BP Super Visco Static Formula 3 Race

Zolder, 25 Apr 1976

1 Rupert Keegan March 743 [19] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
#1 British Air Ferries Racing Team
40 1h 05m 44.76s
2 Boy Hayje Ralt RT1/76 [18] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
#40 F&S Properties
40 1h 05m 44.85s
3 Mike Young Modus M1 [045-F3] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Anglian Gilt Producers
40 1h 06m 19.50s
4 Jac Nellemann Van Diemen 376 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Texaco Racing
40 1h 08m 13.90s
5 Aryon Cornelsen Filho March 763 [U2] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
March Racing
40 1h 08m 14.40s
6 Pascal Witmeur March 753 [16 or 18] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Waves (Car Displays) Ltd
40 1h 08m 34.90s
7 Stephen South March 753 [3] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
#2 Dortmunder Union Bier/Bogarts Birmingham
8 Claude Crespin Van Diemen 376 - Ford twin cam Holbay
NC Pierre Dieudonné March 743 ["35"] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Dr Joseph Ehrlich

NC Willi Siller Modus M1 [046-F3] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Team Modus

NC Bruno Giacomelli March 763 [U1] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
#3 March Racing

NC Richard Hawkins Ehrlich ES5 - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
#19 Dr Joseph Ehrlich

NC Henrik Spellerberg GRD 374/376 [373 043-F3?] - Ford twin cam Novamotor
#20 Texaco Racing

NC Claude Cuicci Supernova SF3 - Triumph Dolomite Neil Brown 4
Ian Williams

NC Ian Flux Ralt RT1/76 [16] - Toyota 2T-G Novamotor
Ockley Team Racing

NC Tony Dron March 763 [9] - Triumph Dolomite Holbay 4
(see note 1)

NC Bob Arnott March 743 [22] - Ford twin cam Holbay
(see note 2)

All cars are 2-litre F3 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 763 [9] (Tony Dron): Shown in March records as sold to Tony Dron 12.1.76. This was the solitary Unipart car in 1976. Although Unipart ran two cars in 1977, they only bought one new car, converting the older car for Needell, the junior driver in the team. Some results credit Needell's car as being a 763.
  2. March 743 [22] (Bob Arnott): New to Ippokampos Racing for Australian racer Buzz Buzaglo to use in British and European F3 in 1974. Used by Tom Pryce at the Monaco GP F3 support race. Sold to Bob Arnott for 1975 and retained for the first few weeks of the 1976 season. Sold to Colin Myles (Holmes Chapel, Cheshire) and fitted with a 1098cc Hart engine for hillclimbs from 1979 or earlier.


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

These British Formula 3 results have been compiled by Chris Townsend using the main British magazines Autosport and Motoring News but also the US magazine On Track which carried surprisingly good coverage of the British series.

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