6 Andrew Paterson 1.6-litre Hawke DL19B - Ford Kent
7 Brian McLuckie Terrapin
Barbara Davidson Pottery
8 Robin Gray (sports racing) 1.6-litre Lotus 7
32.31s 1st in class
9 Hugh Mackinnon Davrian Mk7
32.60s 1st in class
10 Brian MacLeod Hillman Imp
32.90s 1st in class
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lotus Esprit (Chevron B40) (George Coghill): New to KWS Autotechnik for Klaus Ludwig in the BRSCC F2 Trophy at Donington Park in October 1977, where both Autosport and Sport Auto are clear that the car was using a Hart 420R engine, not a BDA-based engine. Believed to be the car raced by Willi Deutsch at the N├╝rburgring in April 1978, but this remains unclear. Bought from Ludwig by Iain McLaren (Broxburn, Scotland) in damaged form and "painstakingly rebuilt" for libre and Aurora racing in 1978. To Bob Leckie (Aberdeen, Scotland) for hillclimbs and libre in 1979, then Bob Milne (Aberdeen, Scotland) for libre in 1980, then Martin Dunn (Evanton, Scotland) for libre at Ingliston in 1981. Sold next to George Coghill, who fitted the Chevron-Hart with a Lotus Esprit body for Scottish GT racing in 1982 and 1983. The car returned to "unclothed" form in 1985, when Coghill fitted a 3-litre Ford V6 engine for Scottish libre racing, the Hart 420R having blown up. The car had a 1700cc BDA engine in it when Coghill sold it to someone in the north of England, and recalls taking a Vixen in trade. This must be the 1700cc Chevron B40 entered by John McCartney at Harewood in September 1987, then with a 1990cc Hart engine at Harewood in May 1988, but a month later he was running the B53 instead, with a BDG engine. Retained by McCartney until November 1996 when it was sold to Nick Crossley (Sussex). The car is said to have been restored by Foxcraft Engineering in 1995/6. At some point sold by Crossley to John Ruston and Gareth Burnett (Newmarket, Suffolk), and raced by Burnett in Euro F2 and HSCC Derek Bell Trophy races in 2006. Burnett raced it again in the DBT in 2008. Sold in 2018 to Richard George (Marsh Green, Kent), who took it to Paul Fox of Foxcraft again to be rebuilt.


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Individual sources for this event

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