Can-Am Challenge Race

Laguna Seca, 12 Oct 1981

1 Teo Fabi March 817 - Chevrolet V8
#6 Paul Newman Racing
50 49m 10.95s
115.895 mph
2 Al Holbert Holbert CAC-2 - Chevrolet V8
#14 CRC Chemicals
50 49m 16.15s
3 Geoff Brabham VDS 001 - Chevrolet V8
#3 Racing Team V.D.S. (see note 1)
4 Rocky Moran Frissbee [GR2] - Chevrolet V8
#15 Brad Frisselle
5 Tom Klausler Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
#8 U.S. Racing [Herb Caplan]
49 Accident
6 Jeff Wood Lola T530 [HU2 or HU10] - Chevrolet V8
#1 Carl Haas Racing Team (see note 2)
7 Jim Trueman (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Ralt RT2/79 [153] - Hart 420R
#25 Red Roof Inns
8 John Gunn Lola T332/T333 [HU47] - Chevrolet V8
#39 Gunn's Goodies (see note 3)
9 Bobby Rahal March 817 - Chevrolet V8
#5 Paul Newman Racing
10 Michael L. Allen Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8
#59 Allen Racing
11 Richard Guider (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt - Hart 420R
#68 Elite Racing
12 Merle Brennan Frissbee-Lola T332 ["76-13"] - Chevrolet V8
#19 Reno Automotive Center
13 Robb Woltring Frissbee-Lola T333CS - Chevrolet V8
#47 Western Fleet
44 Unknown
14 Robin Smith (Can-Am) 3-litre Surtees TS19/TS20S [04] - Cosworth DFV V8
#21 Smith Racing (see note 4)
15 Danny Sullivan Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
#4 Garvin Brown Racing
41 Accident
16 Dick Renard (Can-Am) 3-litre Fox RE-5 [Eagle 74A-003] - Cosworth DFV V8
#17 Renard Racing
17 Tom Foster (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T296 - Ford BDX
#27 Tracer Racing
18 John Graham (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1 - Ford BDG
#77 Midland Racing Enterprises (see note 5)
19 John Morton Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
#46 Phil Conte/CGI Racing
34 Engine
20 Clive Bush Conquest BT-1 - Chevrolet V8
#48 Bush Racing (see note 6)
21 Randy Lewis Holbert CAC-1 - Chevrolet V8
#2 Cribari
26 Accident
22 Graham McRae McRae GM9 - Chevrolet V8
#22 Circus Circus Hotel
10 Accident
23 Tim Evans (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1½ [RT1-106] - Ford BDG
#51 Red Roof Inns
6 Engine
DNQ Michael Brayton (Can-Am) Wolf-Brayton 001
#12 Michael Brayton (see note 7)
Did not qualify
DNQ Duane Eitel Chevron B24/B28 - Chevrolet V8
#23 EKR Racing ('MLR 001')
Did not qualify
DNQ Gerre Payvis Lola T332 [HU53] - Chevrolet V8
#31 Gerre Payvis (see note 8)
Did not qualify
DNQ Robert Meyer Spyder NF-11 [CA-04] - Chevrolet V8
#33 Meyer Racing
Did not qualify
DNQ Jerry Kehoe (Can-Am) 3.5-litre Brabham BT29 [11] - Oldsmobile V8
#34 Kehoe Racing (see note 9)
Did not qualify
DNQ Thomas Bungay (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B19 [71-6] - Ford
#40 Atherton Racing
Did not qualify
DNQ Bill Blackledge (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Ralt RT2/80 [172] - Hart 420R
#42 Blackledge Racing
Did not qualify
DNQ Bob Danzi Prophet - Chevrolet V8
#75 Rainbow Racing
Did not qualify
DNA Janet Guthrie 'Frissbee' - Chevrolet V8
#18 Golden Gate Racing
Did not arrive
DNA Jay Jacobs (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B21/B23 - Hart 420S
#91 Genoa Racing
Did not arrive

All cars are 5-litre Can-Am unless noted.

1 Teo Fabi (Can-Am) 5-litre March 817 - Chevrolet V8 56.078s
2 Danny Sullivan (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
3 Bobby Rahal (Can-Am) 5-litre March 817 - Chevrolet V8
4 Geoff Brabham (Can-Am) 5-litre VDS 001 - Chevrolet V8
5 Rocky Moran (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee [GR2] - Chevrolet V8
6 Tom Klausler (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
7 Al Holbert (Can-Am) 5-litre Holbert CAC-2 - Chevrolet V8
8 John Morton (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee - Chevrolet V8
9 Jeff Wood (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T530 [HU2 or HU10] - Chevrolet V8
10 Randy Lewis (Can-Am) 5-litre Holbert CAC-1 - Chevrolet V8
11 John Gunn (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332/T333 [HU47] - Chevrolet V8
12 Michael L. Allen (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8
13 Jim Trueman (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Ralt RT2/79 [153] - Hart 420R
14 Richard Guider (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt - Hart 420R
15 Graham McRae (Can-Am) 5-litre McRae GM9 - Chevrolet V8
16 Tim Evans (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1½ [RT1-106] - Ford BDG
17 Robb Woltring (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee-Lola T333CS - Chevrolet V8
18 Clive Bush (Can-Am) 5-litre Conquest BT-1 - Chevrolet V8
19 Merle Brennan (Can-Am) 5-litre Frissbee-Lola T332 ["76-13"] - Chevrolet V8
20 Robin Smith (Can-Am) 3-litre Surtees TS19/TS20S [04] - Cosworth DFV V8
21 Tom Foster (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T296 - Ford BDX
22 Dick Renard (Can-Am) 3-litre Fox RE-5 [Eagle 74A-003] - Cosworth DFV V8
23 John Graham (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1 - Ford BDG
24 Michael Brayton * (Can-Am) Wolf-Brayton 001
25 Bill Blackledge * (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Ralt RT2/80 [172] - Hart 420R
26 Gerre Payvis * (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332 [HU53] - Chevrolet V8
27 Thomas Bungay * (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B19 [71-6] - Ford
28 Duane Eitel * (Can-Am) 5-litre Chevron B24/B28 - Chevrolet V8
29 Robert Meyer * (Can-Am) 5-litre Spyder NF-11 [CA-04] - Chevrolet V8
30 Bob Danzi * (Can-Am) 5-litre Prophet - Chevrolet V8
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. VDS 001 (Geoff Brabham): New for the VDS team in 1981 and raced by Geoff Brabham, winning from pole first time out at Edmonton in August 1981. Raced with great success by Geoff Brabham in 1981 and then by Al Holbert in 1982 alongside a new car VDS-002. Sold to Jerry Hansen for 1983 and 1984, winning the ASR class at the Runoffs both years. Bought by John Foulston for 1985 but presented by him at the time as a rebuild of the standard T530 that he had raced in 1984. As part of this, it was fitted with the chassis plate of Foulston's previous Lola T530 HU10. VDS-001 then raced by Foulston and his co-drivers in UK Thundersports from 1985 until his death in 1987. Sold at auction by the Foulston estate in 1997 when the car still wore the HU10 chassis plate and no mention was made of its life as VDS-001. Bought by dealer and racer Nick Whale (Evesham, Worcestershire) 1997 and run by him at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 1998. Sold to Don Braaten (Janesville, WI) 2000.
  2. Lola T530 [HU2 or HU10] (Jeff Wood): Built July 1980 and invoiced to Bobby Rahal for Herb Caplan's U.S. Racing but the team decided to focus on their existing Prophet Can-Am cars and HU10 was returned to Carl Haas. It then appears to have gone to VDS as a backup car after their HU3 was wrecked at Road America in July 1980. If so, it is not known whether it was raced. Carl Haas then acquired the car again to replace HU2, after that car was wrecked at Watkins Glen in 1981 by Jeff Wood. Sold to John Foulston (Dunsfold, Surrey) in 1982 together with HU1 for use in Thundersports. When Foulton's car first appeared, it had red livery almost identical to Wood's usual car and with the same high rollhoop that only appeared on Wood's 1981 car(s). In September 1983, this car was observed to be wearing the HU10 chassis plate. Raced by Foulston and co-drivers HSCC Chairman Brian Cocks and John Brindley in Thundersports during 1983 and 1984. At that point Foulston wanted to modify the T530 to VDS form but too many modifications were required and the project was abandoned. Instead Foulston bought VDS-001 from Carl Haas and transferred the T530 HU10 plate onto it, inferring that he had modified HU10. After Foulston's death, his family sold the car to David Brazell (Towcester, Northamptonshire) 1996.
  3. Lola T332/T333 [HU47] (John Gunn): See full history: Lola T332 HU47.
  4. Surtees TS19/TS20S [04] (Robin Smith): Alan Jones received a new car, Surtees TS19/04, in time for the 1976 Austrian GP, and raced this for the rest of the season. It was raced by Vittorio Brambilla in the South American races at the start of 1977, before being sold to Olympus Cameras for Divina Galica to race in Shellsport Group 8. It was acquired by Alo Lawler in 1978, but was quickly sold to John Cooper, then to Robin Smith. Smith updated it to "TS20S" specification in 1980, and added sports car bodywork for a couple of Can-Am events in 1981. It was sold to Ken Moore and then Rod Tolhurst, both of whom ran it in HSCC F1 in 1983 for Willie Green and John Narcisi. Its next seven owners did not race it, but it returned to competition in TGP in 1999, then raced regularly until 2012. It returned for Monaco in 2016.
  5. Cicale-Ralt RT1 (John Graham): Hugh Kleinpeter (Key Biscayne, FL/Hiawassee, GA) had a Cicale-bodied Ralt RT1 for Can-Am in 1979, but only appeared once, at Road America in July where he failed to start. He retained the car for 1980, again appearing only once in Can-Am, at Road Atlanta in September, but also appeared at least once in SCCA Nationals, scoring six points in Southeast Division A Sports Racing. For 1981, the car was sold to John Graham (Willowdale, Ontario) and entered by Midland Racing Enterprises for him in three Can-Am races that season. He returned for 1982, but after competing in two early-season races, the car was not seen until driven by Scott Goodyear at Mosport Park in September. The Cicale-Ralt then went to Chuck Storrie, who installed a Chevrolet V6 engine for the 1983 Can-Am season. Mike Freberg drove the car for Storrie Racing but it did not prove competitive with the 5-litre cars in its class. Freberg drove it again in early 1984 as a Mike Freberg Racing entry. Subsequent history unknown, but this may be the ex-Cicale Ralt RT1 that later turned up in Northern Ireland.
  6. Conquest BT-1 (Clive Bush): Clive Bush (Lafayette, CA) was from New Zealand but settled in California in the 1980s. From 1980 to 1985, he raced in Can-Am with a car always entered as a "Conquest", but according to San Francisco Region's "The Wheel" magazine when it first appeared at the 1980 Laguna Seca June Sprints, it "looked a lot like a Lola". Doug Waters noted that "it was an ex-Chuck Jones T333" with "changed suspension geometry" and that Bush "got chassis in 1979". Chuck Jones did not have a T333, but Jones had previously owned T332 HU41, which Bill Baker (Pismo Beach, CA) had virtually destroyed at Laguna Seca in October 1975, rebuilt, then crashed again at Mosport Park in 1976. That car is reported to have been rebuilt for Can-Am, but was unused due to Baker's death during a stock car event at Sears Point in August 1978.
  7. Wolf-Brayton 001 (Michael Brayton): Michael Brayton (Newport Beach, CA) acquired a Talon Formula 5000 car for 1977, but previous history of the car is unknown. During 1977, he rebodied the car for SCCA A Sports Racing, and then raced the car, as the "Wolf-Brayton 001" in Can-Am from 1978 to 1981. The car was later acquired by Mike McComas, who was then under the impression it was the Wolf-Dallara WD1. He sold it to Tony Roberts and Duncan Fox in New Zealand in 2003, where it was restored to F5000 specification. Raced by Roberts in the F5000 Tasman Revival from 2003 to 2005, when it was sold to Aaron Burson, then raced by him from 2005 onwards.
  8. Lola T332 [HU53] (Gerre Payvis): See full history: Lola T332 HU53.
  9. Brabham BT29 [11] (Jerry Kehoe): Bill Boyer (Tucson, AZ) raced an orange #88 Brabham BT29 in two early rounds of the 1970 SCCA Formula B championship, both in California, retiring both times. He was not seen again in the car but advertised it in August 1972, over two years later, complete with Vegantune FLC engine and said to be "ready for pro races". In 1973 or 1974, it was bought from dealer Pierre Phillips (Portland, OR) by Jerry Kehoe (Santa Rosa, CA), who recalls having seen it at Max Mizejewski's MRE operation in Santa Ana maybe a year earlier. Mizejewski had raced a MRE-entered BT29 at Sears Point 16 Sep 1973 and this is assumed to be the same car. Presumably the Formula B car Kehoe drove in SCCA races at Sears Point in 1975 and 1976. By 1977, Kehoe had fitted it with a Cosworth FVC engine and was using in in Formula A in SCCA Nationals. Kehoe later rebuilt the car as a sports car and used it in Can-Am in 1980 as a 2-litre car, then with a 3.5-litre Oldsmobille from 1981 to 1983 and finally with Frissbee bodywork in 1984. It later went to James Connell (Pollack Pines,CA) and Fred Schrameck (Orangeville, CA) . It changed hands again in 2007.


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