"Red" LeGrand was one of the pioneer single-seater builders in California, producing one the most successful early Formula B cars as well as a very early Formula A. The very simple straightforward designs were ideal for these early years of 'Formula SCCA' but as the competition became more sophisticated, the company found its niche in the small sports racing categories. Around 100 or so LeGrands were built during the company's history but the unknown number of kits makes this quite hard to assess.

The Mk 3, LeGrand's first Formula B design, produced as soon as the new categories came into effect, was a great success but the two Formula A designs, the Mk 7 and the Mk 11, flopped badly. The Mk 7 was too light and, despite its impressive speed, scared too many of its drivers. The Mk 11 faded away almost as soon as it was launched.

Red LeGrand died in November 1988 and the company folded a few years later. The small sports cars continue to race successfully in the SCCA's 'DSR' category.

Type Years Number built* Notes
Mk 1 1963 10 (plus 8 kits) Formula 4. Originally called the "Cheetah" but renamed as another car was being built with that name in southern California.
Mk 2 1964 6 1300cc sports/racing. Designed by John Ethridge and based on the Mk 1.
Mk 3 1965-1967 18 Formula C and Formula B. First car to Fred Hummell, second to Karl Knapp, third as a FB for Eglington and later for Earl Jones.
Mk 4   6 2000cc sports/racing. Based on the Mk 3 with bodywork designed by John Ethridge.
Mk 5 1967 1 Formula 3. Raced in Europe by Eglington.
Mk 6 1967 8 to Feb 1969 Formula B.
Mk 7 1968 6 to Feb 1969 Formula A. Full details available
Mk 8 1968 Not built 1300cc sports/racing.
Mk 9 1968?   Formula 3. Not built
Mk 10 1968 3 to Feb 1969 Formula Ford. A downgraded version of the FB Mk 6.
Mk 11 1969 1 Formula A. A late 1969 replacement for the Mk 7.
Mk 12 1971?   Formula Super Vee. Very few built, maybe just one.
Mk 13 1972   Formula Ford.
Mk 14 1972 2? Formula B. LeGrand's first monocoque.
Mk 15 1972?   Formula Super Vee. Stressed.skin tube frame. Very few built.
Mk 16 1972? 2? 'B' sports racing. Based on the Mk 14 formula car.
Mk 17 1974? 2 Street car (!).
Mk 18 1974   'D' sports racing. Very small, 1000cc sports cars which won in the DSR category for 20 years.
Mk 21 1976   Formula Ford.
Mk 22 1977 2? Formula Vee. Based on the KWIC F Vee car.
Mk 25 1979   'D' sports racing. Improved version of the Mk 18.
Mk 27 1980   Formula Ford.
Mk 28 1991 1 Spec rarer. Built for Willow Springs as a prototype for a 'spec' series that never went ahead.

* The production figured are derived from an article in Autoweek 15 Feb 1969 p10. Some models will continue to have been built after this date. Details of LeGrand's later models come from an excellent article on Red and his cars by Alan James at Racer.net.

These histories last updated on 6 November, 2018 .