SCCA Continental Championship for Formula B/C Race

Mont-Tremblant, 7 Sep 1969

1 WP Fred Stevenson Lotus 59 "B" [59-FB-12] - Ford twin cam
#93 Lotus East Inc. (see note 1)
35 60m 45.3s
91.55 mph
2 Jacques Couture Lotus 59 "B" - Ford twin cam
35 61m 01.3s
3 Bruce Redding Brabham BT14 [FL-3-65] - Ford twin cam BRM
(see note 2)
4 Syd Demovsky Chevron B15b [FB-69-3?] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#11 Syd Demovsky (see note 3)
5 Malcolm Starr Lotus 59 "B" [59-FB-9] - Ford twin cam
#2 Malcolm Starr ("Lotus 59")
6 Earl Jones Titan Mk3 - Ford twin cam
#75 Earl Jones (see note 4)
7 Nick Craw Brabham BT29 [5] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#49 Scorpio Racing Ent. (see note 5)
8 Wayne Kelly Chevron B9 [F3/68/7] - Ford twin cam
#87 Kelly Racing Cars (see note 6)
9 Peter W. Broeker Stebro-Chevron B14 [FB-68-10?] - Ford twin cam
#21 ("Mk 5") Stebro Racing (see note 7)
10 Al Justason Brabham BT21 ["BT21-9"] - Ford twin cam
#30 Al Justason (see note 8)
11 Matt Spitzley Brabham BT21B [24] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#36 Spitz Ford (see note 9)
12 Bruce Jensen Brabham BT16 [F2-1-65] - Ford twin cam
#41 Jean-Mac Racing (see note 10)
13 Thomas C. Jones Cooper T82 [F2-2-66] - Ford twin cam
(see note 11)
14 Randy Fraser Merlyn Mk 11A - Ford Kent
#54 IRI Formula Team
15 Phil Raeder (FC) 1-litre Brabham BT18 [F2-25-66] - Ford Cosworth
#39 Auto Sports Consultants (Philip K. Raeder Jr)
(see note 12)
16 Bill Gubelmann Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
('Brabham BT21') (see note 13)
33 oil pressure
17 E Eugene "Gene" Mason Tecno 69/FB - Ford twin cam Hart
#26 RPM Racing Promotions, Inc
31 retired - unknown
18 Joe Grimaldi Chevron B15b [FB-68-13?] - Ford twin cam
#72 (see note 14)
30 suspension
19 Eligio Siconolfi Crosslé 12F [C12F/67/34] - Ford twin cam
#8 Downtown Datsun Ltd
22 fuel pump
20 Steve Brownstein Chevron B15b [FB-69-6?] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#12 Steve Brownstein (see note 15)
14 engine failure
21 Oliver Grant Chevron B14 - Ford twin cam
#27 ("B14") Oliver Grant Racing
(see note 16)
12 spun off course
22 Skip Barber Tecno 69/FB - Ford twin cam HRE
9 body damage
23 Dick Smothers Chevron B14 [FB-68-14?] - Ford twin cam
#29 Hogan Motor Leasing Inc (see note 17)
4 oil pressure
UNKE Steven Woods Lotus 41C [41C-FL-44] - Ford twin cam
#3 Race & Rallee Eng.
On entry list
UNKE Warren Flickinger Chevron - Ford twin cam
#5 Warren A Flickinger (see note 18)
On entry list
UNKE Mike Eyerly Brabham BT18 - Ford twin cam
#7 Eyerly Volkswagen (see note 19)
On entry list
UNKE Dave Ogilvy Lotus 35 - Ford twin cam
#9 Dave Ogilvy Racing Team
On entry list
UNKE Michael Brodie Brabham BT21 - Ford twin cam
#11 Levis (see note 20)
On entry list
UNKE Thomas Gelb Chevron B14 [FB-68-8] - Ford twin cam HRE
#16 ("Chevron HRE") Capitol Auto & Tire
(see note 21)
On entry list
UNKE Wayne Spears Brabham BT21 - Ford twin cam
#17 Peter Roberts (see note 22)
On entry list
UNKE Howard Cazaly Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam
#19 Cazaly Racing
On entry list
UNKE Don Merriman Lotus 59 - Ford twin cam
#22 Don Merriman
On entry list
UNKE Ken Huband (FC) 1.1-litre Titan Mk3 - Ford
#44 K Huban [sic] (see note 23)
On entry list
UNKE Mike Rand (FC) 1.1-litre Brabham BT18 - Cosworth SCC
#47 Michael Rand (see note 24)
On entry list
(EL:"Brabham". I had BT21B/03-SCA but not sure why)
UNKE Ian Coristine Merlyn Mk 11A - Ford Kent
#50 IRI Formula Team
On entry list
UNKE Craig Hill Lotus 61 - Ford twin cam Holbay
#70 Sports Cars Unlimited
On entry list
UNKE Fred Opert Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#73 Fred Opert Racing
On entry list
UNKE Jim Grob Chevron B15b [FB-69-4?] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#77 Jim Grob (see note 25)
On entry list
UNKE Réal Desrosiers Moleba - Alfa Romeo
#80 Les Ent. Jacques Fortin
On entry list
UNKE Carson Baird Winkelmann WDB2 [4] - Ford twin cam
#81 Carson M. Baird
On entry list
UNKE Ronald Stanwicks Cooper T88 [FC-1-68?] - Ford twin cam
#91 Ronald L. Stanwicks (see note 26)
On entry list
DNA Robs Lamplough Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam
#69 Sports Cars Unlimited
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lotus 59 "B" [59-FB-12] (WP Fred Stevenson): Bought by Duchess Auto in 1969 for Fred Stevenson (Salisbury, CT) to race in US Formula B and entered by Stevenon's Lotus/East Inc operation. Sold at the end of the main season to his customer Bob Hebert (Monterey, MA) and driven by him at Sebring at the end of 1969 (according to Stevenson's recollection but not in reports) and then through the 1970 season. Hebert and Stevenson had new 69s for 1971 and the 59B may have returned to Stevenson and even been raced by him in some SCCA Nationals in 1971. Advertised by Lotus East in June 1972 where it was said to have been Stevenson's Bogotá car.
  2. Brabham BT14 [FL-3-65] (Bruce Redding): This BT14 was bought new by John Mitchell and raced in northern English libre racing in 1965 and 1966. It was sold late 1967 to Steve Pfeiffer (San Francisco, CA) and equipped with a BRM Phase 4 twin-cam for 1968 Formula B racing, now described as a BT21. It was sold to Bruce Redding (Monterey, CA) for 1969 but crashed early in the season and extensively rebuilt. Redding thereafter entered it in 1969 and 1970 as a Ford Special, Gravelle Special or even as a Honda Special. It was later sold to Steve Jizmagian (San Francisco, CA) in early 1971 and crashed again, then to Tom Gouldstone (Santa Rosa, CA/Napa, CA) in November 1972 and crashed again - each time at Laguna Seca - and then to Dick McGovern in 1978. It was retained by McGovern until 1994 when sold to George Goodare (Sydney, Australia) and restored. Later to Brian Wilson in September 2000 then to John Gale in November 2001. Sold to Richard Longes late 2008 and raced in 2009 Tasman Revival races.
  3. Chevron B15b [FB-69-3?] (Syd Demovsky): Chicago's Syd Demovsky bought a Chevron B15B for 1969, racing in Pro events and also in SCCA FB events, finishing fifth in CenDiv. The car was red and blue and raced as #11, Demovsky's usual number. After a couple of races of 1970, Demovsky replaced the Chevron with a Brabham BT29.
  4. Titan Mk3 (Earl Jones): Earl Jones (Perkin, IL or Hermosa Beach, CA) raced a yellow-and-blue Titan in Formula B through 1969. He raced as #81 or #75. Nothing more known.
  5. Brabham BT29 [5] (Nick Craw): Nick Craw (Washington,DC) bought one of the first Brabham BT29s from local Brabham dealer Fred Opert, a car identified by Ted Walker of the Brabham Register as chassis BT29-5. Craw raced in SCCA events from August 1969 onwards, finishing second in the SEDiv FB championship by a single point, and in two Pro races. He continued with a BT29 in 1970 in Pro racing as part of Fred Opert Racing and to the best of his and Opert's recollection, used the same car. He bought a Brabham BT35 for 1971 but before this arrived in the US, he raced the BT29 once more, winning a National at Summit Point in April 1971. The car appeared in Fred Opert's stock list on 1 May, and on the reverse of one of this list, as sent by Opert's secretary Jeannie to Brabham historian Denis Lupton in 1971, a handwritten comment gives Craw's car as "BT29-5". It was then sold to Gary Gove (Tacoma, WA) who raced it in SCCA Regional and ICSCC events in 1971 and 1972, It was reportedly crashed in 1972 and its later history is presently unresolved.
  6. Chevron B9 [F3/68/7] (Wayne Kelly): Sold to John Ralph and used in European F3 events in 1968 with Lucas engines. Sold to Wayne Kelly (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for 1969 and fitted with a Ford twin cam engine for Formula B. Raced in US and Canadian FB events from July to September 1969. Kelly, the builder of the Kelly Formula Vees, died in 1971 following an accident in a Formula Ford race. Subsequent history of the Chevron is unknown but it is possible that this, rather than Peter Broeker's Chevron B14, was the car raced by Bill Eagles in 1970 and 1971.
  7. Stebro-Chevron B14 [FB-68-10?] (Peter W. Broeker): Canadian veteran Peter W. Broeker (Pt. Claire, Quebec) bought a Chevron B14 for 1968 and surviving Chevron records imply that it was chassis number FB-68-10. Used in SCCA pro events and also in Canadian Eastern Zone Formula Championship and Championnat de Formule du Québec races in 1968. Retained for 1969 and raced in the Canadian Road Racing Championship and the Molson Championship, often entered as a Stebro-Chevron. Presumably the car raced by Bill Eagles (Lasalle, Quebec) in Molson events in 1970 and in the Players FB series in 1971. If Eagles did own it, then it must have returned to Broeker as it was bought from Broeker's estate by Jerry Jones. Jones sold it to Roger Fountain who moved to England in 1988 and sold the car to Chris Ball who had it restored for HSCC racing in the UK.
  8. Brabham BT21 ["BT21-9"] (Al Justason): According to a biography of Bill Stone, his 1968 Formula 3 Brabham started out as a crashed BT18 frame bought from Frank Williams. Stone built this car up and entered it as a BT18/21B in European F3 events in the latter half of 1968. Early in 1969, Stone appeared with a Brabham powered by a Ford twin cam engine and said to be a BT21B when he raced it at Silverstone in April and as a BT21A when Del Bennett drove it at Silverstone in May. It was also used by Stone in the non-championship Spanish GP where its chassis number was given as "BT21-8". This car was then sold to Al Justason (Toronto, Ontario) for Formula B racing in 1969. Photographs of the car in Justason's ownership who that it had BT18 upper bodywork and it is now believed that this "BT21", despite its chassis plate, was actually Stone's BT18-based car from 1968. Justason sold the car to dealer Joe Grimaldi as a rolling chassis and its subsequent history is unknown.
  9. Brabham BT21B [24] (Matt Spitzley): Matt Spitzley ran a Brabham in SCCA Nationals and in the 'Pro' FB series in 1969. His car is identified in the July 1969 Seattle entry list as a yellow and red Brabham BT21 but has been identified by Ted Walker as the ex-Guthrie Tasman BT21B [24] (10 Tenths ref 1544290).
  10. Brabham BT16 [F2-1-65] (Bruce Jensen): Driven by Alan Rees for Roy Winkelmann Racing in 1965. Presumably Rees raced the same car all season. Bought in 1966 from Winkelman by Bob Fuller (Connecticut), fitted with a Cosworth Mk 12 and raced in FB in 1967. To Steve Brownstein (New York) for 1968 and raced again in FB with the Mk 12. Then traded to Fred Opert for a new Chevron. To Bruce Jensen and raced in Canadian FB in 1969 and then to Bill Pickthorne (Ottawa, Ontario) who raced it in 1970 and at the beginning of 1971. It was then stored for 18 years until bought by Murray Wivell (Brantford, Ontario) in October 1989. Restored and used in US vintage racing for ten season, initially with the Ford twin cam engine and then with a Cosworth SCA for the last two seasons. Sold to Ivan Scotti (Zurich, Switzerland) November 2004. This is presumably the ex-Alan Rees BT16 run at the 2013 Solitude Revival by Bruno Weibel of Schaffner Racing.
  11. Cooper T82 [F2-2-66] (Thomas C. Jones): To Jo Bonnier Racing and fitted with a BRM P80 engine for Jo Siffert to race in F2 in 1966; then entered by Ecurie Suisse for Bonnier himself, plus several guest drivers. The car then returned to the factory where it was rebuilt with a 2-litre Coventry Climax FWMV V8 engine and sold to Tom Jones (Eastlake, OH) for use in SCCA Formula A. Jones also secured an entry for the 1967 Canadian GP in this car but was unable to qualify. He was fourth in the SCCA Run-Offs in 1967 and continued to run the car in FA in 1968, then as a FB with a Ford twin cam in 1969. It is reported that it was then sold to Rick Kohler (Ohio), presumably the Rick Kohler (Canton, OH) who raced very successfully in FV in Central Division in the mid-1960s, who ran it in FB with a BMW engine. Later located in Ft Lauderdale, FL by Paul Busby (Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire) who returned it to the UK and restored it to 1966 specification. Raced by Busby in HSCC Classic Racing Cars Championship events in 2002.
  12. Brabham BT18 [F2-25-66] (Phil Raeder): New to "Rollo" Feilding and used in European F3 in 1966. To Peter Gaydon for 1967, and raced in British F3. To Charles Carling for 1968, and again used expensively in British F3. Sold via Len Selby to Fred Opert and shipped to the US for Formula C. Sold to Philip K. Raeder Jr (Delmar, NY) for 1969 and used in Regional Formula C. To Ron Cohn (Modena, NY) for 1970, and again used in local Formula C events. To Walter Hagstrom (Jackson Height, NY) and continued to be used in FC. Hagstrom advertised the car in November 1971 but his recollection is that he used it for several seasons. Slingerlands, NY/Delmar, NY
  13. Brabham BT29 (Bill Gubelmann): Bill Gubelmann (Oyster Bay, NY) bought one of the first Brabham BT29s to arrive in the US and debuted it in the Pro race at Lime Rock 1 Sep 1969, winning comfortably. He raced it three more times that season but then decided to join Gene Mason's works-assisted Tecno FB team for 1970. The BT29 was advertised and, based on the identical, orange, yellow and white livery, was sold to John G. Girdler (Southampton, NY) who raced it in a handful of Pro events and probably also in SCCA events during 1970. Girdler upgraded to a new March for 1971 so the Brabham may have been traded to Joe Grimaldi. Subsequent history unknown.
  14. Chevron B15b [FB-68-13?] (Joe Grimaldi): Joe Grimaldi acquired one of four late 1968 Chevrons to arrive in the US. At least three of these were described by Chevron as B14s, including Grimaldi's. He debuted the car at Mosport Park in Aug 1968 and raced it twice more in Pro events. Grimaldi reappeared in August 1969 with what was reported to be a Chevron B15B which he raced three more times. Larry Wright then acquired a Chevron from Grimaldi for the 1970 season which was described to him as a B15 but when Wright advertised the car in 1971, he called it a "late-1968 Chevron FB" which identifies it as a B14. Wright traded the Chevron to Charlie Hayes in May 1971 for a new Brabham BT29.
  15. Chevron B15b [FB-69-6?] (Steve Brownstein): Steven Brownstein (Hewlett, NY) had a blue Chevron B15B for 1969, the colour and late arrival suggesting that it was chassis 15B.69.6, a car originally intended for Steve Matchett. He raced in the Pro series but also took 25 pts in NEDiv FB racing. Brownstein retained the car for 1970.
  16. Chevron B14 (Oliver Grant): Oliver E. Grant (Norfolk, VA) raced a yellow #21 Chevron in SCCA FB events in 1969, describing it as a B14 at Mont-Tremblant in September. He retained the car for a few races in 1970 when it wore #18 but was described as a B15B. It is possible that Grant had acquired Joe Grimaldi's B14 and traded it back to Grimaldi for a newer B15B for 1970. Grant died in 2007 and the subsequent history of the Chevron remains unknown.
  17. Chevron B14 [FB-68-14?] (Dick Smothers): Bought late in 1968 by Dick Smothers of Smothers Bros Racing (Fullerton, CA) and first raced in the Donnybrooke Grand Prix at Brainerd 22 September 1968 . Chevron records appear to identify this car as chassis FB-68-14. Smothers had a blue #29 Chevron FB for 1969 and this is very probably the same car, even though it was sometimes referred to as a B15B. Loaned to Joe Alves (Sherman Oaks, CA) for 1970 but not raced after blowing the engine in practice at Sears Point in June 1970. Alves eventually sold the car some time between 1975 and 1978 but it is then unknown until owned by a D Hullinger around 1992 who started a restoration. It passed to Gabe Lakatosh (Los Angeles, CA) in 1998 who completed the restoration and raced it infrequently. Then sold to Jeff Giannini (Puyallup, WA) in 2003 who has raced it continuously since then. It had a full restoration in 2008 and is maintained by J&L Fabrication (also in Puyallup, WA).
  18. Chevron (Warren Flickinger): Warren A. Flickinger II (Golden, CO) raced a Chevron in Formula B in 1969. The car was usually entered as #5, was described as yellow/coral and had Vegantune and later HRE engines. The identity of the car remains a mystery but it is most likely to have been an ex-F3 B9 as all the B14s and B15s can be identified at this point and the B7 appears to have run in FC during the time, not FB. He raced this car until a Regional race at Texas International Speedway in July 1970 when he "flipped his car a number of times". He then acquired a Winkelmann WDB2. Flickinger, later of Denver, CO, went on to race a Chevron B18 in FB in 1971 and then a F5000 Lola T300 for two seasons. Nothing more is known of his 1969/70 Chevron and it is quite possible that it was destroyed in the accident.
  19. Brabham BT18 (Mike Eyerly): Bill Gubelmann (Oyster Bay, NY) ran a Brabham BT18 with 1.1-litre Cosworth SCC engine in Formula C in 1967, winning seven Nationals and setting lap records right down the east coast. He advertised the car in Autoweek on 18 November 1967 as a late 1966 BT18 chassis with 140bhp Cosworth SCC engine, and it then went to Fred Opert, presumably traded on Gubelmann's new BT23F. From Opert it was sold to Mike Eyerly (Salem, OR) and raced in the Pacific northwest, winning several Regional SCCA events. He kept the orange BT18 when he moved into the SCCA national Formula B series in 1969 and completely dominated the series, winning six of the first nine races and finishing second in another two. Advertised in October 1969. Subsequent history unknown.
  20. Brabham BT21 (Michael Brodie): Mike Brodie ran a Brabham in a handful of 'Pro' FB races in 1969. The July 1969 Seattle entry list identifies his car as a red Brabham BT21.
  21. Chevron B14 [FB-68-8] (Thomas Gelb): Bought new by Tom Tufts (Milwaukee, WI) and raced in Formula B in 1968, starting at Road America on 27 July 1968, at the Buckeye Sprints at Mid-Ohio two weeks later and then at Donnybrooke (Brainerd) on 22 September 1968. Identified from an invoice as chassis FB-68-8. Sold to Tom Gelb (Mequon, WI) for 1969, replacing an ancient Brabham BT2, and raced in Pro and CenDiv FB until crashed at Mosport Park in August 1969. The car was repaired and sold in 1970 but its subsequent history is unknown. However, it may well be the car raced by fellow Central Division racer Jim Trueman (Amlin, OH) late in 1970.
  22. Brabham BT21 (Wayne Spears): Peter Roberts (Granby, Quebec) and his mechanic Wayne Spears (Chomedey, Quebec) raced a Brabham "BT21" in Formula B in 1968 and 1969. Spears drove the car again in 1970 when it was listed at Harewood Acres as a BT21C. Nothing more known.
  23. Titan Mk3 (Ken Huband): Ken Huband (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) raced a Formula C Titan in several races at Mont-Tremblant in 1968. At the 25 May 1969 race, Huband's car wasn't described but in later races it was called a Titan Mk 3 or a Titan-Ford. This is presumably one of the 1968 Formula 3 cars but its identity is currently unknown. Huband bought a new Brabham BT29 for 1970 and the Titan disappears but it's possible that it was converted to Formula Ford.
  24. Brabham BT18 (Mike Rand): Chuck Schroedel (New York, NY) raced at Brabham BT18 powered by a 1.1-litre Cosworth SCC engine in Formula C in 1968 and early 1969. He then acquired a BT21 from England and his team, Springdel Racing, then sold the BT18-SCC to Mike Rand who ran it in late 1969 before acquiring a BT21B. The BT18 went back to Springdel Racing but its later history is not yet known.
  25. Chevron B15b [FB-69-4?] (Jim Grob): Jim Grob (Ft Lauderdale, FL but later Pompano Beach, CA) raced a Chevron B15B in Pro racing in 1969 and also scored 24 points in Northeast Division FB, representing Northern New Jersey Region. The car was red and white, implying it was chassis 15B.69.4. He retained the car for 1970 and again for 1971, then mainly focusing his efforts on SCCA Divisional racing, finishing second to Hugh Kleinpeter's sister car in 1970 and then winning the Division in 1971. He changed to a B20 for 1972.
  26. Cooper T88 [FC-1-68?] (Ronald Stanwicks): One of the very last Coopers built was a Formula C car for faithful US customer Peter Rehl (Easton, CT). This T88 was equipped with a 1-litre BRM engine according to Cooper records, presumably one of the 1965-66 Formula 2 P80 engines, and Rehl scored 51 points in NEDiv Formula C, finishing narrowly second to Bill Rutan's Brabham. However, the car also raced as a Formula B car with a standard Ford twin cam, and Rehl managed to finish fourth in FB as well, qualifying for the Run-Offs and finishing third at Riverside as a FB. Rehl bought a new Formula A Cooper T90 for 1969 but the fate of the T88 is unknown.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

All comments, clarifications, corrections and additions are most welcome. Please email Allen if you can add anything.