Canadian Formula A/B programmes 1969-1970

Trois-Rivières Sep 1970 Program CoverMosport Park May 1969 Program CoverHarewood Acres Aug 1969 Program Cover

Do you have a program from one of these races and would you be willing to send a scan or photocopy of the entry list?

The main information we need from programs is just that entry list as it typically contains details of cars, entry numbers, drivers, entrants and often also car colours and drivers' home towns. If you find other articles in the program that might help us identify individual cars, we'd be very grateful for those too.

Don Markle has been working through the archives at the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame and has been able to locate programs and results sheets for events at Mosport, Harewood, and Rockcliffe. Tom Johnston has also donated a large amount of material covering nearly 20 years of racing Westwood.

Please contact Allen if you have a copy of any of the four outstanding programmes and would be willing to provide a scan or a photocopy of the entry list.

Race Programme details
Mosport Park (18 May 1969) DM
St Jovite (25 May 1969) NEEDED
Edmonton (22 Jun 1969) NEEDED
Westwood (29 Jun 1969) TJ
MacDonald Airport (13 Jul 1969) NEEDED
Harewood Acres (17 Aug 1969) DM
Trois-Rivières (14 Sep 1969) ORC*
Harewood Acres (27 Sep 1969) DM
Mosport Park (14 Oct 1969) DM
Harewood Acres (10 May 1970) DM
Westwood (31 May 1970) TJ
Edmonton (14 Jun 1970)NEEDED
Rockcliffe Airfield (1 Jul 1970) DM
Harewood Acres (9 Aug 1970)DM
Trois-Rivières (6 Sep 1970) RC
Mosport Park (11 Oct 1970)DM


DM - Kindly provided by Don Markle / CMHF Archives

RC - Kindly provided by Richard Coe

TJ - Kindly provided by Tom Johnston

ORC* - Kindly provided by other OldRacingcars.com contributors over the last five years. My apologies to those not named individually.

This list was last updated on 24 November, 2020 .

Trois-Rivières Sep 1969 Program CoverHarewood Acres Sep 1969 Program CoverMosport Park Oct 1969 Program Cover

Westwood May 1970 Program CoverMosport Park Oct 1970 Program Cover