Goldfields "100"

Goldfields Raceway (Welkom), 11 Feb 1978

1 Ian Scheckter March 78B - Ford BDD Nicholson
#1 Lexington Racing
32 37m 33.6s
2 Bobby Scott March 77B [17] - Ford BDD
#21 Sportsman Lager Racing [Andrew Thompson]
3 Mike Domingo March 76B ['1A'] - Ford BDD
#9 Team Domingo-Bodycraft
4 Evan Boddy Chevron B34 [34-76-02] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#16 South Coast Motors Racing (see note 1)
5 Tony Martin Chevron B45 [45-78-01] - Ford BDD Swindon
#3 Lucky Strike Racing (see note 2)
6 Dave Charlton March 76B [1] - Ford BDD
#6 Dave Charlton (see note 3)
29 Collision with Trochanni
R Dorino Trochanni Chevron B29 [29.75.15] - Ford BDD
#20 Dorino Troccani
Collision with Charlton
R Derek Bell Kauhsen-Jabouille 2J [7702?] - Ford BDD Richardson
#12 Khausin [sic]
26 Engine
R Nols Nieman March 77B [18] - Ford BDD
#4 Benson and Hedges/BP Racing [Alex Blignaut]
2 Damage from collision with van Rooyen
R Trevor van Rooyen March 77B [8] - Ford BDD
#7 Team Gunston
0 Accident
DNS Roy Klomfass March 77B [11] - Ford BDD
#8 Team Uniewinkels [Martin Flint/Roger Taylor]
Did not start
(Cam belt in warm up session)
  Len Booysen Kauhsen-Jabouille 2J - Ford BDD Richardson
#5 Khausin [sic]
On entry list
  Joe Domingo Chevron B25 - Ford BDA
#11 Team Domingo
On entry list
  DesirĂ© Wilson Chevron B34 [34-76-08] - Ford BDD Swindon
#13 Team Laddiers Fashion Stores
(see note 4)
On entry list
  TBA March 77B - Ford BDA
#14 Benson and Hedges/BP Racing [Alex Blignaut]
On entry list
  Clive Cooke Donnelly JD201 - Ford BDD
#15 BP Racing/Rally Motors
On entry list
  Geoff Frizell Chevron B25 - Ford BDD
#18 Geoff Frizelle
On entry list
  Mike Hoffmann Chevron B25 - Ford BDD
#22 Team Valcoline (Rackrite Special Chevron)
On entry list

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Ian Scheckter
2Bobby Scott
3Mike Domingo
4Evan Boddy
5Tony Martin
6Dave Charlton
7Dorino Trochanni
8Derek Bell
9Nols Nieman
10Trevor van Rooyen
11Roy Klomfass
1 Ian Scheckter (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B - Ford BDD Nicholson
2 Roy Klomfass * (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 77B [11] - Ford BDD
3 Bobby Scott (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 77B [17] - Ford BDD
4 Tony Martin (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B45 [45-78-01] - Ford BDD Swindon
5 Trevor van Rooyen (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 77B [8] - Ford BDD
6 Dave Charlton (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 76B [1] - Ford BDD
7 Derek Bell (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Kauhsen-Jabouille 2J [7702?] - Ford BDD Richardson
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B34 [34-76-02] (Evan Boddy): New to Tony Martin for the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic championship, entered by Team Bic/South Coast Motors. Retained by Martin for 1977 as a spare car to his new B39 and raced only once that season, as a South Coast Motors entry for Evan Boddy at Kyalami in October. Raced by Boddy during 1978, entered again by South Coast Motors Racing. Raced again by Boddy in 1979, again entered by South Coast Motors.
  2. Chevron B45 [45-78-01] (Tony Martin): New to Tony Martin and used in the South African Formula Atlantic series in 1978, initially wearing Chevron B39 bodywork. Retained for 1979, but Martin also had an older Chevron B34 which was used at several races. The B45 was then fitted with a 3-litre Ford V6 engine for the new Formula South Africa that started in July 1979. The car was retained for 1980, but destroyed in a garage fire.
  3. March 76B [1] (Dave Charlton): Presumed to be the car of Ian Scheckter, used in the 1976 South African season. Racing tradition has it that Scheckter always had the first car of any of March's production runs, and South African expert Ian Hebblethwaite suggests that Scheckter had both the first chassis of the 76B and 77B production. A/S report of the race at Welkom in February 1976 says that Scheckter's car is "the first of the production examples". Badly damaged in testing accident after the race at Aldo Scribante in March 1976, and at Roy Hesketh Scheckter appears in a car that is described as "brand new" by Autsport and as having a "new tub" by Motoring News. Subsequent evidence suggests that the latter was the case, and the rebuilt car, if it still carried a plate, probably kept the identity of chassis 1 to avoid fresh import duties on a new car. The remains of the old tub were sold to the Domingo brothers, who built it up with spares to become 76B-1A in 1977. Sold to Len Booysen in 1977, and loaned by him to Dave Charlton and Bernard Tilanus in 1978.
  4. Chevron B34 [34-76-08] (Desiré Wilson): New to Basil van Rooyen for the South African Formula Atlantic series, sponsored by Wrangler Jeans. Van Rooyen significantly modified the car during the season, with a March nose and side radiators. Retained for 1977, again with Wrangler Jeans sponsorship. Van Rooyen recalls that he sold the car to Tony Martin, and it was at some point during this time that the car was raced by Desiré Wilson in the first few races of the 1978 series. It was raced by Tony Martin at some races in 1979 as an alternative to his unsatisfactory B45, but Bernard Tilanus recalls that "the tub was damaged when Tony fell asleep and went off the road writing the trailer and car off". Tilanus explained that Martin bought a replacement tub from Chevron and built a standard B34. This car "was sold to Rolly Nofke, then to Keith Horwood". Tilanus then bought the car and sold it to Mike Fergusson, but the restoration was still incomplete when Fergusson died. It was then bought by Colin Frost, who took it to Andrew Thompson to complete the restoration.


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