Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

Trois-Rivières, 2 Sep 1979

1 Elliot Forbes-Robinson Spyder NF-11 [CA-01] - Chevrolet V8
#4 Newman-Freeman Racing
42 1h 02m 41.092s
85.320 mph
2 Bobby Rahal Prophet - Chevrolet V8
#8 U.S. Racing [Herb Caplan]
42 1h 04m 11s
3 Geoff Lees Lola T333CS [HU2] - Chevrolet V8
#2 Racing Team VDS
41 Accident
4 Randy Lewis Lola T332 [HU39] - Chevrolet V8
Randy Lewis (see note 1)
5 Tim Evans (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU27] - Ford BDG
#51 Diversified Engineering Services
6 John Morton Lola T333CS [HU8] - Chevrolet V8
#46 John Morton Racing
40 In pits
7 Keke Rosberg Spyder NF-11 [CA-02] - Chevrolet V8
#5 Newman-Freeman Racing
39 Engine
8 Michael Brayton Wolf-Brayton 001 - Chevrolet V8
#12 Michael Brayton (see note 2)
9 Gary Gove (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B26 [74-08] - Cosworth FVD
#52 Pete Lovely (see note 3)
10 Horst Kroll Lola [T330 HU2] - Chevrolet V8
#37 Horst Kroll Racing (see note 4)
39 Spin
11 Bill Tempero Lola T332/T332C [T332 HU30] - Chevrolet V8
#9 Bill Tempero Racing (see note 5)
38 Off course
12 Tony Cicale (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1½ [RT1-149] - Hart 420R
#47 Cicale Champion Racing
13 Jacky Ickx Lola T333CS [HU7] - Chevrolet V8
#1 Carl A. Haas Racing Team, Ltd.
37 Accident
14 Roman Pechmann (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU34] - Ford
#59 Roman Pechmann
15 Randolph Townsend Spyder NF-11 [CA-04] - Chevrolet V8
#13 Newman-Freeman Racing
16 Al Holbert Hogan HR-001 - Chevrolet V8
#10 Hogan Racing, Ltd.
17 E. B. Lunken (Sports racing) 2-litre March 73S [14] - BMW M12
#61 E. B. Lunken (see note 6)
36 Accident
18 Gary Hirsch (sports racing) 3-litre Porsche 908/02 [017]
19 Dean Dietrich March 76A [2] - Chevrolet V8
#43 (see note 7)
20 Dave Hoover (unknown) Lola [T300 HU5]
21 Michael L. Allen Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8
#7 Don Weber
26 Accident
22 Bobby Brown Lola T333CS [HU11] - Chevrolet V8
#79 Bobby Brown Racing
17 Piston failure
23 Robert J. Nelkin Lola T333CS [HU6?] - Chevrolet V8
#67 R. J. Nelkin
10 Accident
DNS James Woodruff Lola T430 [HU3] - Chevrolet V8
Titan-Woodruff Brothers (see note 8)
Did not start
DNS John Sorbello (Can-Am) Sorbello GM5 [005]
#19 (see note 9)
Did not start
DNS Thomas C. Jones March 74A [1] - Chevrolet V8
#40 (see note 10)
Did not start
  Howard Kelly Lola T332/Riley [HU33] - Chevrolet V8
#6 (see note 11)
On entry list
  Vern Schuppan Elfin MR8A-C [8772] - Chevrolet V8
#11 (see note 12)
On entry list
  Jim Gustafson March 73A [4-2] - Chevrolet V8
#27 (see note 13)
On entry list
  John McCormack (Can-Am) 4-litre McLaren M23 [2] - Leyland P76 Repco V8
On entry list
  Gerre Payvis Lola T333CS [T330 HU19] - Chevrolet V8
#31 (see note 14)
On entry list
  Brian Burgess (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B21/B23 [72-27] - Hart 420R
On entry list
  Bertil Roos (Can-Am 2l) 1.6-litre Chevron B27 [27-74-04] - Ford BDD
#34 (see note 15)
On entry list
  John Gunn Lola T332 [HU47] - Chevrolet V8
#39 (see note 16)
On entry list
  S Peter Smith (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Bobsy - Ford
On entry list
  Leonard Janke Lola T332/Riley - Chevrolet V8
On entry list
  Rocky Moran Lola T333CS ["33-673"] - Chevrolet V8
On entry list
  Chuck Smith (Sports racing) 1.8-litre Chevron B19 [71-6] - Cosworth FVC
#72 Charles R. Smith (Middletown, Ohio)
On entry list
  T. Patrick McGonegle Lola T332/Riley [HU49] - Chevrolet V8
#81 (see note 17)
On entry list
  John Timken (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T296 [HU88] - Ford
#94 John M. Timken (Lyme, Conn.)
(see note 18)
On entry list
  Chris Strong (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B36 [36-76-06] - Ford BDG
#96 (see note 19)
On entry list
  Robert E. Dugo Lola - Chevrolet V8
On entry list
  Tom Spalding Schkee DB1 [2] - Chevrolet V8
On entry list

All cars are 5-litre Can-Am unless noted.

1 Bobby Rahal (Can-Am) 5-litre Prophet - Chevrolet V8 1m 24.469s
2 Keke Rosberg (Can-Am) 5-litre Spyder NF-11 [CA-02] - Chevrolet V8 1m 24.741s
3 Jacky Ickx (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T333CS [HU7] - Chevrolet V8 1m 25.71s
4 John Morton (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T333CS [HU8] - Chevrolet V8 1m 25.884s
5 Geoff Lees (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T333CS [HU2] - Chevrolet V8 1m 25.925s
6 Elliot Forbes-Robinson (Can-Am) 5-litre Spyder NF-11 [CA-01] - Chevrolet V8 1m 26.391s
7 Al Holbert (Can-Am) 5-litre Hogan HR-001 - Chevrolet V8 1m 27.825s
8 Bobby Brown (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T333CS [HU11] - Chevrolet V8 1m 28.326s
9 Randy Lewis (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332 [HU39] - Chevrolet V8 1m 30.003s
10 Robert J. Nelkin (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T333CS [HU6?] - Chevrolet V8 1m 30.914s
11 Randolph Townsend (Can-Am) 5-litre Spyder NF-11 [CA-04] - Chevrolet V8 1m 31.187s
12 Tim Evans (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU27] - Ford BDG 1m 32.016s
13 Dave Hoover (unknown) Lola [T300 HU5] 1m 32.338s
14 Michael L. Allen (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8 1m 32.891s
15 Horst Kroll (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola [T330 HU2] - Chevrolet V8 1m 32.909s
16 Tony Cicale (Can-Am 2l) 2-litre Cicale-Ralt RT1½ [RT1-149] - Hart 420R 1m 33.118s
17 Michael Brayton (Can-Am) 5-litre Wolf-Brayton 001 - Chevrolet V8 1m 33.248s
18 Gary Gove (Sports racing) 2-litre Chevron B26 [74-08] - Cosworth FVD 1m 36.784s
19 Bill Tempero (Can-Am) 5-litre Lola T332/T332C [T332 HU30] - Chevrolet V8 1m 36.877s
20 Roman Pechmann (Sports racing) 2-litre Lola T290 [HU34] - Ford 1m 39.075s
21 E. B. Lunken (Sports racing) 2-litre March 73S [14] - BMW M12 1m 40.16s
22 Dean Dietrich (Can-Am) 5-litre March 76A [2] - Chevrolet V8 1m 40.847s
23 Gary Hirsch (sports racing) 3-litre Porsche 908/02 [017] - Porsche 1m 45.646s
24 Thomas C. Jones * (Can-Am) 5-litre March 74A [1] - Chevrolet V8
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T332 [HU39] (Randy Lewis): See full history: Lola T332 HU39.
  2. Wolf-Brayton 001 (Michael Brayton): Michael Brayton (Newport Beach, CA) acquired a Talon Formula 5000 car for 1977, but previous history of the car is unknown. During 1977, he rebodied the car for SCCA A Sports Racing, and then raced the car, as the "Wolf-Brayton 001" in Can-Am from 1978 to 1981. The car was later acquired by Mike McComas, who was then under the impression it was the Wolf-Dallara WD1. He sold it to Tony Roberts and Duncan Fox in New Zealand in 2003, where it was restored to F5000 specification. Raced by Roberts in the F5000 Tasman Revival from 2003 to 2005, when it was sold to Aaron Burson, then raced by him from 2005 onwards.
  3. Chevron B26 [74-08] (Gary Gove): After the closure of Red Rose Racing, Roger Hire struck a deal to run works-assisted Chevron B26s in 1974 under the name Forge Mill Racing. John Lepp ran the main car and Rafael Barrios joined the team to run a second B26, now positively identified as chassis 74-08. This car only raced once in 1975 but was then bought by Robin Smith to be used in endurance and Interserie in 1976. Gary Gove (Tacoma, WA) acquired it for Can-Am in early 1977 and raced it for three seasons, winning the Pacific Coast title in 1978 and the last BSR title at the Run-Offs. It went to John Graham in Canada for the 1981 season and then to Luc Behar-Bannelier for 1982. The B26 was sold to Gil Baird for Thundersports in England in 1983 then to Richard Piper for another three seasons during which time it was converted to DFV power before moving to Ireland in the late 1980s where it stayed for nearly 15 years. It was sold back to the US again around 2003 and has raced in US vintage racing.
  4. Lola [T330 HU2] (Horst Kroll): See full history: Lola T330 HU2.
  5. Lola T332/T332C [T332 HU30] (Bill Tempero): See full history: Lola T332 HU30.
  6. March 73S [14] (E. B. Lunken): Sold new to Henry Candler (Lakewood, CO) and used by him in a few British sport car races in May and June 1973, before he took it back to the US for SCCA racing in the BSR class. Candler soon decided the car was too quick for him, and he sold the car to his cousin, Edmund Backus Lunken (Cincinnati, Ohio), who entered his cars as E. B. Lunken, and was known to his friends as Ebby. Lunken first raced the car in 1977, then used it in the Can-Am series from 1978 to 1982. There has been some debate over the engine used in the 73S during this time, with some reports that it was a Ford, and others that it was a BMW. Irv Zwicker, who built engine for Ebby, says Lunken used BMW engine with Heidegger rods, Kugelfischer fuel injection and a proprietary intake cam. Lunken still had the car in 2006.
  7. March 76A [2] (Dean Dietrich): For Doug Shierson using monocoque 'M76A:01' and gearbox DG300-445 and fitted with 5-litre Bartz-Chevrolet for US F5000 series. Run by Sid Taylor and driven by Alan Jones. First run at Silverstone 9 Jun 1976. Jones won on his debut at Watkins Glen on 11 Jul but drove a Lola T332C at the next race and the March was handed over to Bruce Allison, who failed to start. The car reappeared back in Shierson's possession at Riverside on 17 Oct, driven by Maurizio Flammini. The Italian qualified 13th but retired early from both his heat and the final with mechanical problems. To Dean Dietrich: raced in Can-Am 1978 (4 races); Can-Am 1979 (4 races). Dean recalls selling the car to someone in Texas but does not remember the name. Subsequent history unknown.
  8. Lola T430 [HU3] (James Woodruff): Haas Racing spare car for Brian Redman US 1976 (qualified 4th at Road America but not raced during the season). Duane Smith (Milwaukee, WI) and used in SCCA Formula A in 1978. Converted to Can-Am specification and raced in a handful of Can-Am races in 1979 and 1980 by James Woodruff (Ravenna, OH), better known as guitar maker "Woody James", who died in 2015. The car evidently returned to Duane Smith, as it was sold by him to Chuck Haines (St Louis, MO) in 1988. To Todd Stewart (Christchurch, NZ) late 2002 and won on its historic racng debut in the 2003/04 F5000 Tasman Cup Revival series race at Sandown Park Nov 2003.
  9. Sorbello GM5 [005] (John Sorbello): See full history: McRae GM1/005.
  10. March 74A [1] (Thomas C. Jones): Dempster Developments UK 1974: for Mike Wilds at R1 (second), then retubbed for R2 (second). Tested by Taylor prior to R3 Silvestone 6 Apr. For Wilds at R3 (sixth) then replaced by newer 74A/2 and returned to Bicester. Probably for Wilds again after destruction of 74A/2: three or four races (R10, R11, R13?, R14). To Mick Hill UK 1975 - Bill Blackledge (then based in Jamaica) 1976 and then via John Gunn Feb 1977 to Tom Jones: raced in Can-Am 1977 (2 races), SCCA FA 1978, Can-Am 1979 (2 DNS), Can-Am 1980 (1 DNS); retained 2010.
  11. Lola T332/Riley [HU33] (Howard Kelly): See full history: Lola T332 HU33.
  12. Elfin MR8A-C [8772] (Vern Schuppan): New to Vern Schuppan (Adelaide, Australia) and raced as part of Ansett Team Elfin in 1977 Australian Internationals. Converted to Can-Am form, and raced by Schuppan in the Can-Am series in late 1977, and again in 1978 and 1979. Next seen when advertised by Stuart Bradbury (Phoenix, AZ) in July 1984. Advertised by Chuck Haines in 1990. To John Wales and Ron Gouttman (NSW, Australia) in 1990, and raced by Gouttman in Australia in Can-Am form in 1992/93. To Laurie Donaher (NSW) 1998, then to Aaron Lewis (Cessnock, NSW, Australia) in 2001. Restored to F5000 form, and raced in the F5000 Tasman Revival series in 2003/04. To Bill Hemming (Victoria, Australia) 2005, who raced it in the Tasman Revival series from late 2006 onwards.
  13. March 73A [4-2] (Jim Gustafson): See full history: March 73A/4.
  14. Lola T333CS [T330 HU19] (Gerre Payvis): See full history: Lola T330 HU19.
  15. Chevron B27 [27-74-04] (Bertil Roos): Chevron build record says sold via Fred Opert to Doug Shierson Racing. According to Chevron the car used by James King at Mallory Park before being shipped to the USA. (King and Mead owned their own cars in the Shierson team.) Badly damaged by King at Mosport in July 1974 and rebuilt around a new tub. Formula Mar 75 p29 reports, 'King is trying to sell the B27 he drove in 1974 under Shierson's management'. (King still has the plate for this car.) Sold to Lloyd Callaway (Chicago, IL) and used in SCCA racing in 1975 and early 1976, and in some pro races. Callaway advises that the car was sold to Fred Opert in early 1976 in p/x for a new Chevron B34. It was bought from Opert by John Connolly (Brooklyn, NY) who raced it in local SCCA and EMRA events in 1976 and 1977. After Connolly bought a new Ralt RT1 in early 1978, he advertised the Chevron B27 in September 1978 and sold it to Bertil Roos (Blakeslee, PA), who won the Formula Atlantic race at the SCCA 'Bonus' National at Charlotte in April 1979. He then attached fenders to the car and used it in Can-Am, still with its 1600cc Cosworth BDD engine. Roos bought a different Chevron B27 for 1980, and, according to Doug Waters, his 1979 car was sold to someone in California who planned to use it as a sports car with an Alfa Romeo V8 engine. Many years later, in 1999, Sandy Dells Racing (San Diego, CA) sold two B27 tubs to Jim Sparks (San Diego, CA). Dells restored one of these to running condition for Sparks, then sold the other tub and parts on Sparks' behalf to Mike Winebrenner (Louisville, KY) in 2004. Winebrenner was able to identify his monocoque by its SCCA Chicago Region stamping as Lloyd Calloway's 1975 car, but the 74-04 chassis plate is on Sparks' car. Winebrenner's parts were sold in early 2009 to Bud Morrison (Tempe, AZ), who already owned 74-05 and 74-07. It would appear that Sparks' car is built on the original tub, and Morrison's is the replacement tub.
  16. Lola T332 [HU47] (John Gunn): See full history: Lola T332 HU47.
  17. Lola T332/Riley [HU49] (T. Patrick McGonegle): See full history: Lola T332 HU49.
  18. Lola T296 [HU88] (John Timken): Sold new by Carl Haas to James Trueman of red Roof Inns (Columbus, OH), and supplied with a Swindon BDX engine. Raced by Trueman in Can-Am but also by Bobby Rahal in two Canadian Can-Am events. Raced again by Trueman in Cam-Am in early 1978. Sold at some point to Rahal's father Michael G. Rahal who sold it to John Timken (Lyme, CT) in July 1978. Timken raced it for the rest of that season and into 1979. Marcus Pye recalls that Timken crashed it at some point but kept the damaged car for many years. In the late 1990s, Timken sold it to Fred Kaimer (Concord, CA) who raced it in vintage events. Still being raced by Kaimer in 2013. Sold to Bobby Rahal in 2021.
  19. Chevron B36 [36-76-06] (Chris Strong): New to Mort Platt (Kansas City, MO) and used in SCCA BSR racing from 1976 to 1978, qualifying for the Run-Offs each year. Also used in Can-Am races at Road America in July 1977 and July 1978. Then to Chris Strong (Lawrence, KS) and used in Can-Am in 1979 and 1980. Then probably the car raced by Dick Leppla in Can-Am in 1981 and still being raced in BSR several years later. Then via Ed Henning (early 1990s), Rudy Junco and Steve Fusillo to Brian Stark (Mequon, WI) by around 2004. Still with Stark in 2013.


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