Loyalty Day Races (Oregon Region SCCA National)

Newport, 5 May 1968

1 Nick Reynolds Brabham BT21C [2?] - Ford twin cam
#88 - (see note 1)
18 1st in FB
2 Tony Boothby (FC) Brabham
#23 -
1st in FC
3 Neil Hansen (FC) 1-litre Brabham "BT14" [BT9 F3-6-64] - Ford
#36 - (see note 2)
2nd in FC
4 Mike Eyerly (FC) Brabham BT18
#26 Mike Chase
3rd in FC
5 David Webster LeGrand Mk 6
2nd in FB
6 Monte Shelton (FC) Lotus 20
#18 Dan Allen
4th in FC
7 Dewey Harless (FC) 1-litre Brabham BT18? - Ford Cosworth SCA
#35 - (see note 3)
5th in FC
8 Wes McNay LeGrand Mk 3B - Ford twin cam
3rd in FB
9 Bob Parker Lotus 41 - Ford twin cam
4th in FB
10 Mike Campbell (FC) 1.1-litre Forsgrini Mk 10 - Ford Lucas pushrod
#21 -
6th in FC
11 Fred Roehr (FC) 1.1-litre Lola Mk5A [BRJ45] - Ford Cosworth Mk XI
#78 -
7th in FC
12 Byron Snow (FC) Lotus 32 [32-F2-6]
#58 (see note 4)
8th in FC
13 Harvey Henneman (FC) Lotus 18
#22 -
9th in FC
14 Ron Brown Brabham BT18 [F2-48-66] - Ford twin cam
#16 - (see note 5)
(not on Provisional Results)
R Ken Thompson (FC) Lotus 20
  Pierre Phillips (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 [SL140/10] - Chevrolet V8
#3 - (see note 6)
On entry list
  Robert J. Schmidt Alexis Mk 6 [HF 602] - Ford twin cam
#12 -
On entry list
  Steve Pfeifer Brabham BT14 [FL-3-65] - Ford twin cam BRM
#34 - (see note 7)
On entry list
  Don Moergeli (FC) Lotus 41
#98 -
On entry list

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT21C [2?] (Nick Reynolds): Nick Reynolds (Sausalito, CA), a musician with folk group "The Kingston Trio", bought a new Brabham BT21C for 1968 which he used in SCCA Nationals, finishing second in NorPac Division and fifth at the ARRC. He sold the car to Dr William T Monson (Kent, WA) for 1969, and Monson went one better, taking the red BT21C to the SCCA Northern Pacific Division title and placing well in the 'Pro' series when it visited his home town. It was then sold to Gary Gove (Tacoma, WA) who raced it locally in 1970 and 1971. Gary cannot recall who he sold it to but recalls that it was an early car, either BT21C/2 or BT21C/3.
  2. Brabham "BT14" [BT9 F3-6-64] (Neil Hansen): Identified by the Formula 1 Register as the car raced by Patrick Dal Bo in 1964 and by Jean Sage briefly at the end of 1965. Then sold back to England via Stephen Conlan and owned by David Wragg (Leeds) in early 1966 then to Malcolm Smith (Clitheroe, Lancashire) later that year. Sold by Smith via Fred Opert to the US, where dealer Pierre Phillips imported it into Portland, OR. He sold it to Win Casey, also of Portland, who raced it in ICSCC and SCCA FC in 1967 with a MAE engine. Then to another Portland driver, Neil Hansen, for NorPac FC in 1968 when it was described as a BT14. It was later owned by Chuck Grauel (Kansas City, KS) and raced in MWDiv Formula C in 1970 and 1971, then via midget racer Frank Dickerson (Wichita, KS), John Stokes and others to Jerry Strickfaden (Los Alamos, NM) 1987, during which time it was regarded as a BT15. Researched by Jerry Strickfaden and identified as a BT9. To Wayne Mitchell 1988. To Robs Lamplough (Hungerford, Berkshire) 2011.
  3. Brabham BT18? (Dewey Harless): Dewey Harless (Portland, OR) ran a Formula C Brabham with great success in SCCA and ICSCC racing in the Pacific northwest from late 1966 onwards, but it is only in mid-1968 that it was identified as a Brabham BT18 with Cosworth SCA engine. His first appearance with the car was at the November 1966 SCCA Run-Offs where The Wheel described it as a Brabham with Cosworth sohc engine, that had been purchased for the Run-Offs. The Cosworth sohc engine would be a Cosworth SCA, so it looks like this was the first appearance of his BT18. However, it is possible that he had an older SCA Brabham in late 1966 - for example a BT10 or BT16 - and progressed to the BT18 in 1967 or 1968. Harless bought Fred Opert's BT21B with SCC engine for 1969 and the subsequent history of the BT18 is unknown.
  4. Lotus 32 [32-F2-6] (Byron Snow): New to David Prophet to race in F2 in 1964. Also raced by Piers Courage at Phoenix Park in July and by other hire drivers later in the season after Prophet bought a Brabham BT10. To Jacques Maglia for F2 in 1965. Maglia advertised the car from a Norfolk address in January 1967, complete with SCA engine, and it was bought by Robs Lamplough, who advertised it later than month as a 32/35 less engine and gearbox. Sold - possibly via Bob Winkelmann - to Byron Snow (San Jose, CA) and used by him in Formula B in 1968, 1969 and 1970. It later went to Darrell Selby, possibly via one other owner, and then to William Olsen II (Novato CA), both of whom used it in Formula C. Olsen sold the car to Bob Bentler (Seattle, WA).
  5. Brabham BT18 [F2-48-66] (Ron Brown): The early history of this car is unknown but its chassis number, recorded in paperwork still owned by Ron Brown, suggests it would have been built very late in 1966, probably after the end of the regular SCCA season. Its first known race was at Mont-Tremblant 17 Sep 1967 where it was driven by well-known west coast racing car dealer Pierre Phillips (Portland, OR). In the summer of 1968, Ron Brown (Portland, OR) bought a Brabham BT18 from Phillips and is sure this would have been his Mont-Tremblant car. Brown shared the drive with Gerry Bruihl (Sausalito, CA) in 1968 and 1969 and ran the car from Bruihl's Competition Motors, a sports car repair shop in NW Portland. In 1970, Brown shared the drive with Russ Harness (also Portland, OR) but then sold the Brabham to John Ransom (also Portland, OR) who Ron believes sold it to someone in Vancouver.
  6. Lola T140 [SL140/10] (Pierre Phillips): New to Pierre Phillips (Portland, OR) for Formuila A in the Pacific Northwest in 1968, then taken to New Zealand for one race in December 1968. Unknown in 1969, but sold by Phillips to Denny Erickson's Repco Northwest Competition Motors (Spokane, WA) for 1970. Sold to Tom Kagi (Spokane WA) in 1971, but its subsequent history is unknown. Reappeared with Dr Grant Hill (Okotoks, Alberta) in 1988, then to ex-F5000 driver Lou Pavesi (Los Altos, CA) in 1989 or 1990. To Bill Blake (San Carlos, CA) and Bruce Sevier (Sacramento, CA) late 2004, and restored for historic events.
  7. Brabham BT14 [FL-3-65] (Steve Pfeifer): This BT14 was bought new by John Mitchell and raced in northern English libre racing in 1965 and 1966. It was missing for most of 1967, but was sold late that year to Steve Pfeiffer (San Francisco, CA) and equipped with a BRM Phase 4 twin-cam for 1968 Formula B racing, now described as a BT21. It was sold to Bruce Redding (Monterey, CA) for 1969 but crashed early in the season and extensively rebuilt. Redding thereafter entered it in 1969 and 1970 as a Ford Special, Gravelle Special or even as a Honda Special. It was later sold to Steve Jizmagian (San Francisco, CA) in early 1971 and crashed again, then to Tom Gouldstone (Santa Rosa, CA/Napa, CA) in November 1972 and crashed again - each time at Laguna Seca. By 1975, Gouldstone was describing it as a BT18/21. It was sold to Dick McGovern in 1978. It was retained by McGovern until 1994 when sold to George Goodare (Sydney, NSW, Australia) and restored. Later to Brian Wilson in September 2000 then to John Gale in November 2001. Sold to Richard Longes late 2008 and raced in 2009 Tasman Revival races.


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Full results sheet (Race II, All Open Wheel Except Formula Vee, 18 laps). Entry list provided by Richard Page of the Formula One Register .