Powerslide Magazine

Formula Magazine Vol 1 No 1Powerslide gave the best coverage of Swiss national racing during the late 1960s and through the 1970s. It started at the beginning of 1963 and ran through to June 1975 when it changed its name to Motorsport Aktuell. Its editor for much of this period was Dieter Stappert, who moved to BMW in 1977, becoming Competitions Director and leading the F1 program that culminated in Nelson Piquet's world championship in a Brabham-BMW in 1983. One of the magazine's writers was Rico Steinemann who finished second at Le Mans in 1968.

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Edition Comment
January 1969NEEDED
February 1969NEEDED
March 1969NEEDED
April 1969NEEDED
May 1969NEEDED
June 1969 AB
July 1969AB
August 1969NEEDED
September 1969AB
October 1969AB
November 1969AB
December 1969NEEDED
January 1970AB
February 1970AB
March 1970AB
April 1970AB
May 1970AB
June 1970AB
July 1970AB
August 1970AB
September 1970AB
October 1970AB
November 1970AB
December 1970AB
January 1971AB
February 1971NEEDED
March 1971AB
April 1971AB
May 1971AB
June 1971AB
July 1971AB
August 1971AB
September 1971NEEDED
October 1971AB
November 1971NEEDED
December 1971AB
January 1972NEEDED
February 1972AB
March 1972AB
April 1972AB
May 1972AB
June 1972AB
July 1972AB
August 1972AB
September 1972AB
October 1972AB
November 1972AB
December 1972AB
January 1973AB
February 1973NEEDED
March 1973NEEDED
April 1973AB
May 1973AB
June 1973AB
July 1973NEEDED
August 1973NEEDED
September 1973NEEDED
October 1973NEEDED
November 1973NEEDED
December 1973NEEDED
January 1974NEEDED
February 1974NEEDED
March 1974NEEDED
April 1974NEEDED
May 1974NEEDED
June 1974NEEDED
July 1974NEEDED
August 1974NEEDED
September 1974NEEDED
October 1974NEEDED
November 1974NEEDED
December 1974NEEDED
January 1975NEEDED
February 1975NEEDED
March 1975NEEDED
April 1975NEEDED
May 1975NEEDED
Motorsport Aktuell
June 1975NEEDED
July 1975NEEDED
August 1975NEEDED
September 1975NEEDED
October 1975NEEDED
November 1975NEEDED
December 1975NEEDED
January 1976NEEDED
February 1976NEEDED
March 1976NEEDED
April 1976NEEDED
May 1976NEEDED
June 1976NEEDED


AB - acquired by Allen Brown on eBay

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