Canadian Eastern Zone Formula Championship Round

Mont-Tremblant, 21 Jul 1968

1 Bill Brack Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam
#85 Hot Wheels Racing
20 39m 01.2s
2 Peter W. Broeker Stebro "Interim" [Mk 4] - Ford twin cam
#21 C.A.R.T. Ltd Stebro Racing
20 39m 29.8s
3 Bruce Cargill Lotus 51 - Ford
#269 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
19 40m 05.0s
4 Marcus Mussa Lotus 51 - Ford
#52 Marcus T. Mussa
5 William Pickthorne Lotus 51 - Ford
#73 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc (entered in Lotus 20)
6 Fritz Hochreuter Kelly
#92 Knob Hill BP Service Station
19 40m 51.2s
7 Hugh Cree (FF) 1.6-litre Lotus 51 - Ford
8 Wayne Kelly (FV) 1.2-litre Kelly
#81 Kelly Racing Cars
18 39m 17.5s
9 Hans Krusemer (FV) 1.2-litre H.K. Vee
#217 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
10 Norbert Schultz (FV) 1.2-litre NS Vee
#61 Lafontaine Automobiles
11 André Leclaire (FC) 1.1-litre Moleba - Ford
#212 Ecurie Moleba (entered as 1100cc)
12 John Jachtschute Kelly 1968 - Porsche
#110 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
13 J Duval (FC) Manic-Grac
14 Claude Marcil (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
#869 Claude Marcil Auto Body
15 Charlie Laugesen Conrero - Ford twin cam
#159 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
17 40m 13.4s
16 Serge Bisaillon (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
#41 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
17 40m 37.4s
17 Louis Szick (FV) 1.2-litre Autodynamics FV
#19 Indusmat Inc.
18 Brian Robertson McLaren M4B - Ford twin cam
#35 Indusmat Inc. (see note 1)
16 39m 02.7s
19 Bob Campbell (FV) 1.2-litre Campbell 1968 FV
#179 Campbells - Supertest
16 39m 13.0s
20 Brian McDonald Lotus 51 - Ford
#68 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc
14 39m 42.4s
21 Jacques Orsali (FV) 1.2-litre Autodynamics FV
#141 Knob Hill BP Service Station
10 39m 38.0s
22 Bruce Philips 11 Porsche
#221 Indusmat Inc.
did not finish
23 Jacques Couture Crosslé 12F [C12F/67/34] - Ford twin cam
#10 European Auto Parts Ltd
did not finish
24 Don Merriman Lotus 51 - Ford
did not finish
  Rejean Proulx (FJ) Elva
#134 Montreal Diesel Fuel Pumps Inc (entered as 1050cc)
On entry list

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. McLaren M4B (Brian Robertson): Brian Robertson (Brockville, Ontario) bought a McLaren M4A for 1968 and raced it in both the US SCCA Pro series and in local Canadian races, generally as #35 and with support from Indusmat Inc. He reappeared with the car in July and August 1969 before replacing it with a new Brabham BT29. To Kris Harrison (Montréal, Quebec) for a handful of events in September 1970 at Trois-Rivières and Mont-Tremblant. Harrison would later found Ecurie Canada, the team that launched Gilles Villeneuve's career. Subsequent history of the McLaren unknown


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