Wunstorf Flugplatzrennen

Wunstorf, 13 Aug 1972

1 Bob Wollek (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-14] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#2 Canon Racing Team
30 52m 38.6s
2 Peter Hanson (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-20] - Cosworth FVC Smith
Roger Hire/Charles Ratcliffe (see note 1)
30 52m 45.7s
3 Trevor Twaites (G5) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-2] - Cosworth FVC
Intertech Wheels (see note 2)
30 53m 41.4s
4 Peter Smith (G5) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-3] - Cosworth FVC Richardson
(see note 3)
30 54m 16.6s
5 Peter Humble (G5) 1.8-litre Chevron B19 [71-34] - Cosworth FVC
6 Roland Faude (G5) 2-litre Porsche 907 Spyder [028] - 771 f8
7 Tony Birchenhough (G5) 1.9-litre Lola T212 [HU34B] - Cosworth FVC Richardson
Dorset Food Products
8 Alex Janda (G5) 1.8-litre Lola T212 [SL210/8?] - Cosworth FVC Bonnier
(see note 4)
9 Bill Needham (G6) 1.6-litre Coldwell C14 - Cosworth FVA
10 Manfred Pade (G5) 2-litre Porsche 906 Spyder [127] f6
11 Norbert Dombrowski (G5) 2-litre Porsche 910
R Georg Moritz (G5) 2-litre Behnke Condor [C 008] - Porsche
(listed as "Porsche" by ONS Mitteilungen)

R Walter Lehmann (G5) 1.9-litre Lola T212 [SL212/21] - Cosworth FVC Bonnier
R Kurt Hild (G5) 2-litre Porsche 910 [026]
R Günter Wohlfahrter (G5) 1.3-litre Royale RP6 - Ford BDA
Scuderia Colonia, Köln
R Jörg Zaborowski (G5) 2-litre Chevron B21 [B19 71-03]
R Andrew Fletcher (G5) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-1] - Cosworth FVC Felday
R John Burton (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-12A] - Cosworth FVC B Smith
#1 Canon Racing Team
1 engine
R Heinz Wechsler (G5) 1.6-litre Chevron B19 [71-24] - Cosworth FVA Hart
H. Hundt Duckhams-Oils. Krefeld
(see note 5)

DNA Jean-Pierre Adatte (G5) 1.8-litre Lola T212 - Cosworth FVC
(assumed - one Belgian Lola entered, not of the latest type)
Did not arrive
DNA Keith Grant (G5) 2-litre Chevron B8 - BMW M10
Did not arrive
DNA Ian Harrower (G5) 2-litre Chevron B8 [CH-DBE-51?] - BMW M10
Did not arrive
DNA Peter Richardson (G5) 1.6-litre Daren Mk.2B - Ford BDA
Did not arrive
1 John Burton (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-12A] - Cosworth FVC B Smith 1m 42.7s
2 Peter Smith (G5 2.0) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-3] - Cosworth FVC Richardson 1m 44.5s
3 Andrew Fletcher (G5 2.0) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-1] - Cosworth FVC Felday 1m 45.4s
4 Peter Hanson (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-20] - Cosworth FVC Smith 1m 45.5s
5 Alex Janda (G5 2.0) 1.8-litre Lola T212 [SL210/8?] - Cosworth FVC Bonnier 1m 46.6s
6 Trevor Twaites (G5 2.0) 1.8-litre Chevron B21 [72-2] - Cosworth FVC 1m 48.6s

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B21 [72-20] (Peter Hanson): Bought by Roger Hire for Peter Hanson to drive in European sports car events in 1972, at first with a 2-litre BRM V8 engine, until changing to a normal FVC. Raced in the Springbok series at the end of the year. The car was upgraded to B23 specification for 1973 and joined Roger Hire's new B23 in the Hire International/Scuderia Montjuich team. Raced by both Javier and José Juncadella. This may be the "bitza" Chevron built up for Frank Sytner to drive at the start of the 1974 season. Presumably one of the two "B23s" advertised by Roger Hire in May 1975. Subsequent history unknown.
  2. Chevron B21 [72-2] (Trevor Twaites): This car was sold to Trevor Twaites and raced by him and regular co-driver Brendan McInerney in European events throughout 1972. They continued to drive the Intertech-backed car in early 1973, their last event being the Nürburgring 1000 km in May, It was then acquired by Roy Johnson and Alan Stubbs who were to form Paulenco Racing and driven by José Uriarte at Vila Real in July 1973 and in the Angolan series. It was raced by Chris Skeaping in the Nürburgring 500 km in Sep 1973 and then by Uriarte at Nogaro and the Barcelona 400 km. It was sold to Stewart Chubb for 1974 and driven by Peter Long and others 1974-1975. It is then believed to have been sold to France.
  3. Chevron B21 [72-3] (Peter Smith): Sold new to Peter Smith and raced by him and co-driver David Welpton through 1972 and 1973 primarily in distance events across Europe but also in some short British events. Updated to B23 specification for 1974 and raced by Smith with various co-drivers including Rupert Keegan. Co-drivers in 1975 included John Turner. The car was replaced by the ex-KVG/John Hine Chevron B31 for 1976 and was sold to Ray Petry (Boston, MA) for SCCA racing and then for the new Can-Am series that started in 1977. Ray used an ex-Rondel 1840cc BDE engine that he'd bought from Tony Cicale. Raced in Can-Am 1978 to 1980. Ray later sold the car to dealer Mike Gue of Essex Racing, who sold it to Canada. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Lola T212 [SL210/8?] (Alex Janda): The Lola T210 of Walter Lehmann (Hungen, Hesse, Germany) was identified as chassis 8 when it appeared at the 1970 Spa 500 km. Lehman had been using the car in hillclimbs. Believed to be the car entered by Auto-Lehmann-Racing-Team for Hans Schulze-Schwering (Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) in 1971 and then entered by Hans Schulze Schwering for Alex Janda (Höchberg, Bavaria, Germany) in 1972. In November 1972, it was reported that Janda's "T212" had been sold to a Brazilian for a South American series expected to take place in January 1973.
  5. Chevron B19 [71-24] (Heinz Wechsler): Chassis 71-24 was sold to Harry Hundt, head of Duckhams Oils Germany, who hired Bernd Terbeck to race the car in German national events. Terbeck retired early in 1972 and Hundt then entered it for Heinz Wechsler in 1973 and 1974, mainly in Bergrennen. Hundt then wound up his team but passed the Chevron to Wechsler who continued to race it in 1975 before selling it to Rolf Farber in mid-1976. It then passed to Wilfried Güllert for 1977 then Dieter Josting in 1981 and Claus-Peter Beckhäuser in 1983 when it moved into historic racing. The car passed to Robert Harvey in 2004 and to Peter McLaughlin (Hannover, NH) late 2008. It was for sale with at Grand Prix Classics (La Jolla, CA) in May 2011.


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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 24 Aug 1972 pp34-35, ONS Mitteilungen Oct 1972 pp74-75.