SCCA Formula A 1967

The SCCA organised a 'Continental Championship' for Formula SCCA in 1967, but nearly all the serious competitors used Formula B cars. The Formula A runners rarely appeared at more than one race. Among the more interest were Harry McIntosh with his ex-Formula 1 1.5-litre Brabham BT7, Ed Marshall with a 2.5-litre Lotus 35, Jack Eiteljorg with a 2.7-litre Brabham BT11, Al Pease with the ex-F1 2.7-litre Eagle, Tom Jones with a Cooper T82 with 2-litre Climax FWMV V8 engine, Walt Mathewson in an old Cooper 'T51' with 2.5-litre Ferrari engine, Dennis Suter with the rear-engined Scarab and Clint Cavin with a Cooper T53 with a 3-litre Chevrolet engine.

Continental Championship races

14 May 1967 > Colorado Grand Prix at Continental Divide

20 May 1967 > Bridgehampton Continental Race

25 Jun 1967 > War Bonnet Continental Race

17 Sep 1967 > St Jovite Grand Prix at Mont-Tremblant

01 Oct 1967 > Lake Tahoe Continental Race

Eiteljorg and Cavin were among the five Formula A drivers to attend the Runoffs in November.