Scottish Hill Climb Championship round

Doune, 24 Apr 1977

1 Norrie Galbraith (clubmans) Mallock U2 Mk 8/16
48.65s 1st in class
2 Jim Campbell 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [44] - Ford BDA
John Young (see note 1)
49.45s 1st in class
3 Tom MacMillan Mallock
4 Barrogill Angus (Special Saloon) 1-litre Hillman Imp - Imp
52.86s 1st in class
5 Jimmy Jack (Special Saloon) 1-litre Hillman Imp - Imp
Jack Crane Hire
6 Les Jones 1-litre Cymru Vixen - Imp
53.99s 1st in class
7 Jim Sword Jasag
8 Walter Robertson Ford Escort
54.91s 1st in class
9 Ricky Gauld (Special Saloon) 1-litre Sunbeam Stiletto
10 Colin Richardson (Special Saloon) 1-litre Hillman Imp - Imp
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT35 [44] (Jim Campbell): Husband-and-wife hillclimbers Gray and Agnes Mickel (Glasgow, Scotland) bought a new Brabham BT35 for hillclimbs in 1972. It was fitted with a Hart twin-cam and first appeared at the Kinkell Braes hill climb in March 1972. Retained by the Mickels for 1973 and used in British and Scottish championship hillclimbs, acquiring a Hart BDA engine some time during that year. The car was advertised by the Mickels in November 1973 and was bought by Jim Campbell (Bothwell, Scotland) 1974 who raced it until 1978. It was then used by Chris Dowson (Pershore, Worcestershire) in hillclimbs in 1979 and 1980. Fred Edwards (Warboys, Cambridgeshire) bought it in 1985 and used it in Monoposto and HSCC events until 1991 but it was then unused until bought by David Irwin (Evergreen, Colorado) in 2001. Irwin still had it in 2004. It was restored by J&L restorations and had moved to Don Roose (Bainbridge Island, Washington) by 2005. Advertised by Roose in 2007. Sold to Allen Nicholas (California) in December 2009 and used in west coast historic events. Sold by Nicholas to Peter McLaughlin (New Hampshire) in December 2014 but not raced. Sold to David Smoker (South Australia) in April 2016.


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