USRRC support race for FB and FV

Mont-Tremblant, 2 Jun 1968

1 Steve Brownstein Brabham BT16 [F2-1-65] - Ford twin cam
#2 S. Brownstein (see note 1)

2 André Leclaire Moleba
#212 Ecurie Moleba

3 Bill Brack Lotus 41C - Ford twin cam
#85 Hot Wheels

4 William Pickthorne Lotus 20 - Ford twin cam
#73 W. Pickthorne

5 Marcus Mussa Lotus 51 - Ford
#52 M. Mussa

6 Wayne Kelly (FV) 1.2-litre Kelly
#81 Kelly Racing

7 Norbert Schultz (FV) 1.2-litre NS Vee
#61 Lafontaine Auto

8 Hans Krusemer (FV) 1.2-litre H.K. Vee
#217 Mont Diesel Fuel

9 R Bauerle (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
#461 R.O. Bauerle

10 Gary Magwood (FV) 1.2-litre Kelly
#27 Cdn. Aut. Rac. Team

11 Louis Szick (FV) 1.2-litre Autodynamics FV
#119 Indusmat Inc.

12 Bruce Philips (libre) Porsche
#22 B. Philips

13 Brian Robertson McLaren M4B - Ford twin cam
#4 B. Robertson (see note 2)

14 J Rendall (FV) 1.2-litre Kelly
#774 S. Rendell

R Claude Marcil (FV) 1.2-litre unknown
#869 C. Maroil Auto Body

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT16 [F2-1-65] (Steve Brownstein): Driven by Alan Rees for Roy Winkelmann Racing in 1965. Presumably Rees raced the same car all season. Bought in 1966 from Winkelmann by Bob Fuller (Connecticut), fitted with a Cosworth Mk 12 and raced in FB in 1967. To Steve Brownstein (New York) for 1968 and raced again in FB with the Mk 12. Then traded to Fred Opert for a new Chevron. To Bruce Jensen and raced in Canadian FB in 1969 and then to Bill Pickthorne (Ottawa, Ontario) who raced it in 1970 and at the beginning of 1971. It was then stored for 18 years until bought by Murray Wivell (Brantford, Ontario) in October 1989. Restored and used in US vintage racing for ten seasons, initially with the Ford twin cam engine and then with a Cosworth SCA for the last two seasons. Sold to Ivan Scotti (Zurich, Switzerland) November 2004. This is presumably the ex-Alan Rees BT16 run at the 2013 Solitude Revival by Bruno Weibel of Schaffner Racing.
  2. McLaren M4B (Brian Robertson): Brian Robertson (Brockville, Ontario) bought a McLaren M4A for 1968 and raced it in both the US SCCA Pro series and in local Canadian races, generally as #35 and with support from Indusmat Inc. He reappeared with the car in July and August 1969 before replacing it with a new Brabham BT29. To Kris Harrison (Montréal, Quebec) for a handful of events in September 1970 at Trois-Rivières and Mont-Tremblant. Harrison would later found Ecurie Canada, the team that launched Gilles Villeneuve's career. Subsequent history of the McLaren unknown


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Individual sources for this event

Full results from Marcus Mussa.