Trophée d'Auvergne

Clermont-Ferrand, 17 Jun 1973

1 Guy Edwards (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU40] - Ford BDG
#1 Barclays International Racing
(see note 1)
32 1h 42m 23.9s
151.033 kph
2 Chris Craft (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU55] - Ford BDG
#27 Crowne Racing (see note 2)
32 1h 42m 39.4s
3 John Burton (G5) 2-litre Chevron B23 [73-08] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#11 Red Rose Racing (see note 3)
32 1h 44m 39.5s
4 Carlos Santos (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU47] - Cosworth FVC Mader
#36 Team BIP (see note 4)
5 Fred Stalder (G5) 1.9-litre Lola T290 [HU5] - Cosworth FVC
#28 Fred Stalder (see note 5)
6 Alain Peltier (G5) 2-litre March 73S [10] - BMW M12/6
#23 Ecurie Vic Elford
7 Jean-Louis Lafosse (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU58] - Chevrolet Vega
#24 Ecurie Filipinetti (see note 6)
8 Roger Dubos (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 - Cosworth FVC
#34 Ecurie Dinitrol Total (see note 7)
9 Jean-Claude Andruet (G5) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [003] 4
#30 Jean-Claude Andruet
10 Jim Busby (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU51] - Ford BDG Richardson
#2 Barclays International Racing
(see note 8)
11 Bert Kuehne (G5) 2-litre March 73S [1] - BMW M12/6
#38 Colonial Racing Team
12 Peter Smith (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-3] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#7 Peter Smith (see note 9)
13 John Hine (G5) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [005] 4
#29 Osella
14 Gérard Larrousse (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU42] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4
#15 Team Archambeaud (see note 10)
15 Marie-Claude Beaumont (G5) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU10] - Chevrolet Vega
#25 Ecurie Filipinetti (see note 11)
16 Roger Heavens (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 [72-16] - Cosworth FVC
#9 Roger Heavens (see note 12)
R Ian Grob (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B23 [73-05] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#6 KVG Racing (see note 13)
30 Loose front bodywork
R John Lepp (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B23 [73-12] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#12 Red Rose Racing (see note 14)
27 Accident
R Martin Raymond (G5) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 [72-26] - Cosworth FVC Smith
#8 Martin Raymond (see note 15)
20 Front wishborne
R Hervé Bayard (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU54] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4
#16 Team Archambeaud/Swiss Cheese
(see note 16)
20 Battery
R Carlos Gaspar (G5) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU52] - Cosworth FVC Mader
#35 Team BIP (see note 17)
16 Metering unit drive belt
R Toine Hezemans (G5) 2-litre March 73S [8] - BMW M12/6
#19 Trivellato Team
15 Sticking throttle
R Gabriele Serblin (G5) 2-litre March 73S [3] - BMW M12/6
#21 Team Ceramica Pagnosin
13 Electrics & engine
R René Herzog (G5) 1.8-litre GRD S73 [044] - Ford BDA Mader
#18 René Herzog
10 DNF
R Arturo Merzario (G5) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [004] 4
#31 Osella
3 Coil
DNSP Jean-Pierre Jabouille (G5) 2-litre Alpine A440 [4400] - Renault V6
#14 Société Alpine (see note 18)
Did not start (retired on parade lap)
DNS Manfred Mohr (G5) 2-litre AMS 273 - Tecno P82 f8
#32 AMS Corse
Did not start
DNQ Jörg Obermoser (G5) 2-litre GRD S73 [055] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4
#17 Obermoser Racing (see note 19)
Did not qualify
DNQ Gualtiero Sartori (G5) 2-litre Abarth 2000 SP (SE019) - Tipo 236 4
Did not qualify
1 Arturo Merzario (G5 2.0) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [004] - Abarth 4 3m 06.4s
2 Gérard Larrousse (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU42] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4 3m 08.9s
3 Jean-Pierre Jabouille * (G5 2.0) 2-litre Alpine A440 [4400] - Renault V6 3m 09.2s
4 Chris Craft (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU55] - Ford BDG 3m 09.5s
5 Guy Edwards (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU40] - Ford BDG 3m 10.0s
6 Jean-Louis Lafosse (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU58] - Chevrolet Vega 3m 11.3s
7 Jean-Claude Andruet (G5 2.0) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [003] - Abarth 4 3m 11.5s
8 John Burton (G5 2.0) 2-litre Chevron B23 [73-08] - Cosworth FVC Smith 3m 12.0s
9 John Hine (G5 2.0) 2-litre Abarth Osella PA1 [005] - Abarth 4 3m 11.0s
10 Carlos Gaspar (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU52] - Cosworth FVC Mader 3m 14.1s
11 John Lepp (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B23 [73-12] - Cosworth FVC Smith 3m 14.7s
12 Carlos Santos (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU47] - Cosworth FVC Mader 2m 15.7s
13 Gabriele Serblin (G5 2.0) 2-litre March 73S [3] - BMW M12/6 3m 16.5s
14 Alain Peltier (G5 2.0) 2-litre March 73S [10] - BMW M12/6 3m 17.5s
15 Fred Stalder (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Lola T290 [HU5] - Cosworth FVC 3m 17.7s
16 Roger Dubos (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 - Cosworth FVC 3m 18.7s
17 Jim Busby (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU51] - Ford BDG Richardson 3m 19.3s
18 Hervé Bayard (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T292 [HU54] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4 3m 21.3s
19 Toine Hezemans (G5 2.0) 2-litre March 73S [8] - BMW M12/6 3m 22.5s
20 Bert Kuehne (G5 2.0) 2-litre March 73S [1] - BMW M12/6 3m 22.5s
21 Peter Smith (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21 [72-3] - Cosworth FVC Smith 3m 22.6s
22 Roger Heavens (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 [72-16] - Cosworth FVC 3m 23.6s
23 Martin Raymond (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B21/B23 [72-26] - Cosworth FVC Smith 3m 23.9s
24 René Herzog (G5 2.0) 1.8-litre GRD S73 [044] - Ford BDA Mader 3m 25.9s
25 Ian Grob (G5 2.0) 1.9-litre Chevron B23 [73-05] - Cosworth FVC Smith 3m 28.2s
26 Manfred Mohr * (G5 2.0) 2-litre AMS 273 - Tecno P82 f8
27 Marie-Claude Beaumont (G5 2.0) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU10] - Chevrolet Vega 3m 30.2s
28 Jörg Obermoser * (G5 2.0) 2-litre GRD S73 [055] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4
29 Gualtiero Sartori * (G5 2.0) 2-litre Abarth 2000 SP (SE019) - Abarth Tipo 236 4
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T292 [HU40] (Guy Edwards): Described consistently as the "prototype" T292, HU40 first appeared at Jarama 5 Nov 1972 where it was raced by Richard Scott. It was then Guy Edwards' works car throughout 1973 after which it was updated to T294 specification and sold by Lola to Martin Raymond for 1974. It went to Stewart Chubb for 1975 and continued to race in the European series. In 1976, Chubb sold the car to Steven Payne-Herbert and it was used in Can-Am and SCCA BSR racing until 1980. Payne-Herbert kept the car until 1989 when it was sold for vintage racing and, three owners later, it was being offered for sale by Grand Prix Classics in February 2011.
  2. Lola T292 [HU55] (Chris Craft): Originally sold to Martin Birrane's Crowne Racing for Chris Craft to run in the 1973 European 2-litre Sports Car championship. The car was fitted with the new Cosworth BDG engine and the team was managed by Keith Greene. Craft won at Misano and Imola and took two further second places to win the championship. In 1974, the car was due to be fitted with the new Tecno P82 flat-8 engine but the project ran late and Birrane eventually sold the car in frustration to the Pederzani brothers. When the Lola-Tecno did finally appear, at Misano in July, it was driven by Jean-Pierre Jaussaud but retired with overheating problems. According to later sale descriptions, HU55 was then sold to well-known Sicilian hillclimb specialist Angelo Giliberti, continuing to Giuseppe Tornatore (Sardinia) in 1980, to Gianpaolo Casazza (Florence) in 2000 and then to Pietro Silva (San Marino) soon after. It returned to England in 2009 and was offered for sale by Maxted-Page in 2011.
  3. Chevron B23 [73-08] (John Burton): John Burton joined Red Rose Racing for 1973 and drove a new Chevron B23, chassis 73-08. The car was advertised in October 1973 and was sold to young Scottish hillclimber (and future double British Touring Car Champion) John Cleland for British hillclimbs. He used a 1930cc Alan Smith engine and fitted a Chevron B26 rear end to the car. John recalls selling the car to Roger Nathan and delivering it to London but the movement of the car are unknown for the rest of 1975. It was run in French courses de côte by Jean Pierre Lecomte in 1976 and 1977, by Jacques Heuclin from 1978 to 1980 and by Gérard Ferré in 1982. The car was then rebodied as the Sthémo and ran like this from 1985 to 1991.
  4. Lola T292 [HU47] (Carlos Santos): According to Lola records, this car went to Bonnier for the BIP team. Raced by Carlos Santos until crashed at Vila Real on 1 July 1973 and destroyed. It was replaced by a new car (probably HU64) which may have continued to wear the HU47 chassis plate.
  5. Lola T290 [HU5] (Fred Stalder): This car was acquired by Ecurie Bonnier and run for customer Claude Swietlik throughout 1972, also being raced by Mario Cabral, Gilbert Salles and Hervé Bayard on occasion. In 1973 it was sold to Fred Stalder who founded Racing Organisation Course (ROC) and was used throughout the season in both European 2-litre racing and in French hillclimbs. Based on photographic evidence, this car was retained by ROC for 1974 as a backup for for hire purposes. It appears to be the car used by Albert Dufrêne in French hillclimbs in 1974 and is then believed to have passed to Christian Riehl around 1976.
  6. Lola T292 [HU58] (Jean-Louis Lafosse): Acquired in May 1973 by Jean-Louis Lafosse to run in 2-litre racing as part of Ecurie Filipinetti, who also ran Lafosse's Gitanes-backed 3-litre Lola T282. The project was badly effected by the death of Georges Filipinetti. Lafosse retained the car for the 1974 season and after an unsuccessful run with Osella, moved to the ROC team and raced the T292 at Mugello in September fitted with one of ROC's Simca engines. The car appears to have become part of the ROC equipe and was raced by Xavier Lapeyre at Jarama in October and is believed to have stayed with ROC through 1975. Then likely to be the "ex-Filipinetti" Lola T292 with which Georges Morand won the 2-litre class at Le Mans in 1976. After that it appears to have gone via Heini Mader to Michel Elkoubi and been used in French national races in 1977, for example at the Treffort hillclimb. It was rebuilt for Le Mans again in 1978 as one of Elkoubi's two Pronuptia entries. However, it is unclear which of the #24 and #25 entries it was and, because of this, its later history has not yet been determined.
  7. Chevron B21/B23 (Roger Dubos): Roger Dubos acquired a Chevron "B21" for 1973 which he shared with Christine Beckers. Beckers recalls that the car was bought from England and it may be that this was actually a B19. It was raced through 1973 with Dinitrol sponsorship and used by Dubos and Beckers at Le Mans that year where it was described as a B21/23. Beckers continued to drive it in 1974, still in similar white and blue colours but now with Seiko signwriting. It was raced at Spa in May and probably at the Nürburgring but is not the Dupont-owned B23 that Beckers then drove at the 1974 Le Mans. Beckers then shared a car with Michel Dupont twice more in 1974; this is likely to be the Le Mans car again. Christine recalls selling the Chevron to a garage owner in Le Mans but the subsequent history of the car has not yet been established.
  8. Lola T292 [HU51] (Jim Busby): SCCA driver Jim Busby bought a new Lola T292 for 1973 and competed in the European championship as part of Guy Edwards' semi-works Barclays International Racing team. He departed for his native California after the September Nürburgring race, leaving him time to secure the SCCA Southern Pacific Division BSR title. He was second in the Run-Offs to Jerry Hansen's sister car, HU60. For 1974, the car was sold to Noah Lacona (W. Des Moines, IA) who ran it in SCCA MidWest Division BSR racing for many years, finishing third at the Run-Offs as late as 1983. In 1977, HU51 was raced by Bobby Rahal at the Road America Can-Am. The car was later sold by Lacona to Joe Buzzetta (St James, NY) who also retained it for many years. He sold it to Larry Connor (Centerville, OH) who sold it to Greg Galdi (Lloyd Harbor NY) in February 2011. Since 1994, it has been looked after by Mark Wehrmann of Wehrmann Engineering (Hauppauge, NY).
  9. Chevron B21 [72-3] (Peter Smith): Sold new to Peter Smith and raced by him and co-driver David Welpton through 1972 and 1973 primarily in distance events across Europe but also in some short British events. Updated to B23 specification for 1974 and raced by Smith with various co-drivers including Rupert Keegan. Co-drivers in 1975 included John Turner. The car was replaced by the ex-KVG/John Hine Chevron B31 for 1976 and was sold to Ray Petry (Boston, MA) for SCCA racing and then for the new Can-Am series that started in 1977. Ray used an ex-Rondel 1840cc BDE engine that he'd bought from Tony Cicale. Raced in Can-Am 1978 to 1980. Ray later sold the car to dealer Mike Gue of Essex Racing, who sold it to Canada. Subsequent history unknown.
  10. Lola T292 [HU42] (Gérard Larrousse): Invoiced via Bonnier to Team Archambeaud, this was Gérard Larrousse's regular Schnitzer BMW car for 1973. Sold to José Uriarte for 1974 and converted back to FVC power. Uriarte returned for 1975 with the car upgraded to T294 specification as part of Roger Hire's team and with sponsorship from Miles Roystone. This car was raced at the Spa 1000 km in May and the Nürburgring 1000 km in June. It was raced by Richard Scott at Brands Hatch on 22 Jun at which point it was said to be owned by Miles Roystone. Scott crashed into the guardrail in heat 1 and the car was not seen again. It is possible that this monocoque was repaired and was part of the package sold with HU67 to Martial Legou in 1976 and 1977, and possibly then to Michel Elkoubi and contributed its components to the T294/6s built up by Elkoubi for Le Mans in 1978 and 1979.
  11. Lola T290 [HU10] (Marie-Claude Beaumont): Chassis HU10 was new at at Dijon in June 1972 replacing chassis HU3 crashed at Vallelunga in April. It was used through the rest of 1972 under the Scuderia Filipinetti banner wearing Flint livery and with FVC and later Chevy Vega EA engines. Also used by Lafosse in French hillclimbs in 1972. Lafosse retained the car for the first race of 1973 and it was also raced by Marie-Claude Beaumont at Clermont-Ferrand in June 1973. In 1975, the car was acquired by Hans-Markus Huber in Switzerland and used in Swiss national racing throughout the late 1970s. He retained the car until about 2005/2006 when he sold it to the US. In 2007, Lola Heritage recorded that HU10 was owned by Jeff Lewis.
  12. Chevron B21/B23 [72-16] (Roger Heavens): Roger Heavens replaced his Chevron B16 with a new B21, chassis 72-16, and raced extensively across Europe as well as the Angolan and South African series. The car was updated to B23 specification for 1973 and raced up to the Angolan series in July. It was then sold to local driver Waldemar Teixeira (with a 1930cc FVC) and raced by him later in 1973 and in the first part of 1974. It was almost certainly the car that went to Bandeira Vieira later in 1974. The Angolan civil war then intervened and the B21 remained in storage in Angola until 1985 when it was sold to Stein Johnsen (Halden, Norway). The car was shipped back to Europe in 1991, and a restoration was started by Steve Sheldon. The restoration was not completed and the Chevron was then not seen for some years until sold at Bonhams' Stoneleigh auction in February 2006 to Eddie McLurg. McLurg later sold it to Mike Fisher (Swindon), who had the restoration completed by Jeremy Bennett of Nemesis Racing in Gloucestershire, and repainted it from the yellow livery it wore in 2006, to maroon with black and white stripes. It was sold by Silverstone Auctioins about 2011, and subsequently went to France. In May 2015, the car was offered again by Bonhams at their Spa auction, but did not sell.
  13. Chevron B23 [73-05] (Ian Grob): Bought new by Ian Grob and used mainly in minor British and French events at first. Grob took his car to the Springbok series at the end of 1973 and then did a full European campaign in 1974. For 1975, he bought a new Chevron B31 and the B23 was sold to Scottish club racer Tony Charnell. Charnell then bought Grob's B31 for 1976 and the fate of the B23 in unknown.
  14. Chevron B23 [73-12] (John Lepp): The second Red Rose Racing Chevron was driven by John Lepp in 1973 and he was allocated chassis B23-73-12. The B23 was advertised by Red Rose at the end of the season and bought by Bob Howlings in March 1974 who intended to race it. However, the car is not seen again and is believed to have been sold by Howlings to a Japanese customer.
  15. Chevron B21/B23 [72-26] (Martin Raymond): Bought relatively late in the 1972 season by Martin Raymond (London) to replace his Daren Mk. 3, B21-72-26 was used for the last three races of the European series and then, in upgraded B23 form, for the whole 1973 season. It was unused in 1974 and was advertised by Raymond in November that year. Bought by John Blanckley (London) for 1975 and raced by him and John Calvert that season, after which it was sold to Rolf Götz (Waldenbuch, Germany) and raced from 1976 to 1978, latterly described as a B26. For 1979, Götz bought Blanckley's newer B31 and the fate of the B21 is unknown. Between 1980 and 1982, a car with this identity was advertised by Bob Speak's Barrowford Garage (Nelson, Lancashire) but how it had got from southwestern Germany to Lancashire is unclear.
  16. Lola T292 [HU54] (Hervé Bayard): One of four Lola T292s invoiced by Lola to Ecurie Bonnier for customer Archambeaud, HU54 is identified in Sport Auto as the BMW-powered car driven by Bayard. It has been identified by Lola specialist Philippe Rafesthain on Autodiva as the car sold to Jean Belin for 1974. Belin finished second in the G5-7 class of the French hillclimb championship in 1974. He raced the car regularly through 1974 and 1975, and appeared for a couple more events in 1976. The car was then retired to Michel Pont's Abarth museum at the Château de Savigny lès Beaune in France until 1986, when it was sold to Jean Proyart and Jean Martin to race again. After Martin's death, Proyart kept the car from 1987 to 1991, when it was prepared for historic racing. After a severe testing accident, it was extensively rebuilt at Lola in 1992. It was sold on in 1999 or 2000. Subsequent history unknown.
  17. Lola T292 [HU52] (Carlos Gaspar): New to Ecurie Bonnier for customer Ray Fallo. It first appeared at the Monza 1000 km in April 1973, driven by Fallo at José Dolhem, but the car then became part of the BIP Ecurie Bonnier team and was shared by Carlos Gaspar and Jorge Pinhol in the Spa 1000 km and the Nürburgring 1000 km in May. It was raced by Gaspar at Clermont-Ferrand in mid-June, and in the Portuguese races at Vila Real and Estoril in early July. Then taken to Angola for Fallo to drive at Luanda and Benguela in July/August 1973, then for Fallo again at Imola in September, for Gaspar at Nogaro, and finally Pinhol at Barcelona and Estoril. Ecurie Bonnier did not continue into 1974 and the car's subsequent history is unknown. The two surviving BIP cars, HU52 and HU64, are likely to have been the Swiss cars of Ruedi Jauslin and Henri Bürgisser in 1974.
  18. Alpine A440 [4400] (Jean-Pierre Jabouille): The first Alpine A440, which had the slightly confusing chassis number 4400, was Jean-Pierre Jabouille's car until September and then became the team mule. After winter testing, the car vanished but is believed to have gone to Equipe Archambeaud as a source of spares for their sister A440, chassis 4401. The fate of the two A440s is not yet clear but they are believed to have gone from Larrousse's team to a Frenchman called Barbier and then 4400 is believed to have gone to Jean-Marie Jung for hillclimbs. Jung did not have an engine for the car and is reported to have used a 1600cc Gordini engine. (This may be the Alpine A440 1600 raced by Volet in 1980.) Jung raced the car from about 1982 onwards and was reported to still have the car, fully restored, near Angouleme in 2009.
  19. GRD S73 [055] (Jörg Obermoser): Jorg Obermoser ran a pair of GRD S73s during 1973 and his own car was identified by Sport Auto at Clermont-Ferrand in June as chassis 055. It is assumed that he ran the same car all season. In 1974, the two GRDs were extensively modified by Obermoser's TOJ company and entered as Toj SS02s. The individual history of the two SS02s has not yet been determined.


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 21 Jun 1973 pp43-44, Motoring News 21 Jun 1973 p11, Autosprint 18-25 Giugno 1973 p26, Sport Auto August 1973 p82