Racing Car News

Australia's leading motor racing publication for many years, Racing Car News contained results, local news and adverts and is proving an excellent source of racing car histories in that period. Can you help our collection?

Contact Allen if you can help.

January 1967DM
February 1967NEEDED
March 1967DM
April 1967DM
May 1967DM
June 1967DM
July 1967DM
August 1967DM
September 1967DM
October 1967DM
November 1967DM
December 1967DM
January 1968 DM, AG
February 1968DM
March 1968 DM, AG
April 1968 LP
May 1968LP
June 1968DM
July 1968AG
August 1968LP
September 1968LP
October 1968AG
November 1968LP
December 1968DM
January 1969DM
February 1969 NEEDED (LP)
March 1969AG
April 1969AG
May 1969NEEDED (LP)
June 1969NEEDED (LP)
July 1969DM
August 1969AG
September 1969NEEDED (LP)
October 1969DM
November 1969NEEDED (LP)
December 1969AG
January 1970 DP
February 1970 DM, DP
March 1970DP
April 1970DP
May 1970DP
June 1970DP
July 1970DM, DP
August 1970DM, DP
September 1970DP
October 1970DM, DP
November 1970DP
December 1970DP
January 1971DP
February 1971DM, DP
March 1971DM, DP
April 1971DP
May 1971DP
June 1971DP
July 1971DP
August 1971DP
September 1971DP
October 1971DP
November 1971DP
December 1971DP
January 1972DP
February 1972DP
March 1972DP
April 1972DP
May 1972DM, DP
June 1972DM, DP
July 1972DP
August 1972DM, DP
September 1972DP
October 1972DM, DP
November 1972DP
December 1972DM, DP
January 1973DP
February 1973DP
March 1973DP
April 1973DP
May 1973DP
June 1973DP
July 1973DP
August 1973DP
September 1973DP
October 1973DP
November 1973DP
December 1973DM, DP
January 1974DP
February 1974DP
March 1974DP
April 1974DP
May 1974DP
June 1974DP
July 1974DP
August 1974DP
September 1974DP
October 1974DP
November 1974DP
December 1974DP
January 1975DP
February 1975DP
March 1975 AG, DP
April 1975DP
May 1975AG, DP
June 1975DP
July 1975DP
August 1975DP
September 1975DP
October 1975AG, DP
November 1975AG, DP
December 1975DP
January 1976AG
February 1976AG
March 1976 DM, AG
April 1976DM
May 1976DM
June 1976DM
July 1976DM
August 1976AG
September 1976NEEDED (LP)
October 1976DM
November 1976 DM, AG
December 1976DM
January 1977 DM, AG
February 1977 DM, AG
March 1977DM
April 1977DM
May 1977DM
June 1977DM
July 1977DM
August 1977DM
September 1977DM
October 1977DM
November 1977DM
December 1977DM
January 1978DM
February 1978DM
March 1978DM
April 1978NEEDED
May 1978NEEDED
June 1978NEEDED
July 1978NEEDED
August 1978NEEDED
September 1978NEEDED
October 1978NEEDED
November 1978NEEDED
December 1978NEEDED
January 1979DM
February 1979DM
March 1979DM
April 1979DM
May 1979DM
June 1979DM
July 1979DM
August 1979DM
September 1979DM
October 1979DM
November 1979DM
December 1979DM
January 1980NEEDED
February 1980NEEDED
March 1980NEEDED
April 1980NEEDED
May 1980NEEDED
June 1980NEEDED
July 1980NEEDED
August 1980NEEDED
September 1980NEEDED
October 1980NEEDED
November 1980NEEDED
December 1980NEEDED
January 1981NEEDED
February 1981NEEDED
March 1981NEEDED
April 1981NEEDED
May 1981NEEDED
June 1981NEEDED
July 1981NEEDED
August 1981NEEDED
September 1981NEEDED
October 1981NEEDED
November 1981NEEDED
December 1981NEEDED
January 1982NEEDED
February 1982NEEDED
March 1982NEEDED
April 1982NEEDED
May 1982NEEDED
June 1982NEEDED
July 1982NEEDED
August 1982NEEDED
September 1982NEEDED
October 1982NEEDED
November 1982NEEDED
December 1982NEEDED
January 1983NEEDED
February 1983NEEDED
March 1983NEEDED
April 1983NEEDED
May 1983NEEDED
June 1983NEEDED
July 1983NEEDED
August 1983NEEDED
September 1983NEEDED
October 1983NEEDED
November 1983NEEDED
December 1983NEEDED
January 1984NEEDED
February 1984NEEDED
March 1984NEEDED
April 1984NEEDED
May 1984NEEDED
June 1984NEEDED
July 1984NEEDED
August 1984NEEDED
September 1984NEEDED
October 1984NEEDED
November 1984NEEDED
December 1984NEEDED


AG - kindly donated by Andrew Gifford

DM - kindly donated by David McKinney

LP - acquired from Lin Peterson on Ebay September 2019

DP - acquired from David Pfaff on Ebay September 2019

This list was last updated on 22 November, 2020 .