David Cole

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08 Oct 1940
Shanghai, China


Great Britain

F2 starts:

1 (1973)

Driver who raced for a while in Formula 3, getting one of his chances from Dickie Metcalfe, who raced at Brooklands in the 1920's, and carried on for decades, going on until the 1980's in historic racing. Metcalfe entered, with longtime friend Mo Gomm, a Lotus 59 for Cole as Cole's father, Richard, was in the same army regiment as Metcalfe. Richard Cole was based in China as a military attache, hence Cole's place of birth, but Cole was educated at Rugby school and also Cole was based for a while in Twyford, Berkshire. David also raced a Brabham BT18 in F3 prior to linking up with Metcalfe and was also in a Brabham - this one a BT38 - when he appeared briefly in F2. Cole's uncle owned a Frazer Nash and a Bugatti where Cole got his first taste for the sport, before starting racing himself from 1960 onwards. In 1962 he entered a Lotus VII he built himself before trying out an ex-Tony Maggs Cooper BMC Junior. A lack of funds stymied his career somewhat but he remained an enthusiastic competitor for a good fifteen years.

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