Riverside Grand Prix

Riverside, 20 Apr 1969

ResultsLapsTime/Speed Winnings
1 John Cannon Eagle Mk 5 [509] - Chevrolet V8
2 Lothar Motschenbacher McLaren M10A [300-05] - Chevrolet V8
3 Tony Adamowicz Eagle Mk 5 [510] - Chevrolet V8
4 Jerry Hansen McLaren M10A - Chevrolet V8
5 George Wintersteen Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#12 (see note 1)
6 Pete Lovely (F1) 3-litre Lotus 49B [R11] - Cosworth DFV V8
7 George Eaton McLaren M10A [300-02] - Chevrolet V8
8 Bud Morley Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#14 (see note 2)
9 Bobby Brown Eagle Mk 5 [508] - Chevrolet V8
10 Chuck Dietrich Lola T142 [SL142/21] - Chevrolet V8
11 Rich Galloway Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#27 (see note 3)
12 John Mahler Lola T140 [SL140/8] - Chevrolet V8
#99 (see note 4)
13 Dick Simon Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
29 Lost nose cone  
14 Mike Hiss Lola T140 - Chevrolet V8
28 suspension  
15 Chuck Trowbridge McKee Mk 12 - Chevrolet V8
24 Engine  
16 Lyle Forsgren Forsgrini Mk 11 - Chevrolet V8
16 Fuel leak/Overheating  
17 Pierre Phillips Lola T140 [SL140/10] - Chevrolet V8
14 Engine  
18 Stew McMillen Eisert 69 - Chevrolet V8
9 Oil leak  
19 Jack Eiteljorg Lola T140 - Chevrolet V8
8 Fuel pump Started race after 3 laps  
20 Horst Kwech (FA) 2.7-litre Chevron [B10 F2.1?] - Alfa Romeo V8
#33 (see note 5)
5 Fire  
21 Bill Moore Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#69 (see note 6)
0 Accident  
DNS Sam Posey Eagle Mk 5 [501] - Chevrolet V8
Did not start
DNS Lew Florence Eagle Mk 5 [501] - Chevrolet V8
Did not start
(sold car to Posey)
DNSC Ron Courtney Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#8 (see note 7)
Did not start (crashed)
DNSC Sam Posey Eagle Mk 5 [507] - Chevrolet V8
Did not start (crashed)
UNKE Kurt Reinold McKee Mk 12 - Chevrolet V8
On entry list
UNKE Bill Simpson Gilbert 68 ['1'] - Chevrolet V8
#28 (see note 8)
On entry list
UNKE John Gunn Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8
#39 (see note 9)
On entry list
DNA Rex Ramsey LeGrand Mk 7 [002] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 10)
Did not arrive
DNA Ron Grable Spectre HR1 - Chevrolet V8
Did not arrive
DNA Vernon Shields (F5000) 4.7-litre Lotus 35 [35-F-18] - Ford V8
#50 (see note 11)
Did not arrive
DNA Nick Dioguardi (F5000) 4.7-litre WRE Shadow - Ford Shelby Cobra 289 ci V8
#65 (see note 12)
Did not arrive
DNA Mike Goth Nike 1A - Chevrolet V8
#96 (see note 13)
Did not arrive

All cars are 5-litre F5000 unless noted.

1 John Cannon (F5000) 5-litre Eagle Mk 5 [509] - Chevrolet V8 1.20.43
2 Jerry Hansen (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10A - Chevrolet V8 1.22.54
3 Chuck Dietrich (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 [SL142/21] - Chevrolet V8 1.24.34
4 Tony Adamowicz (F5000) 5-litre Eagle Mk 5 [510] - Chevrolet V8 1.24.83
5 George Wintersteen (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8 1.25.01
6 Pete Lovely (F1) 3-litre Lotus 49B [R11] - Cosworth DFV V8 1.25.53
7 Bud Morley (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8 1.25.63
8 Stew McMillen (F5000) 5-litre Eisert 69 - Chevrolet V8 1.25.66
9 Bobby Brown (F5000) 5-litre Eagle Mk 5 [508] - Chevrolet V8 1.25.73
10 Dick Simon (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8 1.26.09
11 Mike Hiss (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 - Chevrolet V8 1.26.65
12 Lothar Motschenbacher (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10A [300-05] - Chevrolet V8 1.26.89
13 George Eaton (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M10A [300-02] - Chevrolet V8 1.27.04
14 Pierre Phillips (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 [SL140/10] - Chevrolet V8 1.27.15
15 John Mahler (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 [SL140/8] - Chevrolet V8 1.27.43
16 Chuck Trowbridge (F5000) 5-litre McKee Mk 12 - Chevrolet V8 1.27.90
17 Rich Galloway (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8 1.28.81
18 Horst Kwech (FA) 2.7-litre Chevron [B10 F2.1?] - Alfa Romeo V8 1.29.31
19 Lyle Forsgren (F5000) 5-litre Forsgrini Mk 11 - Chevrolet V8 1.33.86
20 Bill Moore (F5000) 5-litre Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8 1.46.61
21 Jack Eiteljorg (F5000) 5-litre Lola T140 - Chevrolet V8 1.31.31

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T142 (George Wintersteen): George Wintersteen (Villanova, PA) raced a white #12 Lola T142 through the 1969 US series. Entered by his own team, Wintersteen Racing Inc, Wintersteen was highly competitive, finishing second behind Sam Posey's Eagle at Laguna Seca in May, and second again behind Posey's McLaren M10A at Lime Rock in September. He also had two third place finishes, two fourths and a fifth. The car met its end at St Jovite in September when Wintersteen triggered a huge first-lap accident. Coming out of the second turn, a downhill right-hander, Wintersteen came off the track and hammered into the earth bank on the outside of the track, careered across the track, collecting two other cars on the way, and hit the opposite bank, the Lola bursting into flames. Wintersteen was able to get out of the car very quickly, and a marshall had the fire under control in less than 30 seconds, but it is highly unlikely that the car would have been repairable.
  2. Lola T142 (Bud Morley): Bud Morley (Denver, CO) raced a red #14 Lola T142 through the 1969 US series. He advertised the car in November 1969 and again in August 1970. Subsequent history unknown.
  3. Lola T142 (Rich Galloway): Rich Galloway (Golden, CO) raced a yellow #27 Lola T142 through the 1969 US series. It was generally entered as a T142 but was entered as a T140 at R4 Sears Point. Galloway was involved in the first lap accident triggered by George Wintersteen at St Jovite in early September and the Lola hit the Armco on the outside of the track head on before being hit by two other cars and coming to a rest against the bank on the opposite side. Galloway was able to exit the car quickly, but it appeared to be heavily damaged. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. Lola T140 [SL140/8] (John Mahler): New to Jerry Hansen for the 1968 US series, then to John Mahler (Bettendorf, IA) for the 1969 series. Subsequent history unknown but believed to be the car acquired by Wayne "Bing" Sherer (Buffalo, NY) in 1972 and raced in SCCA Nationals. To Phil "Butch" Hollenbeck for 1973, then to Art Cross (Auburn, NY) who ran it in to Florida for several years. Via Owen Starr, Lou Pavesi and Rick McLean to Mark Rincon (Redding, CA) and Hal Williams by 1994, for historic racing. Later sold to Richard Cross, then via Rincon to John Bryant (Adelaide, Australia) at the Monterey Historics in August 2007 and imported into Australia. Crashed at Philip Island March 2008, but rebuilt and raced in the 2011/12 Tasman Revival series. More information about Lola T140 SL140/8
  5. Chevron [B10 F2.1?] (Horst Kwech): Frank Lythgoe ran Chevron's first F2 car, the B10 chassis F2.1, at five early season races but the car was then dropped, re-emerging briefly when Frank Williams entered it for American Samuel Brown at Enna-Pergusa on 25 August (Speed World International 7 Sep 1968 p27). Brown crashed in practice and broke an upright, a spare part that Williams hadn't packed. The car was not seen again but is likely to have headed to the US where it is believed to be the car used by Horst Kwech (Gurnee, IL) in Formula A with a 2.7-litre Alfa V8. Subsequent history unknown. Patrick Jamin was reported to have this car in France in the late 1980s. From 1992 to 1997, this car was advertised by BB One Exports (Los Angeles, CA) but said to be located in France. In 2001, it was for sale by Giannandrea Calderazzo (Paris) and then said to be located in Italy. In 2005, the car was still in Italy and advertised by Autospeak.
  6. Lola T142 (Bill Moore): Bill Moore (Scottsdale, AZ) raced "a new Lola T142" in a SCCA Regional at War Bonnet 13 April 1969 and then in the Pro race at Riverside 20 Apr 1969, where he crashed. He later advertised a #69 Lola T142 ""one race, like new" in November 1969. [The website my5000.com reports that Moore advertised a Lola T140 from Ponca City, OK on 14 Jun 1969.] Subsequent history unknown but the car's location in Arizona hints that it could the T142 bought by Horst Kroll to replace the car he crashed heavily at Seattle 7 Jun 1970.
  7. Lola T142 (Ron Courtney): Ron Courtney (Chicago, IL) had a Lola T142 for the 1969 season but had an incident during practice at Riverside in April with Sam Posey, and the car "exploded in flame". Two photographs provided by Mike Kramer show that it was a standard Lola T142. Kramer worked for Carrera Motors in Lombard, Illinois, 20 miles due west of Chicago, and recalls that the car was light blue and brand new.
  8. Gilbert 68 ['1'] (Bill Simpson): The #28 Gilbert was the first Gilbert to appear in 1968 and was raced by George Follmer in the early races of that season as George R. Bryant's #28 entry. Follmer took over the sister #41 car at the Indy 500 and the #28 was run in practice by Rick Muther but crashed. After Bryant died in June 1968, the #28 reappeared at the end of 1968 when it was raced by Bill Simpson (Los Angeles, CA) at Riverside in December as his #28 Simpson Safety Equipment entry. Retained by Simpson for the 1969 season when it was fitted with a Chevrolet engine and used in both USAC and SCCA Formula A races. Raced regularly by Simpson again in 1970 as the #28 Carborundum-Kynol car in Indy races and last seen at Milwaukee in August. Sold in mid-1970 to Chuck Elliot (Playa del Rey, CA) who prepared it for Bruce Eglinton to drive at the Riverside USAC race. The car did not appear, but Elliott later used it in local SCCA Regional Formula A races. Advertised by Charles W. Elliott (Manhattan Beach, CA) as a "Gilbert-Brabham" in December 1974. Sold to Art Evans in 1985 and raced in vintage events from 1985 to 1987 by drivers including Jack Brabham and Rodger Ward. Evans started a restoration in 2001 but that stalled until the car was bought by Tim Kuchel (Adelaide, Australia) in 2005. It was then restored by Greg Mobbs in Adelaide. Sold in September 2016 to Steve Francis (New Milford, CT) and shipped to the US.
  9. Lola T142 (John Gunn): New to John Gunn (Miami, FL), and raced in the US series in 1969. The car was yellow and entered as #39. Gunn's last known race in the car was a SCCA National at Virginia International Raceway in September 1969, and he advertised the car in November. A local newspaper reported that month that Tampa car importer Dave Heinz had bought the car, but Randy Blessing also had a T142 in Florida in 1970, and his recollection is that his was the ex-Gunn car. As they raced against each other, and as John Hood raced the ex-Gunn T140 at the same time, this is an unresolved puzzle.
  10. LeGrand Mk 7 [002] (Rex Ramsey): A new car replacing the original works Mk 7 sold to Don Richardson, and shaken down by Bruce Eglinton at Whitman stadium June 1968 where he crashed and was badly burnt. While Eglinton recovered in hospital, Jerry Entin did a deal with LeGrand to race this rebuilt second car in return for a loan of engine and gearbox. The car was built up with a stock Chevrolet Camaro engine, fitted with 48mm Weber carbs by Al Bartz, and a ZF gearbox acquired by Entin from Carroll Shelby. The car used Formula B brakes, and Formula B rear hubs. It was then taken to Road America for the Badger "200" on 27 July 1968, but the the timing gear broke before the race, and Entin did not start. Entin won a National at Riverside in August and two Regionals later in the year. Dick Guldstrand took over the car for the Laguna Seca 'Pro' race in October and it was then driven by Rex Ramsey at the ARRC, and at the Monaco International Trophy in New Zealand at the end of December. Ramsey continued to drive the car in 1969, winning three SCCA Nationals but was well off the pace in Pro races. The car was last seen at Sears Point in June 1969. Subsequent history unknown.
  11. Lotus 35 [35-F-18] (Vernon Shields): Very probably the Lotus 35 sold new via Lotus Southwest to Wayne Jones (Burbank,CA) and fitted with a 2.5-litre Coventry Climax FPF engine for the SCCA's new Formula A in 1965. First raced in a SCCA Regional at Santa Barbara in October 1965 and raced again by Jones in 1966. Sold to Ed Marshall (Kentfield, CA) and raced again in FA. For 1968, this car moved to Vernon Shields (Los Angeles, CA) and was fitted with a 4.7-litre Ford V8 engine to fit the increased capacity limit of Formula A. Also driven for Shields by Bob West (Hollywood, CA). Subsequent history unknown but owned by John Dimmer in 2009.
  12. WRE Shadow (Nick Dioguardi): New to Nick Dioguardi (Glendale, CA) for SCCA Formula A in 1968. Retained for a few races in 1969. Retained again for a few races in 1970. Then unknown until advertised by Charlie Harris (California) in in Finish Line December 1976, at which time it was fitted with roll cage, "nerf bars" and mufflers for oval track racing. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. Nike 1A (Mike Goth): Mike Goth (Riverside, CA) appeared at the Riverside Formula A race in May 1969 in a very curious car entered as a Nike 1A. A picture on the Revs Institute website shows a rather upright car, with very primitive front suspension and a sturdy rollcage. It had no wings, and looked very out of place! Although it has been identified as a product of Ken Nichols' Nike company in England, that seems unlikely. Goth only raced the car once, and bought a Surtees TS5 instead.


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