Forward Trust Formula Three Championship

Silverstone, 5 May 1974

ResultsLapsTime/Speed Winnings
1 Brian Henton March 743 [25?] - Ford ohc Holbay
#1 March Engineering
92.53 mph
2 Tony Rouff GRD 373 [050-F3] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
3 Alex Dias Ribeiro GRD 374 [088-F3] - Ford twin cam Novamotor
#16 Hollywood International RT (see note 1)
4 José Chateaubriand March 743 [19] - Ford ohc Holbay
#2 March Engineering
5 Derek Lawrence Ehrlich ES2/3 - Ford twin cam Ehrlich
#8 Dr Joseph Ehrlich
6 Nicholas von Preussen March 733 [12] - Ford twin cam Neil Brown
7 Buzz Buzaglo March 743 [22] - Ford ohc Holbay
#4 Ippokampos Racing (see note 2)
8 Brian Jordan (Monoposto) Nike - Ford
9 Alan Baillie (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Viking 74M - Ford pushrod
10 Bryan Small (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Tecno F68 - Ford Holbay
11 David Coombs (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Manta 71D - Renault R16S
12 Luis Correia Moraes GRD 374 [089-F3?] - Ford ohc Holbay
#15 Team Brasil (see note 3)
13 Victor Durman (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [2] - Ford Morley
#21 (see note 4)
14 John Chambers (Monoposto) Chamox Mk2 - Ford
15 Paul Maxwell (Monoposto) Brabham BT21 - Ford
16 Ray Thomas (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Revoray Mk2 - Ford pushrod
17 Paul Hull (Monoposto) Brabham BT6 [BT2 FJ.9.62] - Ford
#32 (see note 5)
18 Brian Toft (Monoposto) ANCO - Ford
R Hany Wiano March 743 [24] - Ford ohc Holbay
#5 Ippokampos Racing
9 Accident  
R Dick Parsons Ensign LNF3 [71.1] - Ford twin cam Davron
#12 Smiths Crisps Racing
R Bill Offiler (Monoposto) Micron - Ford
R John Broughton (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Brabham BT18 - Ford pushrod Swindon
R Mike Bowers (Monoposto) Brabham BT21C - URD
#22 (see note 6)
DNA José Espírito Santo March 743 [2] - Ford twin cam Washer
#3 Santa Clara (Portugal)
Did not arrive
DNA Pedro Passadore GRD 374 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
#17 Monzeglio GRD Squadra Corse
Did not arrive
DNA Jack Heaton-Rudd (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Monoposto Special - Ford pushrod
Did not arrive
DNA "Teleco" March 743 - Ford ohc Holbay
Did not arrive
DNA Frank Scurria Ensign LNF3/72 - Ford twin cam
Did not arrive
DNA Ron Livingstone (Monoposto) Lotus 41C - Ford
Did not arrive
DNA Bruce West (Monoposto) 1.6-litre Brabham BT21 - Ford PME
Did not arrive
DNA Robin Strange (Monoposto) PVB 21/23 - Ford
Did not arrive
DNA Nigel Howard Jones (Monoposto) RTW Special Mk2 - Ford
Did not arrive
DNA David Dudley (Monoposto) Brabham BT15
Did not arrive
DNA Mike Irons (Monoposto) Brabham BT21 [BT18 F2-1-66?]
Did not arrive
DNA Donald Clarke (Monoposto) Mini Micron Mk1 - BMC
Did not arrive

All cars are 2-litre F3 unless noted.

1 Brian Henton (F3) 2-litre March 743 [25?] - Ford ohc Holbay

Notes on the cars:

  1. GRD 374 [088-F3] (Alex Dias Ribeiro): New to Alex Dias Ribeiro and raced in British F3 in 1974 with Hollywood sponsorship, winning at Snetterton in May. Crashed at Cadwell Park in July and replaced with a new car.
  2. March 743 [22] (Buzz Buzaglo): New to Ippokampos Racing for Australian racer Buzz Buzaglo to use in British and European F3 in 1974. Used by Tom Pryce at the Monaco GP F3 support race. Sold to Bob Arnott for 1975 and retained for the first few weeks of the 1976 season. Sold to Colin Myles (Holmes Chapel, Cheshire) and fitted with a 1098cc Hart engine for hillclimbs from 1979 or earlier.
  3. GRD 374 [089-F3?] (Luis Correia Moraes): New to Team Brasil for Marcos Moraes to race in British F3 in 1974. Also raced by his elder brother Luis Correira Moraes after Marcos Moraes was injured while testing. The car was identified as 089-F3 during 1974. Sold for 1975 to Doug Bassett and continued in British F3, but identified now as 090-F3. Bassett reappeared briefly at the start of 1976 in this car. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Brabham BT23C [2] (Victor Durman): Early history unknown and possibly built for intended works team. Sold to Frank Lythgoe Racing in June 1968 for Peter Gethin to race in F2, replacing a Chevron B10. Reported to have gone to George Pitt in November 1968 but quickly found its way to John Whitmore and entered by Alan Mann Racing for Don Godden to drive in F2 in 1969, but his season was soon abandoned. Presumably the car advertised by Alan Mann Racing in 1970. Then unknown until raced by Maurice Ogier in sprints in 1972 when it had a Vegantune twin cam engine. Sold to Low Cost Racing at the end of 1972 and advertised by them in March 1973. Next seen when run by Vic Durman in Monosposto racing in 1974 and advertised from a London number at the end of that year. Advertised by Bobby Howlings' Cheshire Sports Cars in July 1976. To Dave Bishop (Suckley, Worcestershire) and raced in sprints later in 1976, and later in Monoposto in 1979 when it was loaned to Tim Cameron. Next seen when owned by Ian Webb of Northdown Racing (Ripley, Surrey) in 1982, and loaned to Mike Hartley for the Gates-Varley Monoposto Series. Then via Keith Norman (Slough, Berkshire) 1985, Hugo Studer (Berne, Switzerland) 1987, Sepp Mayer (Germany) 1997 and John Counsell (Lincoln, UK) 2005 to Andrew Fellowes (Benowa, Queensland, Australia) 2009. Sold by Fellowes to Gary Hancock April 2011 and raced by his son Damon from 2011 onwards
  5. Brabham BT6 [BT2 FJ.9.62] (Paul Hull): To Cliff Ward and raced occasionally in British Formula Junior. The first entries for this car were in September 1962, but the first certain appearance ws not until early 1963. To Roger Mac late 1963 and raced in the new 1-litre Formula 3 with a Holbay engine, winning a number of club races. To Tony Dean (Leeds, Yorkshire) early 1965 but quickly replaced with a new BT15 and sold on to John Mansfield who raced it to the end of 1965. To Geddes Yeates for 1966 then with John Aspinall in 1968 and then to Paul and Andrew Hull for Monoposto in 1970. Raced by the Hulls to 1974 at least and with Mike Harrison (Ledbury, Herefordshire) by 1976. Said to have been bought by Harrison from Jeremy Bouckley. Raced by Harrison in the 1978 Chandler Hargeaves Formula Junior championship. Then unknown until sold by Peter Denty (Wretham, Norfolk) to Jerome Morici (Clifton, NJ) in either 1992 or 1999. Sold on to Bob Goeldner (Longmeadow, MA) in either 1997 or 2001.
  6. Brabham BT21C (Mike Bowers): Mike Bowers appeared at Gurston Down in August 1973 in a Brabham BT21C, running in the 1600cc class. He then raced the car in Monoposto in 1974, when the car was given as yellow. As both the UK's resident BT21Cs can be accounted for during this period, BT21C-6 with Peter Varley and BT21C-17 with Nigel Pow, it is likely that this is a different BT21-series car that had been updated to 'C' specification at some point, perhaps through the fitting of a Ford twin cam. Most likely is BT21-30, last seen when advertised by Nick Overall as a BT21C early in 1973, but another possibility is BT21A-8, last seen in the hands of Philip Guerola at the end of 1972. Subsequent history unknown.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

These British Formula 3 results have been compiled by Chris Townsend using the main British magazines Autosport and Motoring News but also the US magazine On Track which carried surprisingly good coverage of the British series.

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