Cape South Easter Trophy

Killarney, 24 Jan 1976

1 Ian Scheckter March 76B [1] - Ford BDA Swindon
#4 Lexington Racing [Ken Howes]
(see note 1)
2 Tony Martin Chevron B34 [34-76-02] - Ford BDA Swindon
#2 Team B.I.C./South Coast Motors
(see note 2)
40 +16.94s
3 Bill Brack Chevron B34 [34-76-03] - Ford BDA Hart
#3 Bill Brack (see note 3)
40 +31.74s to Martin
4 Roy Klomfass Ralt RT1/76 [10] - Ford BDD Cosworth
#5 Team Gunston ("Ralt RT 10") (see note 4)
5 John Gibb Chevron B29 [29-75-25] - Ford BDA Swindon
#11 Team Mum for Men (see note 5)
6 Mike Domingo Modus M3 ['MD'/"022A"] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#6 Team Domingo (see note 6)
7 Nols Nieman Wheatcroft R18 [003] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#10 Benson & Hedges Racing/Alex Blignault
(see note 7)
R Len Booysen Chevron B29 [29-75-15] - Ford BDA Swindon
#9 Golden-Flo Racing with Kenitex ("B27")
(see note 8)
R Dave Charlton Modus M3 [024] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#1 Scribante/Lucky Strike Racing
(see note 9)
3 Headgasket
DNS André Verwey March 722 [11] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#14 Andre Verwey (see note 10)
Did not start
(Fuel feed)
DNS John Nicholson Chevron B25 [25-73-02?] - Ford BDA Nicholson
Team Domingo (see note 11)
Did not start
T Nols Nieman Wheatcroft R18 [002] - Ford BDA Nicholson
#16 Benson & Hedges Racing/Alex Blignault
(see note 12)
(Only used in practice)
DNA Garry Ainscough March 74B [722?] - Ford BDA Whitehurst
#12 Team Echlin Charger (see note 13)
Did not arrive
DNA Mike Fogg Chevron B25 [25-73-01] - Ford BDA Swindon
#17 Mike Fogg (see note 14)
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Ian Scheckter (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [1] - Ford BDA Swindon 1.11.54
2 Tony Martin (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34-76-02] - Ford BDA Swindon 1.11.80
3 Bill Brack (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B34 [34-76-03] - Ford BDA Hart 1.12.05
4 Dave Charlton (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Modus M3 [024] - Ford BDA Nicholson 1.12.16
5 Roy Klomfass (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1/76 [10] - Ford BDD Cosworth

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 76B [1] (Ian Scheckter): New to Ian Scheckter for South African Formula Atlantic in 1976. Sold to Len Booysen for the 1977 season, then loaned by Booysen to Dave Charlton to drive. During this time it was bought from Booysen by Ken Gillibrand, who then loaned to DAW for Bernard Tilanus to drive in April and May 1978. It was unused in 1979, and advertised by Gillibrand in August. Sold later in 1979 to Soon Weeks who fitted the 2-litre BMW engine from Dave Hart's March 77B and raced it in this form in early 1980. Then swapped with Bernard Tilanus and the DAW team for DAW's Wheatcroft R18, and fitted with a Mazda engine. Raced several times by Tilanus but he then left the team after a disagreement with Jeff Waberski and was replaced by Trevor van Rooyen, who raced the 76B for the rest of 1980. It was sold to Vernon Bricknell at the end of that season, and raced by him in early 1981 until his new Maurer MM80 arrived. The 76B was then sold yet again, this time to Fred Goddard's Pretoria Brick team for Wayne Taylor to drive, until Hekro's March 802 was acquired for him. Pretoria Brick retained the 76B for 1982, when it was raced by Basil Mann, Kevin Heath and Roy Carr. It was sold to Alan Dunlop for 1983, and he raced it until 1985. It then passed to Neville Riddell and most of its components were used in a sports car built for Riddell by Lew Baker. All that was left was the tub, and this was sold to Fred Goddard who is believed to have stripped it to keep the bulkheads as spares. At this point the 76B no longer existed.
  2. Chevron B34 [34-76-02] (Tony Martin): New to Tony Martin for the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic championship, entered by Team Bic/South Coast Motors. Retained by Martin for 1977 as a spare car to his new B39 and raced only once that season, as a South Coast Motors entry for Evan Boddy at Kyalami in October. Raced by Boddy during 1978, entered again by South Coast Motors Racing. Raced again by Boddy in 1979, again entered by South Coast Motors, and also retained for 1980 as a backup for 34-76-08, but apparently unused that season. Sold in early 1981 to Stan Chandler, who commissioned SCM's engine specialist Piet Bredenhann to fit a Mazda rotary engine. The car was entered for John Banks to drive at Kyalami and at Goldfields Raceway in May 1981, at Kyalami in May 1982, and possibly at other races. Shortly after that last entry, it was sold to Ken Critchfield. The car was involved in an accident later in 1982 or in early 1983, and the engine and gearbox were then used by Fred Goddard to rebuild his March 802. The damaged Chevron tub and salvageable suspension components were returned to John Banks who retained it in its damaged state until selling it to Mike Budd in 1995. Budd was rebuilding the car for Gary Dunkerly, and after Mike's death in 2022, the restoration was taken over by his son Ryan.
  3. Chevron B34 [34-76-03] (Bill Brack): A works-backed Formula Atlantic development car entered for Bill Brack in STP livery in the opening two rounds of the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic championship. Then to Guy Tunmer (Sandton) who ran it for the rest of the 1976 season, entered by Paradise Beach/National Radio. Tunmer did not continue in Formula Atlantic in 1977, and in 1978 Andrew Thompson recalls buying a Chevron B34 from the Tunmers on behalf of Rembrant. Entered by Thompson for Abel d'Oliveira for a couple of races in early 1979. Then to Peter Haller, who fitted a 3-litre Ford Essex V6 for the new Formula South Africa but the car did not race in this form. It was fitted with a Mazda engine for 1980, and Haller drove it that season and in early 1981 before his Haller Special was ready. This was presumably the B34 entered by Haller's sponsor Hekro Engineering for Roy Moss at Kyalami in August 1981. Entered for Haller's mechanic Freddie Sprenzer at Killarney in early 1982, then raced by Haller from late 1982 to early 1984. After Haller died in a racing accident, the B34 was bought from his widow Hettie by Michael Rudolph, who raced it in 1985 and 1986. The car is reported to have later gone to Alan Macdonald, and then found its way to Michael Budd. Some time before 2012, Budd sold the project to Michael Hillary, and then started a restoration for Hillary. Unfortunately, Budd died before completing the project, but his son Ryan Budd has continued the project for Hillary.
  4. Ralt RT1/76 [10] (Roy Klomfass): New to Team Gunston for Roy Klomfass at the end of 1975 and used through the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic season in South Africa, during which time it was extensively modified. In early 1977 it was sold "to a guy in Los Angeles". This must have been Kevin Cogan (Torrance, CA, in southwestern Los Angeles County), who raced his newer RT1/76-33 in 1977 but kept chassis 10 as a spare car for the first part of 1977. It was borrowed by Pierre Phillips at Mosport Park in May for Juan Cochésa to race after the Venezuelan crashed his intended car in practice. Then very probably the car acquired from Brian Robertson by John Connolly (Brooklyn, NY) and raced by him at Trois-Rivières in September. The car is thought to have remained with Connolly until advertised by him in early 1982, but he also had a newer RT1/78 and a Ralt RT4. [CT]
  5. Chevron B29 [29-75-25] (John Gibb): The Rapid Movements Chevron B29 driven by Matt Spitzley is believed to have suffered a testing accident at some point early in 1975, and it was rebuilt with a new monocoque. At the Oulton Park race on 26 May, it was noted as having chassis plate 75-25, but exactly when the rebuild took place is still unclear. Gunnar Nilsson took over the car from Spitzley in August, and recorded five successive wins in it, four of them from pole. In January 1976 it was sold to John Gibb (Randburg, South Africa), to be raced in the new South African Formula Atlantic series, entered by Team Mum for Men with backing from Pioneer Hi Fi. It was sold to Geoff Frizell (Durban, South Africa) for 1977, and returned with Frizell in 1979, when it was described as a B34. It then went to Manny Pinto, and was raced by him from 1980 to 1984, and then reappeared two years later with Trevor Trautmann who raced it in 1986. Trautmann exhanged it for Alan Dunlop's Lant, and the Chevron then went to Alan McDonald and Mike Budd. Budd restored it for Mark du Toit, who owned it in 2000. It was purchased by Anthony Corin (Malmesbury, South Africa) in 2004 and was still owned by him in June 2008. By 2019 it was owned by Colin Frost.
  6. Modus M3 ['MD'/"022A"] (Mike Domingo): Mike Domingo built up a Modus M3 for 1976 using what is believed to have been the first monocoque from Modus M3/022, which was replaced after an accident in July 1975. Raced by Mike Domingo in the South African Formula Atlantic series in 1976. Sold to John Simpson for 1977, but he crashed the car in practice at Welkom, his second event. The car returned to Team Domingo and was eventually repaired. It was raced by Yunus Domingo at least twice in 1979, and then by Jan Klinkert at Kyalami in May 1979. Subsequent history still being researched.
  7. Wheatcroft R18 [003] (Nols Nieman): Sold new to Alex Blignaut, for the 1976 South African season driven by Nols Neiman. Chassis number given in AS report of Welkom race 10 Feb 76, with the note that ‘last year’s Wheatcroft works car’ was carried as the team spare [R18-002]. Used throughout season, the spare remaining un-raced until 1977. Reported by Ian Hebblewhite as sold to Grant Maben in 1977, debut at Kyalami 1 Oct 77.
  8. Chevron B29 [29-75-15] (Len Booysen): New for Jim Crawford at Oulton Park in late May when his early-season development car was rebuilt on a new monocoque, effectively becoming a new car with chassis number 29-75-15. Crawford raced this car seven times in the British Formula Atlantic series, winning two races, and also raced it in F2 specification at Silverstone in August, using a Geoff Richardson BDA engine. Richard Morgan (Purley, Surrey) then hired the car for a few races at the end of the season. To Len Booysen (Randburg, South Africa) for the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic series, entered by Golden-Flo Racing with Kenitex. Then to Dorino Treccani, and raced by him in a few late 1977 and early 1978 races before it passed to Sarel Pienaar, who raced it for the rest of 1978 and in 1979. Subsequent history still being researched. The car was owned by Colin Frost by July 2014.
  9. Modus M3 [024] (Dave Charlton): New to Scribante Racing for Dave Charlton to race in South African Formula Atlantic in 1976, under the Lucky Strike Racing banner. Charlton acquired a new March 76B mid-season, and the Modus was taken over by Kevin Stopford for the rest of 1976. Retained by Stopford for 1977. Subsequent history unknown.
  10. March 722 [11] (André Verwey): New to Brett Lunger, and entered by Space Racing for him in F2 in 1972. Bob Sparshott's partner John 'Ace' Woodington was in charge of the F1 team, with ex-Surtees mechanic Roger Flynn. Lunger also raced the car in the Torneio do Brasil in October and November 1972. March records show that this car was sold to Guy Tunmer in December 1972, although press reports at the time said Tunmer had bought the ex-Ronnie Peterson car. Tunmer (Sandton, South Africa) had acquired the 722 for the new "F2" class of the South African national championship, and had it fitted with an 1800cc Cosworth FVC and raced it through 1973. The car was not seen in 1974, but is believed to have been kept as a spare to Tunmer's new Chevron. In 1975, it was sold to André Verwey (Johannesburg, South Africa) who planned to rebuild it with a BMW F2 engine and Hewland FG400 gearbox, but when Formula Atlantic was announced, he updated it with bright red 74B bodywork and a Nicholson BDA engine. Used in this form by Verwey in two races late 1975, and then into 1976. Sold back to the Tunmers in mid-1976 for Mervyn Tunmer to use, when it was reclothed in March 76B bodywork. Unused in 1977, but then sold to Andrew Thompson in 1978, converted to a Ford V6 engine for the new formula, and raced in that form by Bobby Scott in 1979. At this time it had mostly 77B bodywork but with a front radiator and 79B sidepods, and wore Kronenbräu 1308 sponsorship. It was sold to Mel Lahner's Rackrite team for 1980, and raced by Derek Ziman and John McNicol. It was rebuilt with a Mazda engine mid-season. Retained by Rackrite for 1981, when it was entered for McNicol, Ziman and Lahner, then raced by Bernard Tilanus for a few races before he left the team, then by his replacement Trevor van Rooyen, and finally McNicol took it over again. Both Tilanus and van Rooyen won races in it that season. It was retained again for 1982, when Lahner's son Wayne drove it, and by this time it was in standard March 77B bodywork, but with a 79B rear wing. It was retained by the Lahner family until 2004, when it was sold back to Andrew and Stuart Thompson.
  11. Chevron B25 [25-73-02?] (John Nicholson): Chassis number observed by the Formula 1 Register (F1R) on the #7 Team Gunston car of Brian van Hage in the 1973 South African Formula 1 championship (F2 class). This car was raced by Ian Scheckter at the start of the 1973 season, then by Piet de Klerk, Andrew Thompson and Brian von Hage after Scheckter moved to the team's #8 car. These two cars remained with the team for 1974, now run by Ken Howes as Team Lexington. Chassis 73-02 is believed to have been the car driven by Guy Tunmer in 1974, and then by Roy Klomfass in 1975. At the end of 1975 it was sold, with chassis 73-03, to the Domingo brothers and converted to Formula Atlantic for 1976. Although it has not been possible to determine the exact usage of the two cars, it is assumed here that 73-03 was the #8 car raced by John Nicholson, Alan Domingo and Yunus Domingo in 1976. In 1978, one of the B25s was sold to Mel Lahner, and entered by his Rackrite team for Mike Hoffmann to drive. Not seen in 1979, but then converted by Andrew Thompson to Mazda rotary engines for the new South African 'Atlantic' rules. Raced by various drivers in this form in 1981 and 1982. In the absence of any other information, it is assumed that 73-02 was the first choice car, wearing #10 in 1980 and #15 in 1981. Sold to Thompson in 1983, and retained until the mid-1990s when it was restored, and sold to Gary Dunkerley in 1998. Sold on again about 2005 to a 'racing trust' owned by Anthony Corin (Pretoria) and Peter Lindenberg in December 2006.
  12. Wheatcroft R18 [002] (Nols Nieman): New for Wheatcroft Racing in June 1975, replacing chassis 001 which had been destroyed by Brian Henton while testing at Oulton Park in late May. Raced by Richard Morgan in British Formula Atlantic in Donington Park Collection livery. In August the car was converted to F2 spec and driven by Henton at the Silverstone F2 race, finishing third. Henton then drove it in Formula Atlantic for the rest of the season. Sold to Alex Blignaut for Nols Nieman to drive in the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic series as a spare car to his new chassis 003. Retained for 1977 and 1978, but apparently not raced over these two seasons. Sold to Steve Herbst in 1979, and converted to a Mazda engine for Formula SA. In early 1980, Herbst was involved in a collision with Peter Morrison in the sister R18. Herbst's car's tub was repaired by Mike Domingo, and Herbst continued to race it until mid-1982. In August 1982, it was sold to Trevor Trautmann, again for Formula SA, and in 1983 he had a new monocoque fabricated in South Africa for the car, the original tub apparently being discarded. He did not complete the rebuild and later sold the car's gearbox, suspension and uprights to Dorino Trocchani for a Tiga sports racing car project. The new tub and bodywork were sold off, but quickly located by Roger Pearce and sold to John Hatfield (Pinetown, Kwazulu-Natal), who owned the sister R18-003. Hatfield built up a car on the new tub using parts from both 002 and 003, but using the 002 chassis plate. The resulting car was exported to the UK some time between 1987 and 1993, and in 1996 it was purchased from a dealer in Cheshire by Paul Gardener of Bolton. He noted that it still had the 002 chassis plate. In 2004, Simon Hadfield collected the Wheatcroft from Gardener and delivered it to Mondello for Martin Birrane. It remained in Birrane's collection until about 2016.
  13. March 74B [722?] (Garry Ainscough): Built up in March 74B specification by André Verwey (Johannesburg, South Africa) for Garry Ainscough (Bulawayo, Rhodesia) to race in the South African Formula Atlantic series in 1976. It has been suggested that it was built from a March 722, chassis 722/17, but evidence for this proving elusive, and it is possible that a tub number, such as AM72-17, has been misinterpreted. Ainscough raced the car again at the start of 1977, but it then disappeared again until 1980, when Alan Macdonald bought a March 722 from Tony Martin and updated it with a Mazda engine and wing-car sidepods for the Sigma Series. It was reported to be the "ex-Ainscough" March. Macdonald sold it to Dave Hart's Team Valvoline for 1981 after Hart lost his drive in the Hekro March 802. Kent Dyson bought it from Hart for the last race of the 1981 season and retained it for 1982, intending to update it to 77B specification. Ian Hebblethwaite then reports that it went to Keith Horwood for Michael Bryan in 1985, and then to Lew Baker who was the last to race it. In about 1988, it was sold via Brian Raubenheimer in South Africa to David McLaughlin in England. Its history after 1988 is still to be resolved.
  14. Chevron B25 [25-73-01] (Mike Fogg): Chassis number given by the Formula 1 Register (F1R) on the #6 Team Gunston car of John Love in the 1973 South African Formula 1 championship (F2 class). Sold to Tony Martin for the 1974 South African season, and retained for 1975, when he fitted it with a 2-litre Hart BDA. It was then sold to Mike Fogg for Formula Atlantic in 1976. It went to Ivor Raasch for 1977, and he used the back end of the car in a spaceframe Ford Escort Special Saloon. The car then went to Alan Macdonald for 1979 and was reconstituted, now with a Cosworth BDG, and Macdonald raced it in this form at Roy Hesketh later that year. The organisers knew its engine was not eligible, but were apparently grateful for another car on the grid. Macdonald later sold off the Hewland FG400 and Cosworth BDG but kept the rolling chassis until he sold it to Mike Budd in Johannesburg. Budd still had the car in March 2006. By 2016, the car was with Stuart Thompson and was being restored.


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

The South African race results were originally compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Autosport and Motoring News plus information supplied by a wide range of contributors. One of the contributors was later found to have used erroneous information, and the results have in some places been reworked using reports and results in South African newspapers such as the Rand Daily Mail.

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