SCCA Continental Championship for Formula B/C Race

Mexico City, 27 Jun 1971

ResultsLapsTime/Speed Winnings
1 Bert Hawthorne Tui Mk1 ['AM1'] - Ford twin cam Hart
[Fred Opert Racing]
25 (not given)
(79.5 miles)
2 Freddy van Beuren Chevron B18 - Ford twin cam Hart
[Fred Opert Racing] (see note 1)
3 Rudolfo Junco Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
[Fred Opert Racing] (see note 2)
4 Ron Dykes March 71BM [3] - Ford twin cam
(see note 3)
5 Nick Craw Brabham BT35 [9] - Ford twin cam
[Fred Opert Racing] (see note 4)
6 Bob Lazier March 71BM [4?] - Ford twin cam
(see note 5)
7 Raúl Pérez Gama Brabham BT35 [32] - Ford twin cam
[Fred Opert Racing] (see note 6)
8 Carlos Solis Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
9 Syd Demovsky Lola T240 [HU4] - Ford twin cam
(see note 7)
10 Thomas E. Kornell Brabham BT29 [48] - Ford twin cam
(see note 8)
11 Jim Grob Chevron B15b [FB-69-4?] - Ford twin cam
(see note 9)
12 Mike Eyerly Brabham BT29 [38] - Ford twin cam
(see note 10)
13 Jiro Yoneyama Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam Hart
[Fred Opert Racing] (see note 11)
14 Rocky Moran Lola T240 - Ford twin cam
(see note 12)
15 Norman Johnson Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
(see note 13)
16 Gene Forsthofel LeGrand Mk 14 - Ford twin cam
17 Steve Louden Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
(see note 14)
18 George "Skipp" Walther Lola T240 - Ford twin cam
(see note 15)
19 Doug Brenner Brabham BT29 [45] - Ford twin cam Hart
(see note 16)
20 Bill Gubelmann March 71BM [2] - Ford twin cam
(see note 17)
21 James King LeGrand Mk 12 - Ford twin cam
22 John Angus Brabham BT29 [1] - Ford twin cam
(see note 18)
8 heat exhaustion  
23 Jerardo Martinez Winkelmann - Ford twin cam
2 lost oil cooler  
24 Allan Lader Brabham BT29 [46] - Ford twin cam
(see note 19)
0 accident ('wrecked')  
DNSC Mike Hiss Lola T240 - Ford twin cam
(see note 20)
Did not start (crashed)

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B18 (Freddy van Beuren): Freddy van Beuren (Estad de Mexico, Mexico) raced a orange/yellow Chevron B18 as part of the Fred Opert team in Formula B in 1971. Retained by van Beuren for 1972. Taken over by Bill Brack for two late-season races. Probably the car raced by Bobby Dennett at Caracas in March 1973. Advertised by Opert in February 1973. .Subsequent history unknown.
  2. Brabham BT29 (Rudolfo Junco): Noted Mexican driver Freddy van Beuren entered Formula B in 1971 driving a Chevron B18 as part of Fred Opert's team. However, he also had a Brabham BT29 as a backup car and he loaned this car to Rudolfo Junco after Junco's car had been destroyed in an accident at Monterrey the previous week.
  3. March 71BM [3] (Ron Dykes): New to Chuck Willis's CRW Racing (Anaheim, CA) and leased to Jean de la Bruyere (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) for Max Mizejewski (Woodland Hills, CA) to race in SCCA Formula B in 1971 as "The Edmonton Flyer". As well as one Pro FB race, the March was also fitted with a Cosworth BDA and Mizejewski ran it in the Formula A class at Riverside in April. De la Bruyere then split from CRW and bought a new Lola T240 for Mizejewski. Ron Dykes (Marina del Rey, CA) then took over the car for Pro Formula B races and SCCA Nationals for the rest of 1971. Sold to Bob Newton (Cupertino, CA) and run in Pro FB and SCCA Nationals in 1972, 1973 and 1974. It was also raced by Craig Fraser (Santa Cruz, CA) in 1973 and 1974 before Newton's last know appearance in it in late 1974. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Brabham BT35 [9] (Nick Craw): Chassis number given for Nick Craw's car in Autosport report of Arco Trophy race at Castle Combe, April 12, 1971, where the car debuts. Report says car is being taken over to North America, so presumably the BT35 used by Craw in races there in 1971, entered by Fred Opert.
  5. March 71BM [4?] (Bob Lazier): Robert Lazier (Vail, C)) raced a black March 71BM in the SCCA Pro Formula B series and in SCCA Nationals in 1971. The car was sold to James King ( East St Louis, IL) for 1972, when it was repainted green and yellow and entered as #22 in Pro FB and in Nationals. King qualified the car for the 1972 Runoffs, but retired. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Brabham BT35 [32] (Raúl Pérez Gama): Raúl Pérez Gama was one of several Mexican customers of Fred Opert racing in the early 1970s. For 1972, he had a brand new orange-and-yellow Brabham BT35 and raced as part of the Fred Opert Racing team in Pro Formula B events with entry number #66. He retained the car for the two Bogotá races in early 1972 after which BT35-32 has been indentified as the car driven in SCCA events by Gordon Strom (Santa Cruz, CA or Sunnyvale, CA) in 1972 and for the following three seasons, retaining the car's original orange and yellow colours throughout. For 1976, Strom acquired a Chevron B29 and the Brabham may have been traded back to Fred Opert.
  7. Lola T240 [HU4] (Syd Demovsky): New to Syd Demovsky (Chicago, IL) and his red #11 Demovsky Racing Lola T240 in the 1971 Pro FB series. Retained for 1972 and again did a full season, still red and still using #11. Subsequent history unknown. A car with this chassis number raced by Bob Juggins in 1996/97.
  8. Brabham BT29 [48] (Thomas E. Kornell): Sold new to Tom Kornell (Seal Beach, CA) and raced in SCCA Divisional and Pro Formula B in 1971 and 1972. Kornell added a sports car nose and a more substantial rollhoop amongst other changes. He ordered a Brabham BT41 for 1973 and the BT29 went to Fred Opert as a trade. Subsequent history unknown.
  9. Chevron B15b [FB-69-4?] (Jim Grob): Jim Grob (Ft Lauderdale, FL but later Pompano Beach, CA) raced a Chevron B15B in Pro racing in 1969 and also scored 24 points in Northeast Division FB, representing Northern New Jersey Region. The car was red and white, implying it was chassis 15B.69.4. He retained the car for 1970 and again for 1971, then mainly focusing his efforts on SCCA Divisional racing, finishing second to Hugh Kleinpeter's sister car in 1970 and then winning the Division in 1971. He changed to a B20 for 1972.
  10. Brabham BT29 [38] (Mike Eyerly): John Ranson Lewis III, who raced as Randy Lewis (Sunnyvale, CA), had a blue Brabham BT29 for 1970 which was entered as #7. He raced the car through the full Pro season, finishing fourth at Sears Point in June and at Road America in August, end ending the season in eighth place in the championship. He did not compete in SCCA Nationals. The car was sold to Bunny Ribbs (San Jose, CA) for Mike Eyerly to drive in FB in 1971 (#63) and 1972 (#80). Jon Milledge also drove Ribbs car at Brainerd in Sep 1972. Ribbs, father of future Trans-Am star Willy T. Ribbs, advertised the car at the end of 1972.
  11. Brabham BT29 (Jiro Yoneyama): One of Fred Opert's customers for 1971 was Japanese driver Jiro Yoneyama, who raced a Brabham BT29 in US Formula B as part of Opert's team. His car was white and ran as #76. The Road America entry list noted it was usinga Hart engine. Not seen after Road America in August 1971.
  12. Lola T240 (Rocky Moran): Rocky Moran (Arcadia, CA) raced a black #10 Lola T240 in the 1971 US FB Pro series. At the end of the season, Rocky recalls that he sold it to someone in Boulder, Colorado. This must be Bill Bachman (Boulder, CO/Nederland, CO) who raced a Transcendental Racing Lola in MWDiv Formula B in 1972. Bachman raced the Lola in a Wichita Region SCCA National at Hutchinson in June 1972, finishing second overall and winning the two-car FB class. He ended the season on 16 points and qualified for the Runoffs, Although he was a non-starter at Road Atlanta, his car was identified in the programme as a Lola T240. He retained the car for 1973, scoring four points in MWDiv by early June but he did not add to his score so it is possible this car went to fellow Boulder resident Carl McIntyre who scored 15 points in MWDiv FB that season. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. Brabham BT29 (Norman Johnson): Norman Johnson (Simonton, TX) raced a Brabham BT29 in the two Mexican Formula B races in June 1971. Records of Southwest Division racing of very sketchy and nothing more is known of Johnson's exploits in the car in 1971 or 1972. It is possible he had hired Butch Harris's car, as Harris was then resident in nearby Houston and did not appear at the Mexican races. In 1973, Johnson won the SW Division in a Brabham, but that may have been a newer car.
  14. Brabham BT29 (Steve Louden): Larry Harley (Dallas, TX) bought a Brabham BT29 for the 1970 season, using it in the Southwest Division FB title race - where he finished just a single point behind winner Roy Maze - and in a couple of Pro events. After finishing ninth in the Run-Offs, the car passed to Steve Louden (also Dallas) who raced it in 1971 and 1972, winning the SWDiv title in 1971 and tying in 1972.
  15. Lola T240 (George "Skipp" Walther): Skipp Walther (Dayton, OH) raced a royal blue or blue/silver #24 Lola T240 in the 1971 US FB Pro series. His last appearance was at Road America in August where he retired for unknown reasons. He did not appear in the CenDiv or NEDiv FB points table, implying he limited his appearances to the Pro series. Nothing more known.
  16. Brabham BT29 [45] (Doug Brenner): This is one of a pair of late BT29s acquired by California dealer Charlie Hayes which remained unraced during 1970. It was sold it March 1971 to Doug Brenner (Pasadena, CA) and raced in Pro events and in SCCA Nationals that season. Brenner raced the yellow Brabham in the two Bogotá races in early 1972 and then sold it to Phil Palm and Ron Pohl 1972 who retained Brenner's entry number of #26 and raced the car in 1972. They sold it to Bill Summers who raced it in mainly Regional races at Elkhart Lake, Brainerd, and Blackhawk Farms. The next owner was Bob Mijolevic and around this time the car was fitted with a Mazda engine and used in autocross. Mijolevic last raced the car in 1982 but after that the history is largely unknown until it was bought by Cy Moreland (Trainer, PA) who in turn sold it to Dave Burch (Los Altos, CA). Rebuilt in the mid-1990s using a replacement Marc Bahner chassis. Sold in late 2011 to Wayne Wilson (Sydney, Australia)
  17. March 71BM [2] (Bill Gubelmann): Shown in March build records as "white, Bill Gubelmann". Bill Gubelmann raced the car in early rounds of the British series before returning with it to the USA, and it is seen to be white in photographs.
  18. Brabham BT29 [1] (John Angus): John Angus bought the first BT29, ordering the car as early as late summer of 1968 but taking delivery in August 1969. He ran it in Regionals in late 1969 before participating in the Pro series in 1970. He swapped from a Vegantune to a Racing Services engine for 1971 and continued in Nationals. Angus continued with the car in 1972, when Ron Dykes also drove it in the Bogotá races and again in 1973, when the car continued to be competitive at National level. Unknown after the end of the 1973 season.
  19. Brabham BT29 [46] (Allan Lader): Allan Lader had raced as part of the Fred Opert team during the latter half of 1970 but in 1971 he returned to running his own car with Pacifico Inc backing. He again raced a Brabham BT29, his third, and continued his run of excellent results by winning the opening two rounds of the Pro series from pole. At the third round, at Mexico City, he crashed heavily and the BT29 was wrecked. Lader quickly bought a new Brabham BT35 and the wrecked BT29 frame went via Opert to Carl Whitney and some components from it were salvaged to be used on the Formula C BT29 that he built up for the 1972 season. The remains of the wreck were sold (with another wreck) to Ken Duclos to help keep his FB BT29 running. Marty Handshy (Ridgefield, CT) then bought both sets of remains from Duclos. It is unclear how this car was identified as BT29-46 but a reproduction plate was created at the time of the restoration when the frame was reconstructed by Lime Rock Motors in 1999. He retained the car until some time between 2004 and 2007 when it was sold to Shelby Mershon (Springfield OH).
  20. Lola T240 (Mike Hiss): Charlie Hayes entered a new Lola T240 for Mike Hiss at the start of the 1971 US FB season. Hiss crashed the car at Mexico City at the end of June, flipping end over end. Hayes bought a new car to replace it so it is likely that the T240 was destroyed in this accident.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

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