SCCA Formula A 1966

At the Runoffs, the Formula A cars competed in the same race as the Formula Bs and this did not reflect well on the 'top' class. The 1600cc Ford twin-cam powered Brabhams and LeGrands were far quicker and the leading Formula A runner, Harry McIntosh's newly-acquired 1500cc ex-Formula 1 Brabham-Climax V8 finished two laps down in eighth. The only US-built contender was Bub Ehrlich's Grizzly Torque Spl in fourth spot. Further back - embarrassingly so - were Ed Mackey's seven-year-old Cooper, John Timanus in a Lotus 18 of similar vintage and Dee Singleton in an Oldsmobile-powered Lotus 24. Timanus would become chief of rules enforcement for Cal Club, then Chief Technical Inspector, then Technical Administrator for the SCCA in 1969, and combined that job wiith the role of Assistant Director of Pro Racing from early 1975.

Also present was North East Division Champion Fred Opert in a Brabham of unknown specification and vintage, having won the Division in a Lotus 32. Both he and North East colleague Bill Watkins in his regular Lotus 22 were disqualified.

National or Pro Formula SCCA races in 1966

24 Apr 1966 > Stardust Formula race at Stardust International

15 May 1966 > Colorado Grand Prix at Continental Divide

17 Jul 1966 > Grand Primo de Juarez at Juárez

27 Nov 1966 > American Road Race of Champions (F/SCCA class) at Riverside

Formula A runners at the American Road Race of Champions

8. (1) Harry McIntosh Brabham [BT7] - Climax V8
11. (2) Ed Mackey Cooper [T51] - Alfa Romeo
14. (3) John Timanus Lotus 18
18. (4) Bub Ehrlich Grizzly Torque - Ford
R (5) Dee Singleton Lotus [24] - Oldsmobile
DSQ   Fred Opert Brabham [BT18] - Cosworth SCC
DSQ   Bill Watkins Lotus 22