Bob Hicks

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Bob Hicks, 2015. Copyright, Richard Hinton, 2020. Used with Permission.

Bob Hicks, 2015. Copyright, Richard Hinton, 2020. Used with Permission.


19 Oct 1930
Marylebone, London


19 Mar 2020
Pulborough, West Sussex


Great Britain

F2 starts:

1 (1960)

Sadly died in 2020 after contracting COVID-19 in a care home that he was residing in after suffering from dementia. Quit the sport after his younger brother, Joe, was killed in a crash in 1962. Mainly raced in Formula Junior and it was in that category that he later became a constructor, famous for the Caravelle cars; he built and raced Richard Utley's designed cars. Full name is Nigel Robert Kingsley Hicks. Hicks lived near Pulborough, West Sussex and was involved in his working life in both construction and real estate. Son James was also involved in racing. An adept sportscar and single-seater driver, Bob completed national service and then studied at the Chelsea College of Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering. His family ran a greengrocer's shop and Hicks, more interested in cars than fruit, worked with Joe to serviced the vehicles of the family business. He also had the means and facilities to build and modify racing cars and he started racing in the mid 1950's. Hicks raced a Lotus Eleven both in the UK and Europe for a while, almost exclusively in Lotus cars. In 1960, Hicks and Utley constructed the Caravelle cars for Formula Junior, with great success. Caravelle cars have also appeared in historic racing, either through Bob or more recently, fans of Bob's work. Bob kept racing links until the onset of ill-health.

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