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Sports Car Graphic July 1963 Sports Car Graphic August 1964 Sports Car Graphic November 1964 Sports Car Graphic was published by Petersen Publishing Company (Los Angeles, CA) from 1961 to 1971. John Christy was the first Editor, and Jerry Titus his Technical Editor. Pete Biro contributed excellent articles about racing cars, and Bernard Cahier contributed a European perspective. According to Auto-Archives, the last edition was in June 1971.

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Edition Comment
May 1961NEEDED
June 1961In ORC library
July 1961NEEDED
August 1961NEEDED
September 1961In ORC library
October 1961In ORC library
November 1961In ORC library
December 1961In ORC library
January 1962In ORC library
February 1962NEEDED
March 1962In ORC library
April 1962NEEDED
May 1962In ORC library
June 1962In ORC library
July 1962In ORC library
August 1962NEEDED
September 1962In ORC library
October 1962In ORC library
November 1962In ORC library
December 1962In ORC library
January 1963In ORC library
February 1963NEEDED
March 1963In ORC library
April 1963NEEDED
May 1963In ORC library
June 1963In ORC library
July 1963In ORC library
August 1963In ORC library
September 1963In ORC library
October 1963NEEDED
November 1963NEEDED
December 1963NEEDED
January 1964In ORC library
February 1964NEEDED
March 1964NEEDED
April 1964NEEDED
May 1964In ORC library
June 1964In ORC library
July 1964In ORC library
August 1964In ORC library
September 1964In ORC library
October 1964In ORC library
November 1964In ORC library
December 1964NEEDED
January 1965NEEDED
February 1965NEEDED
March 1965In ORC library
April 1965NEEDED
May 1965NEEDED
June 1965NEEDED
July 1965NEEDED
August 1965NEEDED
September 1965NEEDED
October 1965NEEDED
November 1965NEEDED
December 1965NEEDED
January 1966In ORC library
February 1966NEEDED
March 1966In ORC library
April 1966NEEDED
May 1966NEEDED
June 1966NEEDED
July 1966In ORC library
August 1966NEEDED
September 1966NEEDED
October 1966In ORC library
November 1966In ORC library
December 1966NEEDED
January 1967In ORC library
February 1967In ORC library
March 1967NEEDED
April 1967NEEDED
May 1967NEEDED
June 1967NEEDED
July 1967In ORC library
August 1967NEEDED
September 1967In ORC library
October 1967In ORC library
November 1967In ORC library
December 1967In ORC library
January 1968In ORC library
February 1968NEEDED
March 1968In ORC library
April 1968In ORC library
May 1968In ORC library
June 1968In ORC library
July 1968NEEDED
August 1968NEEDED
September 1968NEEDED
October 1968NEEDED
November 1968NEEDED
December 1968In ORC library
January 1969NEEDED
February 1969NEEDED
March 1969NEEDED
April 1969NEEDED
May 1969NEEDED
June 1969NEEDED
July 1969In ORC library
August 1969NEEDED
September 1969NEEDED
October 1969NEEDED
November 1969NEEDED
December 1969NEEDED
January 1970NEEDED
February 1970NEEDED
March 1970NEEDED
April 1970NEEDED
May 1970NEEDED
June 1970In ORC library
July 1970NEEDED
August 1970NEEDED
September 1970NEEDED
October 1970NEEDED
November 1970NEEDED
December 1970NEEDED
January 1971NEEDED
February 1971NEEDED
March 1971In ORC library
April 1971NEEDED
May 1971NEEDED
June 1971NEEDED

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