Goldfields "100"

Goldfields Raceway (Welkom), 10 Feb 1979

1 Ian Scheckter March 79A [1] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#1 Team Lexington
2 Tony Martin Chevron B45 [45.78.01] - Ford BDD
#5 South Coast Motors/Lucky Strike Racing

3 Clive Cooke March 78B - Ford BDD

4 Bobby Scott March 77B ["17A"] - Ford BDD
#4 [Andrew Thompson]

5 Mike Domingo March 76B ['1A'] - Ford BDD
#8 Team Domingo

6 Evan Boddy Chevron B34 [34.76.02] - Ford BDD

R Roy Klomfass March 79B [P] - Ford BDD
#12 Team Texan [Alex Blignaut]
10 Engine
R Trevor van Rooyen March 79B - Ford BDD Nicholson
#3 Team Gunston
R unknown unknown

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Ian Scheckter
2Tony Martin
3Clive Cooke
4Bobby Scott
5Mike Domingo
6Evan Boddy
7Roy Klomfass
8Trevor van Rooyen
Qualifying information not available


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