Highveld "100"

Kyalami, 27 Jan 1979

1 Ian Scheckter March 79A [1] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#1 Team Lexington
32 44m 08.33s
2 Roy Klomfass March 79B [P] - Ford BDD
#2 Team Texan [Alex Blignaut]

3 Mike Domingo March 76B ['1A'] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#8 Team Domingo

4 Trevor van Rooyen March 79B - Ford BDD Nicholson
#3 Team Gunston

5 Yunus Domingo Modus M3 [022(A)] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#11 Team Domingo

6 Evan Boddy Chevron B34 [34-76-02] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#16 South Coast Racing (see note 1)

R Clive Cooke March 78B/79B - Ford BDD
#7 B.P. Racing/Rally Motors
R Bobby Scott March 77B ["17A"] - Ford BDD
#4 Sportsman Lager Racing [Andrew Thompson]
22 Piston
R Tony Martin Chevron B45 [45-78-01] - Ford BDD
#5 Lucky Strike Racing/South Coast Motors
(see note 2)
1 Dropped valve
T Roy Klomfass March 77B [11] - Ford BDD
#12 Team Texan [Alex Blignaut]
(Only used in practice)
T Trevor van Rooyen March 77B [8] - Ford BDD
#6 Team Gunston
(Only used in practice)
DNA Len Booysen Donnelly JD201 - Ford BDD
#17 Donnelly Racing Cars
Did not arrive
DNA Geoff Frizell Chevron B34 [B29 75-25?] - Ford BDD
#18 Geoff Frizell (see note 3)
Did not arrive
DNA Sarel Pienaar Chevron B29 [29.75.15] - Ford BDD
#10 Sarel Pienaar
Did not arrive
DNA Bernard Tilanus Wheatcroft R18 [003] - Ford BDD
#9 D.A.W. Supplies
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Ian Scheckter
2Roy Klomfass
3Mike Domingo
4Trevor van Rooyen
5Yunus Domingo
6Evan Boddy
7Clive Cooke
8Bobby Scott
9Tony Martin
10Len Booysen
11Geoff Frizell
12Sarel Pienaar
13Bernard Tilanus
1 Trevor van Rooyen (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79B - Ford BDD Nicholson
2 Tony Martin (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B45 [45-78-01] - Ford BDD
3 Ian Scheckter (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 79A [1] - Ford BDD Nicholson
4 Clive Cooke (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B/79B - Ford BDD

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B34 [34-76-02] (Evan Boddy): New to Tony Martin for the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic championship, entered by Team Bic/South Coast Motors. Retained by Martin for 1977 as a spare car to his new B39 and raced only once that season, as a South Coast Motors entry for Evan Boddy at Kyalami in October. Raced by Boddy during 1978, entered again by South Coast Motors Racing. Raced again by Boddy in 1979, again entered by South Coast Motors.
  2. Chevron B45 [45-78-01] (Tony Martin): New to Tony Martin and used in the South African Formula Atlantic series in 1978, initially wearing Chevron B39 bodywork. Retained for 1979, but Martin also had an older Chevron B34 which was used at several races. The B45 was then fitted with a 3-litre Ford V6 engine for the new Formula South Africa that started in July 1979. The car was retained for 1980, but destroyed in a garage fire.
  3. Chevron B34 [B29 75-25?] (Geoff Frizell): The Rapid Movements Chevron B29 driven by Matt Spitzley is believed to have suffered a testing accident at some point early in 1975, and it was rebuilt with a new monocoque. At the Oulton Park race on 26 May, it was noted as having chassis plate 75-25, but exactly when the rebuild took place is still unclear. Gunnar Nilsson took over the car from Spitzley in August, and recorded five successive wins in it, four of them from pole. In January 1976 it was sold to John Gibb (Randburg, South Africa), to be raced in the new South African Formula Atlantic series, entered by Team Mum for Men with backing from Pioneer Hi Fi. It was sold to Geoff Frizell (Durban, South Africa) for 1977, and returned with Frizell in 1979, when it was described as a B34. It then went to Manny Pinto, and was raced by him from 1980 to 1983, and then reappeared two years later with Trevor Trautman who raced it in 1986. It remained in South Africa after that, but its ownership history is not fully resolved. Bernard Tilanus reported that it went from Pinto to Alan Dunlop then to Mike Budd, who restored it, then to Mark du Toit who owned it in 2000. It was purchased by Anthony Corin (Malmesbury, South Africa) in 2004 and was still owned in him in June 2008, but by 2019 it was owned by Colin Frost.


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