American Road Race of Champions (Formula A class)

Road Atlanta, 27 Nov 1971

1 Jerry Hansen Lola T192 [HU23] - Chevrolet V8
20 30m 24.4s
99.59 mph
2 James Dunkel Lola T190 [190/F1/10] - Chevrolet V8
20 31m 11.2s
3 Ron Stafford Surtees TS5A [006] - Chevrolet V8

4 Michael Yarbrough McKee Mk 12D - Chevrolet V8

5 Phil Henny Lola T140 [SL140/13] - Chevrolet V8

R Pete Sherman Lola T192 [HU27] - Chevrolet V8

R Nick Dioguardi Surtees TS5 - Chevrolet V8

R John Saucier Lola T142 [SL142/30] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 1)

DNS Arthur Eatman LeGrand Mk 7 [001] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 2)
Did not start
DNSC Kurt Reinold Lola T192 [HU28] - Chevrolet V8
Did not start (crashed)
  Phil Henny Leda LT20 [2] - Chevrolet V8
On entry list

All cars are 5-litre F5000 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T142 [SL142/30] (John Saucier): Unknown in 1969 but maybe the car of Richard Negley (San Antonio, TX). Raced by John Saucier (MidWest City, OK) in 1970, 1971 and 1972. To Brad Blankenship (Indianapolis, IN) 1972, then to Duane Smith (Milwaukee, WI) 1973 and raced to 1975. Then to Dick St John's car owner, converted into a supermodified and raced in 1975 by Dick St John (Milwaukee, WI). Still in his livery when sold by Mike McComas (Pampa, TX) to Earl Zwickey (Amarillo, TX) 1995. Sold to Kerry Anderson (Auckland, New Zealand) late 2004 or early 2005, and raced by in the F5000 Revival Series from 2006 onwards. More information about Lola T142 SL142/30
  2. LeGrand Mk 7 [001] (Arthur Eatman): New for Bruce Eglinton to race in the SCCA Regional and National at Las Vegas on 24/25 Feb 1968, retiring on the Saturday but winning on the Sunday. Then sold to Don Richardson (New Orleans, LA) who entered it for Bill Fuller to drive at the opening Pro race at Continental Divide 26 May 1968, but it was very slow and failed to start after the engine blew. Its only known race was when Richardson won an SCCA National at Galveston Airport 7 July 1968, but it was also on the entry list at R8 Laguna Seca 12 October 1968). Advertised by Richardson on 14 Dec 1968 as "1250 lbs of rotting hell", complete with a Chevy running on Webers and Hewland LG500 . There is no sign of the car in 1969 but Richardson advertised it again on 6 Jun 1970. Sold to Art Eatman (Austin, TX) and raced in the SCCA SW Division in 1971, winning the FA class, but he failed to start the Runoffs at Road Atlanta 27 Nov 1971. Art sold the car to Karl Patton (Austin, TX) who planned to add a wing to the nose and use it for autocross. Almost certainly this car advertised by John Anderson (Austin, TX) 5 May 1973. The engine details mention in the advert ('Crane heads, Isky roller') matches that of Art Eatman when he advertised the Richardson car from the same city a year before. Anderson bought the car with L Nelson Spohnheimer (Plano, TX) and they updated it to current SCCA rules, for example with a taller rollhoop, and then used it in Autocross in the Austin area. Spohnheimer drove it for his competition license at Dallas Motor Speedway, before buying Anderson's share during 1973. Nelson Spohnheimer recalls that he towed the car to Fort Lauderdale, FL in early 1974 when he moved from Texas to Florida, and ran it there briefly. About a year later he swapped it for a 1968 Corvette Tri-Power convertible to Bob Moulton (Largo, FL) who ran it on and off until 1976 or 1977. During his ownership, he was able to vouch for the chassis flex and "barely adequate brakes". He offered Don Kearney, a highly successful C Production driver, a run in the car, and Kearney responded that he "wouldn't get out of the electric chair to drive that car". Moulton later stripped it of its Bartz engine and LG500 gearbox and hoisted the chassis onto the wall of Dale Kreider's workshop in St Petersberg. In 2010, Moulton commented that he sold the complete car "a number of years ago". Subsequent history unknown.


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