Caithness Car Club Hill Climb

Rumster, 30 May 1971

1 Ted Dzierzek 1.6-litre Lola T55 [SL64/1] - Ford twin cam
(see note 1)
30.70s 1st in Class 2 (Over 1300cc racing cars)
2 Andrew Smith 2-litre Cooper FJ Mk III 'T59' - Climax FPF 4
32.04s Class 2 (Over 1300cc racing cars)
3 Iain McLaren (1300cc racing car) 1-litre Chevron B15 [F3-69-10] - Ford
(see note 2)
32.25s 1st in Class 1 (1300cc and FF racing cars)
4 Andrew C. Goodfellow (libre) 4.7-litre Cooper - Chevrolet V8
32.65s Class 2 (Over 1300cc racing cars)
5 John Fyda (1.0 Spec Saloon) 1-litre Hillman Imp - Imp Agra
32.80s 1st in Class 8 (1000cc Special Saloons)
6 Ricky Gauld (1.3 Spec Saloon) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
32.96s 1st in Class 9 (1000cc-1300cc Special Saloons)
7 Bob Smith (Special Saloon) 1.33-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
33.30s 1st in Class 10 (Over 1300cc Special Saloons)
8 Ian Smillie 1.6-litre Lotus 22/31 [22-TC-75] - Ford twin cam
33.70s Class 2 (Over 1300cc racing cars)
9 Jim Dryden (1.3 Spec Saloon) 1.3-litre Mini Cooper S - BMC
33.80s Class 9 (1000cc-1300cc Special Saloons)
10 Barrogill Angus (1.0 Spec Saloon) 1-litre Singer Chamois
33.33s Class 8 (1000cc Special Saloons)
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T55 [SL64/1] (Ted Dzierzek): New to Midland Racing Partnership for Bill Bradley to drive in F2 in 1964. Driven later in the season for MRP by Richie Ginther, Tony Maggs and Dickie Attwood, the latter finishing second at Albi in September. Retained by MRP for 1965 and raced by, amongst others, Chris Amon and Paul Hawkins. Sold to Bill Jones for Phillip Robinson to drive in F2 and in libre in 1966. Then to Tony Charnell (Dumfries, Scotland) for 1967 and fitted with a 1.6-litre Ford twin-cam for libre racing, mainly at Ingliston but sometimes venturing south to Croft and even Silverstone. Retained for 1968 and 1969 and then sold to Iain McLaren (Broxburn, Scotland) for Scottish sprints and hillclimbs. Then to Ted Dzierzek (Edinburgh, Scotland) for Scottish hill climbs in 1971, still with its twin cam engine. Subsequent history unknown but possibly the T55 twin cam hillclimbed by Peter Stahl (Ascot, Berkshire) in 1972.
  2. Chevron B15 [F3-69-10] (Iain McLaren): New to Natalie Goodwin's Goodwin Racing for Cyd Williams to race in European F3 from June 1969 onwards, replacing the team's well-used Brabham BT21B. Retained for early 1970 when it was raced by Williams and Ian Ashley, then sold to dealer Bobby Howlings. To Iain McLaren (Broxburn, Scotland) for 1971 and raced in Scottish hillclimbs in the 1300cc single seater class. To Kenny Allen and continued in Scottish hillclimbs in 1972 and 1973. Unknown after 1973 until advertised by Bobby Howlings' Cheshire Sports Cars Ltd as a rolling chassis in July 1975. The car was bought from Howlings by Simon Price (Shrewsbury), who kept it, unused, for 20 years until selling it to George Jack in June 1996. The car still had its 1000cc F3 engine and Hewland gearbox and Jack completely rebuilt the car. Jack then relocated to New Zealand in January 1988, taking the car with him, and won his class in the 1998/99 Thoroughbred & Classic Car Owners Club (TACCOC ) historic championship. He later fitted a 1500cc pre crossflow Ford engine, and then a Formula B Lotus twin cam and Hewland Mk 5.


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