SCCA National (Cincinnati Region)

Mid-Ohio, 21 Jul 1968

1 Jerry Hansen (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 [SL140/8] - Chevrolet V8
#34 (see note 1)
24 41m 38.6s
82.99 mph
2 Martin Sellers McLaren M4B [200-26B?] - Ford twin cam
#30 (see note 2)
24 1st in FB
3 Bob Welch Brabham BT21C - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#23 (see note 3)
2nd in FB
4 Mike Campbell (FC) 1.1-litre Forsgrini Mk 10 - Ford Lucas pushrod
1st in FC
5 Thomas Richmond Lotus 22/31 - Ford twin cam
#2 (see note 4)

6 Harry Reynolds (FC) 1-litre Brabham BT15 - Ford Cosworth MAE
#27 (see note 5)

7 John Marshall (FC) 1.1-litre Lotus 20 - Ford

8 Allen Treuhaft (FC) 1-litre Brabham BT10 [F2-5-64] - Ford Cosworth SCA
#77 (see note 6)

9 Reg Howell Lotus

10 Thomas C. Jones (FA) 2-litre Cooper T82 [F2-2-66] - Climax FWMV V8
(see note 7)

R Dick Leppla (FC) 1-litre Brabham BT15 - Ford Cosworth MAE
#14 (see note 8)
R Peter W Nye (FC) 1.1-litre Brabham BT15
R Thomas J Monarch (FC) Varmint
R Gene Forsthofel Lotus 51 - Ford
R Bud Ladd Lotus 51 - Ford
R Bob Clemens (FC) 1.1-litre Rassey - Ford
R Chuck Dietrich McLaren M4B [200-27B] - Ford twin cam
#31 (see note 9)
DNS Edwin Cromwell (FC) 1.1-litre Lotus 20 - Alfa Romeo
Did not start
DNS John R Babchek Cooper T76 [T75 F2-4-65] - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#91 (see note 10)
Did not start

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T140 [SL140/8] (Jerry Hansen): New to Jerry Hansen for the 1968 US series, then to John Mahler (Bettendorf, IA) for the 1969 series. Subsequent history unknown but believed to be the car acquired by Wayne "Bing" Sherer (Buffalo, NY) in 1972 and raced in SCCA Nationals. To Phil "Butch" Hollenbeck for 1973, then to Art Cross (Auburn, NY) who ran it in to Florida for several years. Via Owen Starr, Lou Pavesi and Rick McLean to Mark Rincon (Redding, CA) and Hal Williams by 1994, for historic racing. Later sold to Richard Cross, then via Rincon to John Bryant (Adelaide, Australia) at the Monterey Historics in August 2007 and imported into Australia. Crashed at Philip Island March 2008, but rebuilt and raced in the 2011/12 Tasman Revival series. More information about Lola T140 SL140/8
  2. McLaren M4B [200-26B?] (Martin Sellers): Sold to Martin Sellers (Columbus, OH) for Formula B in 1968. The sale was arranged by Chuck Dietrich (Sandusky, OH) who had run a M4A in 1967 and was now buying a new car for himself as well. Dietrich and Sellers ran together as a team in 1968. Retained by Sellers for 1969 but he had engine troubles through that season and after that only raced the car rarely. In the 1990s, he brought the car out again for historic racing and ran at Sears Point with the SCCA in 1997. More recently a member of the CSRG. Chassis 200-26 is a very rare 1960s racing car that has only had one owner from new.
  3. Brabham BT21C (Bob Welch): Bob Welch (Alexandria, VA) raced a black #23 Brabham BT21C in 1968, racing in Washington DC Region Regionals, scoring 15 pts in NEDiv FB and also appearing at the Lime Rock Pro FB race in Sep 1968. The car was described as "brand new" at the Marlboro Regional on 26 May 1968. He advertised the car in CP&A 28 Dec 1968. As Welch ordered a Brabham BT29 for 1969, this is likely to be the #23 car entered by Fred Opert for himself to drive early in 1969 as the BT29s were late. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Lotus 22/31 (Thomas Richmond): Thomas G. Richmond finished third in CenDiv FB in 1968 in a Lotus. In May 1970 he advertised his car as a Lotus 22/31, noting that it didn't race during 1969.
  5. Brabham BT15 (Harry Reynolds): Harry Reynolds (Pottstown, PA) drove a FC Brabham in 1968 which was identified in the Lime Rock 7 Jul 1968 results sheet as a BT15 and in the Mid-Ohio 21 Jul 1968 results sheet as having a MAE engine. Reynolds told Candian researcher Rupert Lloyd Thomas that it came from Fred Opert and was virtually new. He believed it may have been driven by Bobby Brown at some point and may originally have been bought for Ford of France. He recalls the chassis number as "3". The car went from Reynolds to Randy Neiman (Pottstown, PA), who converted it to Formula Ford. Neiman drove it in a Regional at Cumberland in July 1971. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Brabham BT10 [F2-5-64] (Allen Treuhaft): Bought by Frenchman Jacques Maglia for F2 in 1964 but Maglia did not like the car and in September, he swapped it for David Prophet's Lotus 32. Prophet had also bought a BT10 so kept F2-5-64 as a rental car; it was driven by Syd Fox at Snetteron in late September and then by Bill Bradley, Bruno Deserti and Peter Sutcliffe in F2 in 1965. Raced again by Bradley in early 1966, but last seen in F2 in July 1966. Sold via Fred Opert to Eva H Kirk (Toledo, Ohio), and raced for her by Allen Treuhaft (Toledo, Ohio) in Central Division Formula C from 1967 to 1969, still using its SCA engine. Treuhaft recalls that the car was bought late 1966 or early 1967 from Opert to replace a Cooper that had become obsolete since the arrival of the ex-F2 SCA engines. Treuhaft ran the car in Opert's colours of yellow with a wide blue stripe. When raced by Treuhaft, the car was fitted with one of two special Cosworth SCA engines built for Team Lotus with Lucas fuel injection. History then unknown until 1972 when its SCCA Log Book shows that it was sold by Harry C. Kahn to F. Nelson Petrey and raced at Lime Rock, Bryar and Watkins Glen. It was later purchased from the Franklin Institute (Philadelphia Transportation museum) by Ian Carpenter who sold it to Rafael Costa. The car was maintained by David Irwin (Evergreen, CO) for Costa but at the time believed to be a BT16. Later acquired by Irwin. Sold to Mark Shillingburg (Evergreen, CO) late 2007.
  7. Cooper T82 [F2-2-66] (Thomas C. Jones): To Jo Bonnier Racing and fitted with a BRM P80 engine for Jo Siffert to race in F2 in 1966; then entered by Ecurie Suisse for Bonnier himself, plus several guest drivers. The car then returned to the factory where it was rebuilt with a 2-litre Coventry Climax FWMV V8 engine and sold to Tom Jones (Eastlake, OH) for use in SCCA Formula A. Jones also secured an entry for the 1967 Canadian GP in this car but was unable to qualify. He was fourth in the SCCA Run-Offs in 1967 and continued to run the car in FA in 1968, then as a FB with a Ford twin cam in 1969. "G. Brown" raced a Cooper T82 in a support race at the Canadian GP in September 1968; presumably this car. It is reported that it was then sold to Rick Kohler (Ohio), presumably the Rick Kohler (Canton, OH) who raced very successfully in FV in Central Division in the mid-1960s, and that he ran it in FB with a BMW engine. Later located in Ft Lauderdale, FL by Paul Busby (Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire) who returned it to the UK and restored it to 1966 specification. Raced by Busby in HSCC Classic Racing Cars Championship events in 2002.
  8. Brabham BT15 (Dick Leppla): Dick Leppla (Gates Mills, OH) raced a Brabham BT15 with Cosworth MAE engine in Central Division Formula C in 1968. He raced as either #14 or #44 so this would be the same car driven by Dave Dours (Hudson, OH) at Mid-Ohio in September. Leppla (then Cleveland Heights, OH) advertised the car in CP&A 7 Dec 1968 as a Brabham BT15 with rebuilt MAE engine and Hewland Mark 6 six-speed gearbox. This may be the same car as the "BT16" raced by Dours for Leppla in 1969 and may even be the BT18 raced by Leppla in late 1970.
  9. McLaren M4B [200-27B] (Chuck Dietrich): For Chuck Dietrich (Sandusky, OH) in Formula B in 1968, replacing the similar 200-10B that he had raced in 1967. Subsequent history unknown until bought from Joe Zuniga (St. Paul, Minnesota) by James Harayda (Bloomington, Minnesota) in April 1978 as a FB car. Harayda raced it in FB in 1978 then converted it to FC for 1979. Traded to Scott Livingston (St Louis, MO) in 1980 then on to Jon Rhodes (Webster Grove, MO) 1981 who converted it to CSR with an Alfa engine and qualified for the Run-Offs in 1982. Sold to Scott Holman (Frederick, MD) July 1983 and continued in CSR until 1989 when sold to Henry Alexander and Wes McNay. Rebuilt with a new Marc Bahner tub which was modelled on Jim Brown's 1967 monocoque. Restored to Formula B specification and sold to Harry Mathews (Arvada, CO) March 1996 for his Mathews Collection of McLarens. Sold to Shigeru Motohashi (Japan) 2004 and raced in the Japanese Interclub Historic Car event at Tsukuba in 2009.
  10. Cooper T76 [T75 F2-4-65] (John R Babchek): New to Tyrrell Racing Organisation for John Surtees to race in F2 in 1965. Raced later in the season by Bob Bondurant and Chris Amon. To Reg Howell (Dayton, OH) May 1966 to be used in SCCA racing. Sold to Dick Leppla (Cleveland Hgts, OH), fitted with a Cosworth twin cam and Colotti T46 5-speed gearbox and entered in Formula B events for David Dours (Hudson, OH) in 1967, but described by them as a T76. It was one of the quickest FB cars in the east of the US at the start of 1967 and Dours won at Cumberland in May but it was no match for Chuck Dietrich's brand new McLaren M4A in Central Division. Later fitted with a Vegantune engine and won at Mid-Ohio in September. To John R. Babchek (Romulus, MI) for CenDiv Formula B from 1968 to 1970. He advertised the car in June 1970 as an "ex-Surtees team car" with Vegantune engine, and again in April 1974 when it was just described as a T76 rolling chassis . History unknown until bought by Murray Batson (Australia) in 1979. Then via Bruce Sutton 1981 and Murray Richards (Murrumbeena, Victoria) 1992 to Bob Harborow (Camberwell, Victoria) 1994.


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Individual sources for this event

Competition Press & Autoweek 17 Aug 1968 p22. Results sheet provided by Bryan Miller. [S017]