Sports Car

Sport Auto No 1 Jan 1962Sport Auto No 1 Jan 1962The national publication of the Sports Car Club or America (SCCA), Sports Car started in 1944 and has continued as a monthly publication without interuption to the current day. Up to the 1960s, the magazine was the essential record of the clubs but from the 1970s onwards it focused more on the SCCA's professional categories and its national initiatives.

Thanks to Sports Car Scan, we have access to all copies up to 1970 and we have also acquired copies from 1977 to 1984 via eBay. Anyone who can help us with the missing years of 1971 to 1974 would be greatly appreciated. Contact Allen if you can help.

Edition Comment
1944 - 1970 Held digitally
1971 Needed
1972 Needed
January to June 1973 Needed
July 1973 ORC
August 1973 ORC
September 1973 ORC
October 1973 ORC
November 1973 ORC
December 1973 ORC
All 1974 editions Needed
All 1975 editions ORC
All 1976 editions Needed
1977 - 1984 ORC


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