Australian Formula 2 Race

Symmons Plains, 11 Nov 1979

1 Brian Shead Cheetah Mk6 [63-1] - Toyota Celica single cam
#58 Speco-VHT Motor Products
2 John Bowe Elfin 792 [79201] - Volkswagen Golf Elfin
#3 Ansett Team Elfin
3 Ian Richards Tudor - Volkswagen Golf single cam
#11 Ian Richards
4 Bob Prendergast Cheetah Mk6 [62-12] - Volkswagen Golf single cam
#40 Rugulo Motor Bodyworks - Volsauto Wreckers
5 Geoff Forsyth Cheetah - Toyota Celica single cam
#6 Forsyth Twins Racing
6 Gregg Taylor Elfin 600B [7019] - Ford
#49 A.G. Taylor
7 Grahame Blee Elfin 623 [74437] - Toyota single cam
#91 Belmore Finance
8 Steve Chopping Elfin 600B [6806] - Ford
#9 Steven Chopping
9 Don Campbell Elfin 623 [73436] - Ford
#22 David Lewis
R Ron Trim Elfin 600B [6805] - Ford
I. Simpson
DNS Max Thompson Elfin 700 [76648] - Ford
#18 Max Thompson Motors
Did not start
(head gasket)
DNP Graham Engel Cheetah Mk6 [63-06] - Ford
#15 Graham Engel
Did not take part in official practice
(engine seized)
DNA Geoff Bantick (ANF2) 1.3-litre Brabham BT2 [FJ-3-62] - Toyota Corolla "K"
#5 Allan Smith (see note 1)
Did not arrive
DNA Ron Trim Rennmax BN7 - Ford
#12 Ron Trim
Did not arrive
DNA Colin Trengove Elfin 630B [756302] - Ford
#34 John Silman Power Tools
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre ANF2 unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1John Bowe2019m 12.3s
2Brian Shead20
3Ian Richards20
4Bob Prendergast20
5Geoff Forsyth20
6Gregg Taylor19
7Ron Trim19
8Steve Chopping19
9Grahame Blee18
10Don Campbell15
Graham Engelunknown
Max Thompsonunknown
Heat 2 Laps Time Speed
1Brian Shead2022m 12.0s
2Ian Richards20
3Bob Prendergast20
4Geoff Forsyth20
5John Bowe20
6Grahame Blee20
7Steve Chopping19
8Gregg Taylor19
9Don Campbell18
Ron Trim15engine
1 Ian Richards (ANF2) 1.6-litre Tudor - Volkswagen Golf single cam 55.1s
2 John Bowe (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 792 [79201] - Volkswagen Golf Elfin 55.2s
3 Brian Shead (ANF2) 1.6-litre Cheetah Mk6 [63-1] - Toyota Celica single cam 55.3s
4 Geoff Forsyth (ANF2) 1.6-litre Cheetah - Toyota Celica single cam 56.1s
5 Bob Prendergast (ANF2) 1.6-litre Cheetah Mk6 [62-12] - Volkswagen Golf single cam 56.4s
6 Don Campbell (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 623 [73436] - Ford 59.5s
7 Grahame Blee (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 623 [74437] - Toyota single cam 60.0s
8 Gregg Taylor (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [7019] - Ford 60.4s
9 Ron Trim (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [6805] - Ford 61.3s
10 Steve Chopping (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 600B [6806] - Ford 61.4s
11 Max Thompson * (ANF2) 1.6-litre Elfin 700 [76648] - Ford 62.7s
12 Graham Engel * (ANF2) 1.6-litre Cheetah Mk6 [63-06] - Ford DNP
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT2 [FJ-3-62] (Geoff Bantick): Built at MRD by Frank Gardner and raced by Gavin Youl as a factory entry in European FJ in 1962. Taken to Australia at the end of the European season, and raced by Youl in the Australian Formula Junior Championship race at Catalina Park in late October. Sold to Geoff McClelland (NSW, Australia) 1963 and raced in Australia as a FJ and later with a 1.5-litre engine in ANF1.5. To Phil West (NSW, Australia) 1966 December and raced in ANF2 - Mike Barker (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia) March 1968 - Peter Roach (Victoria, Australia) 1970 - Doug Hicks (Victoria, Australia) 1972 and fitted with 1300cc Toyota Corolla engine for ANF3; also driven by Peter Jones. Later to Alan Smith (Tasmania, Australia) 1974 and driven by Geoff Bantick in 1978 and 1979. In November 1993, Denis Lupton purchased the car for Jim Russell (Victoria, Australia) and started a full restoration to its original FJ spec. To Nick MacDonald (Australia) 1995 who completed the restoration and raced the car in historic events between 2001 and 2003. To Graham Brown (Queensland, Australia) in 2003 and raced consistently in Australian until 2013 when he sold it to Grant Craft, who raced it in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2017.


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