South Pacific Trophy

Longford, 7 Mar 1966

1 Jackie Stewart (Tasman) 1.9-litre BRM P261 [2614] - P60 V8
#3 Owen Organisation
27 62m 55.4s
2 Graham Hill (Tasman) 1.9-litre BRM P261 [2616] - P60 V8
#2 Owen Organisation
27 64m 01.6s
3 Jack Brabham Brabham BT19 [F1-1-65] - Repco 620 V8
#4 Ecurie Vitesse S.A.
27 64m 28.7s
4 Jim Palmer Lotus 32B [32-FL-8] - Climax FPF 4
#11 Jim Palmer
27 64m 32.2s
5 Spencer Martin Brabham BT11A [IC-4-64] - Climax FPF 4
#7 Scuderia Veloce
27 64m 35.2s
6 Frank Gardner Brabham BT11A [IC-2-64] - Climax FPF 4
#14 Alec Mildren Racing P/L (Reserve Car)
7 Jim Clark Lotus 39 [R12] - Climax FPF 4
#1 Team Lotus
R John McDonald Cooper T70 [FL-1-64] - Climax FPF 4
#9 Bill Patterson Motors Pty Ltd
(see note 1)
T Frank Gardner (Tasman) Brabham BT11A [IC-3-64] - Maserati
#14 Alec Mildren Racing P/L
(Only used in practice)
DNA Don O'Sullivan Cooper T53 - Climax FPF 4
#15 F.D. O'Sullivan
Did not arrive
  Don Fraser Cooper T53 [F1-2-61] - BRM s4
#6 Donald Gordon Fraser (see note 2)
On entry list

All cars are 2.5-litre Tasman unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Cooper T70 [FL-1-64] (John McDonald): New for Tim Mayer to drive as a Bruce McLaren Motor Racing entry in the 1964 Tasman Cup. Mayer finished second at Levin and Teretonga, and third at Pukekohe. For Warwick Farm, he swapped cars with team leader Bruce McLaren and McLarne took FL-1-64 to second place at Warwick Farm and at Longford, winning the Tasman Championship by six points from his great rival Jack Brabham, Retained for the 1965 Tasman Cup to be driven by Phil Hill but raced by McLaren at Pukekohe after he damged his new T79 in the Heat. Hill toook three podium finishes in this car. Sold to Bill Patterson and entered for John McDonald in Australian Gold Star events in 1965, in the 1966 Tasman series and in Gold Star again in 1966. Sold to Don O'Sullivan in 1967 and raced in event in Western Australia, primarily at Caversham, by O'Sullivan in 1967 and by Gordon Stephenson in 1968. Sold to Ken Jones in 1969, then Ken Barnard in 1970 and then Richard Berryman in 1974. Remained with Richard Berryman until 1985 when it passed to his son Adam Berryman (Melbourne, Australia). An extensive restoration began in 2001 which was finally completed in early 2010. Raced by Adam in the NZ Motor Racing Festival in January 2010, at Winton in August 2010, and at Phillip Island and the Australian Grand Prix historic demonstration in 2011. Now numbered FL/2/64.
  2. Cooper T53 [F1-2-61] (Don Fraser): Built for 1961 season. Yeoman Credit Racing (Reg Parnell Racing) 1961 for Roy Salvadori in F1. To Lex Davison (Australia) 1962 and crashed at Longford. Replaced by Jack Brabham's spare car 'F2-17-60'. F1-2-61 was sold damaged to Don Fraser (Australia) 1963, who rebuilt it with a 2.5-litre BRM engine and raced it from 1965 onwards. To Tony Osborne (Australia) 1976. To Don Thallon (Brisbane, Australia) May 1999 and used in historic racing. Raced by Thallon at Zandvoort in 2014 alongside Wulf Goetze's 'F1-1-61' and then returned to Australia.


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