Jimmy Veitch

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Great Britain

F2 starts:

1 (1967)

Did reasonably at Formula 3, but his career didn't progress past Formula 2 and is no longer involved in the sport. Later ran a garage and other businesses. Veitch was also a hillclimber. Veitch built and raced his Osclyat Special, the unusual name being an acronym for a very rude answer indeed when people would ask him what the name meant! Veitch was a regular at the Bo'ness Hill Climb, Edinburgh club racing and the racing on the Scottish Borders; Veitch occasionally competing against Jim Clark in his fellow Scot's early days of racing. He raced a Lotus Elite and later on, he drove a Mini 1275. He also raced a Vauxhall Viva in a number of touring car races. He stopped racing after being involved in a big crash in the early 1970's. By trade, Veitch was an aluminium welder.

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