Formula Atlantic Labatts Championship Series Race

Edmonton, 3 Jul 1977

ResultsLapsTime/Speed Winnings
1 Gilles Villeneuve March 77B - Ford BDN Morris
#69 Ecurie Canada Direct Film
2 Keke Rosberg Chevron B39 [39-77-08] - Ford BDN Titan
#4 Fred Opert Racing (see note 1)
3 Price Cobb March 77B [20] - Ford BDN Stimola
4 Bobby Rahal March 76B [10 or 15?] - Ford BDN Morris
#56 Morgan Racing-Red Roof Inns
(see note 2)
5 Bill Brack March 77B - Ford BDN Nicholson
#1 STP-Shierson Racing
6 Juan Cochesa Ralt RT1 [78] - Ford BDN Willis
#37 Pierre's Motors
7 Richard Spenard March 77B - Ford BDN Morris
#96 Ecurie Canada Direct Film
8 Howdy Holmes March 77B [21 or 22] - Ford BDN Race Shop
#8 Quaker State-Shierson Racing
9 Cliff Hansen March 77B [76B-2?] - Ford BDN Jennings
#21 Performance Marketing Team (see note 3)
10 David Oxton Tui BH2 [3] - Ford BDN Nicholson
#70 Team Tui
11 Jeff Wood March 77B [1] - Ford BDN Jennings
#20 Steve Jennings Team
12 Gregg Young Chevron B39 [39-77-07] - Ford BDN Titan
#6 Fred Opert Racing (see note 4)
13 Steve "Gas" Saleen March 76B [13] - Ford BDN Clayton
#39 Clayton Racing Team (see note 5)
14 Mike Rocke March 77B [29] - Ford BDN Nicholson
#15 R&R Racing (see note 6)
15 Chip Mead Ralt RT1 [11] - Ford BDN Willis
#31 Pierre's Motors
57 Accident $800
16 Tom Gloy March 76B - Ford BDN Race Shop
#11 Rick Shea Racing Team (see note 7)
55 Throttle Cable  
17 Marcel Talbot March 77B [23] - Ford BDN Hine
#10 Tamaco-Colin Hine Racing Team
(see note 8)
44 Accident  
18 Robert J. Nelkin March 77B [14?] - Ford BDN Nicholson
#67 Hunter Mountain (see note 9)
28 Engine  
19 Bruce Jensen Chevron B29 [29-75-14] - Ford BDN Hine
#41 Exotic Plants
26 Gearbox  
20 Kevin Cogan Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN Willis
#33 Cogan Racing Team
7 Engine  
DNA Francisco Romero Chevron B39 - Ford BDN Titan
#5 Fred Opert Racing
Did not arrive
DNA Bobby Fisher March 77B [12] - Ford BDN
#13 (see note 10)
Did not arrive
DNA Tim Cooper March 73B/77B - Ford BDN
#17 (see note 11)
Did not arrive
DNA Peter Ferguson Chevron B29 [29-75-09?] - Ford BDN
#18 Peter Ferguson Racing Team (see note 12)
Did not arrive
DNA Dave Webber Ralt RT1 - Ford BDA
#50 Webber Racing Team
Did not arrive
DNA Brad Abbott March 77B [6?] - Ford BDN Stimola
#98 Stimola Racing (see note 13)
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Gilles Villeneuve (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 77B - Ford BDN Morris 0.56.31
2 Price Cobb (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 77B [20] - Ford BDN Stimola 0.56.57
3 Keke Rosberg (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B39 [39-77-08] - Ford BDN Titan 0.56.67
4 David Oxton (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Tui BH2 [3] - Ford BDN Nicholson 0.56.79
5 Tom Gloy (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B - Ford BDN Race Shop 0.56.82
6 Juan Cochesa (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1 [78] - Ford BDN Willis 0.56.92

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B39 [39-77-08] (Keke Rosberg): New to Fred Opert Racing and used in the Labatts Formula Atlantic Championship. One of two cars run by the team for Keke Rosberg, this one having narrower track. Retained by Fred Opert Racing for the 1978 New Zealand series, where it was Bobby Rahal's main race car. Then believed to be the car raced by Divina Galica at Long Beach in early 1978. Sold to Dean Lundreen (Franklin, MN) and raced in SCCA Nationals. He scored 13 points in 1978, 15 points in 1979, and continued to race the car in 1980 and 1981. Advertised by Lundgreen in April 1982 and February 1983. Sold to Mike Rand later in 1983, then sold on to Joe Ostrowski (Trenton, NJ) who owned it from 1984 to 1986 at least. Subsequent history unknown, but this car sold through race-cars.com from New York in 2004. In 2016, Martin Lauber commented that he had owned "B39/08" since 2012 at least.
  2. March 76B [10 or 15?] (Bobby Rahal): Ecurie Canada ran a pair of green #69 March 76Bs in 1976 for Gilles Villeneuve (Lasalle, Quebec) with support from Skiroulle. Skiroule's signature green colour suggests they were the two cars listed in March records as being "leaf green", 76B-10 and 76B-15. Villeneuve had several crashes during 1976 and probably raced both cars, but exactly how they were used is not known. Two 76Bs were sold to Jim Morgan who raced them in early 1977 SCCA races alongside Bobby Rahal (Glen Ellyn, IL) and then entered them for Rahal in the 1977 Pro series with sponsorship from Red Roof Inns. Rahal also had a 77B but this was crashed at the opening race. One 76B then went to Ron Levanduski (Elmira, NY) and the other to Bob Earl.
  3. March 77B [76B-2?] (Cliff Hansen): Cliff Hansen (Laguna Beach, CA) campaigned a blue/red #6 March 76B in 1976 as part of the Doug Shierson Racing operation. Hansen retained the car as a spare in 1977 (he had a 77B but crashed it). This would be the car raced by Tom Contino (Ontario, CA) between 1979 and 1981, then sold by him to Damon Meek (Los Gatos, CA), who raced the car in SCCA Nationals in 1982 and has identified it as 76B-02. Meek sold it to Lee Follansbee (Temecula, CA) and it would be the 76B raced by him in the Sears Point Pro race in 1984.
  4. Chevron B39 [39-77-07] (Gregg Young): New to Fred Opert Racing and raced in the Labatts Formula Atlantic Championship by Gregg Young as the team's #6 Valvoline entry. Retained by Fred Opert Racing for the 1978 New Zealand series, where it was Bobby Rahal's T car. Sold to Peter Robinson (Madison, Wisconsin) and raced in SCCA Nationals and in a couple of Labatts Championship Pro races in 1978. He scored 19 points in Central Division in 1978. He was not seen in 1979, but reappeared with the car in Southwest Division in 1980, now as a member of Lone Star Region, and qualified for the Runoffs. He converted the car to Formula C for 1981, and retained it until 1984 at least, when it was advertised from Austin, TX. Subsequent history unknown, but some time around 2003, the car was acquired by Jeff Mckay (Tacoma, WA) from the estate of a collector in Texas. Mckay sold the car in 2004 to John Bradshaw (Manchester). A car with this chassis number later owned by Sandy Watson, and raced by him in European Historic F2 and HSCC Derek Bell Trophy from 2006 to 2009. Then raced by Roland Wiltschegg (Austria) from 2010 to 2013.
  5. March 76B [13] (Steve "Gas" Saleen): An orange March 76B invoiced to Shierson in March 1976.
  6. March 77B [29] (Mike Rocke): New Mike Rocke (Livermore, CA), who raced the car through 1977 and 1978 until a serious accident at Trois-Rivières which left Rocke very badly injured and destroyed the 77B.
  7. March 76B (Tom Gloy): Rick Shea Racing Team ran a #11 March 76B in 1977 for Tom Gloy (Lafayette, CA) but the origins of the car are unclear. The current owner of 76B-9 has history indicating it is the ex-Gloy car but Shea's recollection is that this car was Mortensen's which can be identified with confidence as 76B-7. Shea and Gloy retained the car for 1978, when it was run as #38 and had a front-mounted radiator. Gloy last raced it at Hamilton in August, after which it was advertised by Bud Rude in September, noting that it had a new monocoque. It was then sold, still yellow and with its front radiator, to Gary Fernandez for 1979, who painted it red. Fernandez crashed the car in April 1979, and it was repaired by Arnie Loyning, who ended up owning it, and raced it a couple of times. It was subsequently traded (for a Sports 2000) to Bob Lesnett, owner of Pfieffer Ridge Racing, and during his ownership the tub was rebuilt by Marc Bahner. An "ex-Gloy" March was later advertised by Pfeiffer Ridge Racing in Richmond, CA, in January 1984. Larry Savage has a car in 2019 that is said to be ex-Gloy and has the SCCA Log Book from when Gary Fernandez owned it in 1979. The car is now on a 77B tub, but a different 77B tub to the one recorded by the SCCA in 1979.
  8. March 77B [23] (Marcel Talbot): New to Marcel Talbot (Granby, Quebec) and run for him by Colin Hine Racing Team in Formula Atlantic in 1977, sponsored by Tamaco. Retained by Colin Hine Racing for 1978, and entered for Willy T. Ribbs at Long Beach, then for Jean-Pierre Alamy at two further races. Subsequent history unknown.
  9. March 77B [14?] (Robert J. Nelkin): Robert J. Nelkin (Roslyn, NY/Woodbury, NY) raced a March 77B in SCCA Nationals and then the Pro series in 1977, sponsored by Hunter Mountain. Retained for the opening race of the 1978 season after he had engine trouble in his new 78B. Subsequent history unknown.
  10. March 77B [12] (Bobby Fisher): Bobby Fisher (Charlotte, NC/Vero Beach, FL) had a red/yellow March 77B for the 1977 season, running as #13 with Stroh sponsorship. On the basis of the colour, this was probably 77B-12, the only car listed with such colours in March records. Fisher, was a beer distributor from Vero Beach, FL, whose business and race team were based in Charlotte, NC, moved into NASCAR for a couple of seasons before trying to get an entry for the Indy 500 in 1980. The March 77B was sold to Bill Anspach (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) for 1978. Subsequent history unknown.
  11. March 73B/77B (Tim Cooper): Roy Folland (Montréal, Quebec) had a purple #6 March 73B for 1973 but crashed at Trois-Rivières in Sept and after being repaired, the 73B was sold to Ecurie Canada for guest driver Eppie Wietzes to race at the Watkins Glen Pro FB race five weeks later. Then sold to Tim Cooper (Kansas City, MO) who raced the "ex-Ecurie Canada" 73B at a Willow Springs Regional in December 1973. Raced extensively in SCCA racing early in 1974 and then in the Pro F/Atlantic series, prepared by Charlie Williams Racing. Cooper hired a new 75B and ran as part of Doug Shierson Racing in 1975, but retained the 73B and may have used it in SCCA races. He then went to Wilbur Bunce's team for 1976, and the 73B was rebuilt by Bunce to 75B/76B specification. The self-entered 77B he had in early 1977 may have been this car again. Subsequent history unknown, but this could be the "75B" acquired by Max Sebba in mid-1977.
  12. Chevron B29 [29-75-09?] (Peter Ferguson): New to Peter Ferguson (Toronto, Ontario), to be used in the Canadian Players Formula Atlantic series, entered by Ferguson Canada Racing as #76 with Samsonite sponsorship. The Samsonite deal was not renewed, so Ferguson did not race the car in 1976. He returned for the opening race of the 1977 season, at Mosport Park with Gingerbread Displays livery and finished a highly impressive sixth, but did not reappear. The car was sold to Colin Hine, then to Paul Swinwood, for whom Nigel Mortimer sold it to Dr Warren Eads (Rolling Valley Hills, CA). It next passed to collector Art Valdez (Torrance, CA), and remained in Valdez' collection for many years, until sold to a UK consortium in 2017. Sold to new owner early 2018. Sold to further owner (Kent) late 2018.
  13. March 77B [6?] (Brad Abbott): Brad Abbott (Messapequa, NY) raced a March 77B in SCCA Nationals and then the Pro series in 1977, run by Stimola Racing. He retained the car for 1978, but was seen less often that season. Subsequent history unknown.


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