British Formula Atlantic Championship Race

Aintree, 3 Jul 1982

1 Alo Lawler Ralt RT4/80 [199] - Ford BDD Smith
#1 The LEP Group of Companies
2 Dave Hoban March 782 [6] - Ford BDD Racing Fabrications
#4 (see note 1)
3 Mike Catlow Ralt RT1 [71?] - Ford BDD Racing Fabrications
4 Neil Crang Tiga FA82 [200] - Ford BDD Nicholson
5 Geoff Byman Lola T760 [HU1] - Ford BDD Smith
6 Duncan Bain March 78B - Ford BDD Nicholson
#8 Abdex Engineering
R John Sheldon Tiga FA81/82 [164] - Ford BDD Nicholson
#2 Ivor Goodwin Racing
2 Collision
R Masanori Sekiya Chevron B56 [01] - Ford BDD Swindon
#10 Team Sanada
2 Collision
DNA Trevor Templeton Ralt RT1/78 [116] - Ford BDD
Did not arrive
DNA Colin Lees Ralt RT4/81 [218] - Ford BDD
Did not arrive
DNA Gary Gibson Chevron B42 - Ford BDD
Did not arrive
DNA Tony Dunne McLaren M21 - Ford BDD
#5 (see note 2)
Did not arrive
DNA Dave Muter Barton JTB3 [Sana RD11] - Ford BDD
Did not arrive
DNA Ian Flux Ehrlich RP5B - Ford BDD
#15 Dr. J. Ehrlich
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Alo Lawler (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT4/80 [199] - Ford BDD Smith

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 782 [6] (Dave Hoban): Alex Ribeiro's Hart-engined car at Thruxton 27 Mar 1978 and presumably all season. Hired by Wolfgang Locher for Hockenheim 26 Sep. To Phil Dowsett for Formula Atlantic in 1979 and converted to 79B spec. To Dave Hoban in 1982 and retained until 1984.
  2. McLaren M21 (Tony Dunne): One of two cars entered by Astor Club Racing International in British Formula Atlantic in 1975, this car was raced by Roberto Alvarez at Silverstone on 13 April, and then by Tony Trimmer later in the season. This car was next seen when acquired by Tony Dunne, who raced it in the British Formula Atlantic series in 1982. Dunne then entered Alo Lawler in Dunne's McLaren M30 in BRSCC libre in 1984 and 1985, and traded the M21 back to McLaren International in 1986 for the spare M30 monocoque. McLaren International rebuilt the car to Scheckter's F2 configuration, and the car was on display in the Donington Museum for many years. When the other two cars were restored in the late 1990s and none were found to have a chassis plate, McLaren International issued this car with a '1' chassis plate.


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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 8 Jul 1982 pp48-49, Programme.