Dave Morgan

RJ: Good to see you here, Dave. I see you’re in GPM attire, what’s your involvement with the GPM?

DM: Well, actually this is my first time at being involved at the GPM.

RJ: What kind of role are you in this weekend?

DM: I’m an engineer. I’m working with Eric (Van de Poele) this weekend as I’ve worked with him before, and he and a few others asked me to be involved in this. I’m working here and in South Africa later this year, so not all the time. I’ve got a home in South Africa, but don’t really get the chance to go there that often, so I’m looking forward to that.

RJ: What are your other involvement’s in motor sport right now? You were working in America and Mexico?

DM: Yes, but all those ties are finished now. I enjoyed working over there, but things change, time moves on and about 6 years ago, we decided it was time for a move. I’m still involved in racing, yes, last year I was an engineer for the Epsilon Euskadi Renault World Series team, with (Felix) Porteiro and (Robert) Kubica and I’ve got other interests as well. I shall like to be involved in GPM next year as well.

RJ: You mentioned Kubica – what did you think of his debut & how do you rate him?

DM: Oh, he did terribly well, but it didn’t come as a surprise to me. He’s really something quite special. He’s.. he’ll go far. He’s got the same kind of attitude to racing and knowledge of the car and such dedication, like the qualities you see in Alonso and (Michael) Schumacher. It’s hard to describe, or to sum up one particular strength, as he has many, but he is really something special and I’m sure he’ll do very well.

Interview conducted by Richard Jenkins on the 12th August 2006 at the GPM event at Silverstone. Thanks to Dave Morgan and also thanks to David Holland with this interview.