South African Formula Atlantic programmes

Goldfields "100" 1976 program coverRand Winter Trophy 1976 program coverRand Spring Trophy 1976 program coverHighveld "100" 1977 program coverRepublic Trophy Races 1977 program coverWestwood 1977 program cover

Do you have a program from one of these races and would you be willing to send a scan or photocopy of the entry list?

The main information we need from programs is just that entry list as it typically contains details of cars, entry numbers, drivers, entrants and often also car colours and drivers' home towns. If you find other articles in the program that might help us identify individual cars, we'd be very grateful for those too.

Please contact Allen if you have a copy of any of the outstanding programmes and would be willing to provide a scan or a photocopy of the entry list.

Race Programme details
Cape South Easter Trophy (Killarney - 24 Jan 1976) Provided by David Pearson
Goldfields "100" (Welkom - 14 Feb 1976)Provided by David Pearson
PE Summer Races (Aldo Scribante - 27 Mar 1976)Provided by David Pearson
Coronation "100" (Roy Hesketh - 17 Apr 1976)Needed
Brandkop Winter Trophy (Brandkop - 08 May 1976)Needed
Republic Day Trophy (Kyalami - 05 Jun 1976)Provided by David Pearson
Rhodesian Grand Prix (Donnybrook - 31 Jul 1976)Provided by Rob Davison
Rand Winter Trophy (Kyalami - 07 Aug 1976)Provided by David Pearson
Natal Spring Trophy (Roy Hesketh - 05 Sep 1976)Needed
Rand Spring Trophy (Kyalami - 02 Oct 1976)Provided by David Pearson
False Bay "100" (Killarney - 16 Oct 1976)Needed
Datsun Summer Races (Roy Hesketh - 15 Jan 1977) Provided by David Pearson and Richard Coe
Highveld "100" (Kyalami - 29 Jan 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Goldfields "100" (Welkom - 05 Feb 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Cape South Easter Trophy (Killarney - 19 Feb 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Scribante Summer Trophy (Aldo Scribante - 19 Mar 1977)Needed
Brandkop Trophy (Brandkop - 30 Apr 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Republic Day Trophy (Kyalami - 11 Jun 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Rhodesian Grand Prix (Donnybrook - 26 Jun 1977)Provided by Rob Davison
Goldfields Trophy (Welkom - 20 Aug 1977)Needed
Hesketh Spring Trophy (Roy Hesketh - 05 Sep 1977)Provided by David Pearson
Rand Spring Trophy (Kyalami - 01 Oct 1977)Provided by David Pearson
False Bay "100" (Killarney - 15 Oct 1977) Provided by Richard Coe
Cape South Easter Trophy (Killarney - 07 Jan 1978)Provided by Richard Coe
Highveld "100" (Kyalami - 04 Feb 1978)Provided by David Pearson
Goldfields "100" (Welkom - 11 Feb 1978)Provided by Richard Coe
Scribante Summer Trophy (Aldo Scribante - 25 Feb 1978)Needed
Easter "120" (Roy Hesketh - 25 Mar 1978)Provided by Richard Coe
Brandkop Trophy (Brandkop - 8 Apr 1978)Provided by David Pearson
Rand Autumn Trophy (Kyalami - 29 Apr 1978)Provided by David Pearson
Unknown (Roy Hesketh - 27 May 1978)Needed
Rand Spring Trophy (Kyalami - 10 Oct 1978)Provided by David Pearson
False Bay "100" (Killarney - 28 Oct 1978)Needed
Unknown (Welkom - 11 Nov 1978)Needed
Unknown (Roy Hesketh - 02 Dec 1978)Needed
Highveld "100" (Kyalami - 27 Jan 1979)Needed
Unknown (Welkom - 10 Feb 1979)Needed
Cape South Easter Trophy (Killarney - 24 Mar 1979)Needed
Coronation "100" (Roy Hesketh - 14 Apr 1979)Needed
Rand Autumn Trophy (Kyalami - 5 May 1979)Provided by Richard Coe
Unknown (Welkom - 02 Jun 1979)Needed
Rand Winter Trophy (Kyalami - 07 Jul 1979)Needed
Unknown (Welkom - 04 Aug 1979)Needed
Unknown (Roy Hesketh - 01 Sep 1979)Needed
Rand Spring Trophy (Kyalami - 06 Oct 1979)Provided by Ian Hebblethwaite
False Bay "100" (Killarney - 27 Oct 1979)Needed

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