Brabham Formula 5000

Despite being the major racing car manufacturer of the 1960s, Brabham did not build a dedicated F5000 design until 1974. However, in the early years of Formula A in the US, a number of ex-F1 Brabhams were used in the 3-litre class. One of these, Harry McIntosh's 1.5-litre Brabham BT7-Climax V8, won the Formula A class at the 1966 SCCA Runoffs, and Jack Eiteljorg won a SCCA National at Riverside in 1967 in a 2.7-litre Brabham BT11-Climax 4.

When the 5-litre F5000 was introduced in the UK in 1969, a few of the Brabhams that had been fitted with American V8s for hillclimbing and libre were tried out in F5000 races, but were woefully uncompetitive. No Brabham finished a race in Europe any higher than tenth place until Dave Berry finished a fine sixth place - from just eight finishers - at Snetterton in August 1971 in his 4.5-litre Brabham BT16/21B-Rover. The arrival of the Formula 1-based BT43 design in 1974 did not improve Brabham's record, and it was not until the BT43 went to Australia and Kevin Bartlett finished second at Oran Park in July 1978 that Berry's record was broken.

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Rothmans F5000 Championship round, Monza (30 Jun 1974)