Surfers Paradise '100'

Surfers Paradise, 19 Feb 1978

1 Warwick Brown Lola T333/T332C [HU2] - Chevrolet V8
#1 Racing Team VDS
2 Vern Schuppan Elfin MR8B-C [8783] - Chevrolet V8
#11 Ansett Team Elfin
3 Don Breidenbach Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8
#5 Tropicana Racing Team
4 Johnnie Walker Lola T332 [T330 HU22-3] - Chevrolet V8
#25 Magnum Wheels (see note 1)
5 John David Briggs Lola T332 ["33-673"] - Chevrolet V8
#4 Tropicana Racing Team
6 Alan Hamilton Lola T430 [HU2] - Chevrolet V8
#19 Porsche Car Distributors (see note 2)
7 Graham McRae McRae GM3 [01] - Chevrolet V8
#22 G McRae
8 Garrie Cooper Elfin MR8-C [8761] - Chevrolet V8
#12 Ansett Team Elfin
9 Alfredo Costanzo Lola T332 [HU36] - Chevrolet V8
#84 Auto Sprint Motors
10 John McCormack McLaren M23 [2] - Leyland P76 V8
#81 Budget F1 Team
11 Keith Holland Chevron B28 [B24 73-07] - Chevrolet V8
#6 K Holland (see note 3)
12 Chris Milton Lola T330 [HU8] - Chevrolet V8
#10 Shellsport (see note 4)
13 Terry Hook Lola T332 [HU28] - Chevrolet V8
#15 Terry Hook Racing (see note 5)
14 Lyndon Arnel Lola T400 [HU1] - Chevrolet V8
#51 Bob Holden Shellsport
15 Kevin Bartlett Brabham BT43 [1] - Chevrolet V8
#3 Roadstar NSW
16 Chris Featherstone McRae GM1 [015] - Chevrolet V8
#20 C Featherstone (see note 6)
17 Peter Edwards Lola T332 [T330 HU23(B)] - Chevrolet V8
#21 Shellsport
R Bruce Allison Chevron B37 [37-76-01] - Chevrolet V8
#62 Bill Patterson Racing (see note 7)
40 Engine/oil pressure
R Jon Davison Lola T332 [HU34] - Chevrolet V8
#24 J Davison
33 Dropped valve
R Graeme Adams Adams GA [01] - Chevrolet V8
#35 Graeme Adams Shell Racing
31 Insufficient laps
R John Briggs Matich A50/A51 [001] - Chevrolet V8
#26 John Roberts Motors (see note 8)
14 Overheating
R John Cannon March 73A/751 ["75AM"-2] - Chevrolet V8
#8 Anglo-American Racing
11 Driveshaft circlip
R Allan Newton McLaren M18/M22 [500-01] - Chevrolet V8
#16 A Newton
R John Goss Matich A51/A53 [005] - Repco Holden V8
#29 John Goss Racing Pty Ltd
2 Oil scavenge pump
DNA Ian Adams Lola T330 [HU1] - Chevrolet V8
#18 I Adams (see note 9)
Did not arrive
DNA John Goss Matich A53/A55 [007] - Ford V8
#2 John Goss Racing Pty Ltd
Did not arrive
DNA Stephen Fraser Cicada [4] - Chevrolet V8
#30 S H Fraser
Did not arrive
DNA Chas Talbot Begg FM5 [2] - Chevrolet V8
#40 C Talbot (see note 10)
Did not arrive
DNA Bronwyn Taylor Matich A50 [004] - Repco Holden V8
#44 B Taylor (see note 11)
Did not arrive
DNA Ken Shirvington Lola T400 [HU4] - Chevrolet V8
#45 K Shirvington
Did not arrive
DNA TBA Elfin MR6 [6741] - Repco Holden V8
#82 Budget F1 Team
Did not arrive

All cars are 5-litre F5000 unless noted.

1 John McCormack (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M23 [2] - Leyland P76 V8 01.04.6
2 Warwick Brown (F5000) 5-litre Lola T333/T332C [HU2] - Chevrolet V8 01.04.9
3 Bruce Allison (F5000) 5-litre Chevron B37 [37-76-01] - Chevrolet V8 01.05.2
4 Don Breidenbach (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 ["33-790"] - Chevrolet V8 01.05.4
5 John David Briggs (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 ["33-673"] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.0
6 Kevin Bartlett (F5000) 5-litre Brabham BT43 [1] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.0
7 Johnnie Walker (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 [T330 HU22-3] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.1
8 Vern Schuppan (F5000) 5-litre Elfin MR8B-C [8783] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.1
9 Garrie Cooper (F5000) 5-litre Elfin MR8-C [8761] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.2
10 Alan Hamilton (F5000) 5-litre Lola T430 [HU2] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.3
11 Jon Davison (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 [HU34] - Chevrolet V8 01.06.9
12 John Goss (F5000) 5-litre Matich A51/A53 [005] - Repco Holden V8 01.06.9
13 John Cannon (F5000) 5-litre March 73A/751 ["75AM"-2] - Chevrolet V8 01.07.0
14 Graham McRae (F5000) 5-litre McRae GM3 [01] - Chevrolet V8 01.07.1
15 John Briggs (F5000) 5-litre Matich A50/A51 [001] - Chevrolet V8 01.08.0
16 Chris Milton (F5000) 5-litre Lola T330 [HU8] - Chevrolet V8 01.08.3
17 Keith Holland (F5000) 5-litre Chevron B28 [B24 73-07] - Chevrolet V8 01.09.2
18 Lyndon Arnel (F5000) 5-litre Lola T400 [HU1] - Chevrolet V8 01.09.9
19 Terry Hook (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 [HU28] - Chevrolet V8 01.10.3
20 Peter Edwards (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 [T330 HU23(B)] - Chevrolet V8 01.11.1
21 Chris Featherstone (F5000) 5-litre McRae GM1 [015] - Chevrolet V8 01.12.5
22 Allan Newton (F5000) 5-litre McLaren M18/M22 [500-01] - Chevrolet V8 01.14.7
23 Graeme Adams (F5000) 5-litre Adams GA [01] - Chevrolet V8 01.15.4
24 Alfredo Costanzo (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332 [HU36] - Chevrolet V8 DNP

Notes on the cars:

  1. Lola T332 [T330 HU22-3] (Johnnie Walker): New to Kevin Bartlett (Aus) 1973. First raced in Australia Sep 1973, then in Tasman 1974 but crashed in practice at Pukekohe and effectively written off. Rebuilt on T332 tub and raced in Gold Star from August 1974. To Bruce Allison March 1975 and raced in Australian Gold Star 1975, and New Zealand and Australian Internationals 1976, but crashed and heavily damaged at Oran Park 1 Feb. Rebuilt again on another T332 tub and raced by Allison later in 1976. Sold to Kevin Bartlett for Australian Internationals 1977, then to Johnnie Walker (Aus) September 1977, and raced in Australia in 1978 and 1979. History then unknown until reappeared with Bob Minogue (Aus) in 1987, then to Paul Cromarty (Aus), then Adrian Whapham (NZ) in 1994 or 1995. To Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) by 2001 and raced in F5000 Tasman Revival series. To Peter Sundberg (Auckland, New Zealand) 2009. Still owned by Sundberg in 2013. More information about Lola T330 HU22
  2. Lola T430 [HU2] (Alan Hamilton): VDS spare car US 1976 (raced by Peter Gethin: 3 races; Warwick Brown: 2 races); VDS for Warwick Brown Australian Internationals 1977 (won at Oran Park and Surfers Paradise, crashed in practice at Sandown Park, second at Adelaide) - Alan Hamilton (Australia): Australian Gold Star 1977 (debut R1 Surfers Paradise 28 Aug 1977); Australian Internationals 1978 (driven by Derek Bell at Oran Park); crashed at Australian GP 1978 and broken in half. All the surviving running gear from the wreck stayed with HU1 through various owners until reaching David Abbott in New Zealand in 2005. Over the next two years David, with Alan Hamilton's agreement, recreated this car and it first ran, with Hamilton driving, at Christchurch in October 2007. Raced by Abbott in the Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival at the Australian GP meeting 28 Mar 2009.
  3. Chevron B28 [B24 73-07] (Keith Holland): New to VDS for Chris Craft in 1973 UK series, then for Peter Gethin in 1974 Tasman series. Loaned to Adlards Crowne Racing for Craft UK 1974; returned to VDS, converted to B24/B28 specification and used by Vern Schuppan to win at Brands Hatch October 1974. Sold to Tony Dean for the UK and US series in 1975, but confiscated by UK Customs & Excise on its return from the US. Bought by Don Gray (Sittingbourne, Kent) at auction, and raced in UK 1977. To Keith Holland for 1978 Australian Internationals 1978, and sold there to Barry Singleton 1978, who raced it in Australia in 1978/79. To Jim Lowe 1980/81, but crashed at Surfers Paradise in early 1981 and heavily damaged. Wreck sold to Russel Gomersall, then to Peter Phillips, then Laurie O'Neill, then Dr Bill Marshall sometime around 1985. Run in Australian historic racing 1986-1988. To George Parlby early 1990s. To Aaron Lewis (Australia) late 2005, and raced in the F5000 Tasman Revival series from 2006 to 2010. Robert Tweedie 2012, and raced by his son Tom Tweedie, in historic racing from 2013 onwards. More information about Chevron B24 B24-73-07
  4. Lola T330 [HU8] (Chris Milton): To Haas/Hall and the team's #65 car for Brian Redman in the 1973 US series. Then to Rogers Racing for Larry Harley in the 1974 US series. To Ken Smith (New Zealand) for the 1974/75 season, the New Zealand and Australian Internationals 1976. To Chris Milton (South Australia) and raced in Australia from Sep 1977 to Sep 1978. To John Blanden 1978, and driven for him by Rob Butcher from 1979 to 1982. To Bib Stillwell 1988 for Australian historic racing. To Noel Robson (Melbourne, Australia) 1993, and raced in Australian historic racing for many years. More information about Lola T330 HU8
  5. Lola T332 [HU28] (Terry Hook): Graeme Lawrence (NZ) for Tasman 1974, New Zealand Gold Star 1974; Tasman 1975; Tasman 1976; Gold Star Oct/Nov 1976; Australian Internationals 1977 - Terry Hook (Aus) Australian Internationals 1978, Australian Internationals 1979; heavily crashed at a club event at Lakeside 21 Jun 1981. Rebuilt by March 1982 by Chas Talbot on a new tub. Sold to Bob Minogue and Pete Brennan in the mid-1980s who sold the rear end to Peter Bick to complete his ex-Davison HU34. The ex-Hook car was then built up with other parts and sold to Manuel Jimenez who in turn passed it to Murray Richards (Murrumbeena, Australia). To David Sharp (New Zealand) 1993. To Murray Sinclair (Hong Kong, and Christchurch, New Zealand) 2001, and raced in the F5000 Tasman Revival from 2003 to 2007. To Russell Greer (Blenheim, New Zealand) 2007, who continued to race it in the Revival series. More information about Lola T332 HU28
  6. McRae GM1 [015] (Chris Featherstone): Longer wheelbase car built for Graham McRae and raced in 1973 season. To Ian Ward Racing early 1974 and modified as "Ward KS1" but not raced in this form. To Chris Featherstone: raced in UK 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, and in Australian Rothmans series in 1978. To Gary Dumbrell (Australia) 1978, then to Bob Tomlinson 1978, and then to Salt Walther 1979 and raced in the 1979 Rothmans series. To Ray Gibbs (Australia) September 1979 and kept by him until sold to Stuart Lush (Auckland, New Zealand) 2000, and raced at Historic Sandown that year. Raced by Lush and others in the F5000 Tasman Revival series since 2003. More information about McRae GM1-015
  7. Chevron B37 [37-76-01] (Bruce Allison): To VDS Racing and entered for Peter Gethin in the 1976 US F5000 series (also raced once by Teddy Pilette) and in the Rothmans series in Australia in early 1977. To Bruce Allison (Brisbane, Australia) and raced by him in the 1977 UK Group 8 Championship and in the Rothmans series again in Australia in early 1978. Then to Ivan Tighe (Brisbane) and raced in national Australian F5000 and in the International series in 1979. Raced by Tighe up to the end of F5000 in Australia in 1982 and retained by him until 2001. Then sold via Race Car Warehouse (Brighton, England) in early 2002 to Simon Hadfield (Shepshed, Leicestershire) and completely restored. Raced with great success by Hadfield in historic racing both in the UK and in Australia from 2004 to 2008. It has since been raced by guest drivers, including Tony Trimmer at Oulton Park in 2009, Marcus Pye at Oulton Park in 2010 and Ben Anderson at the 2012 Silverstone Classic. Sold in October 2014 to Neil Glover (Ansty, West Sussex).
  8. Matich A50/A51 [001] (John Briggs): New for Frank Matich to win the 1971 Australian GP, then raced in the New Zealand Tasman rounds before being renumbered '002' for the Australian Internationals. Matich won the 1972 Australian Gold Star in this car, and raced it in the 1973 Tasman series. Then to Barry Lewis in 1975 - Peter Roach 1976 - Dave Powell 1976 - John Briggs 1978 and damaged at a hillclimb. Via K & A Engineering to Gavin Sala 1984 or 1985, then to his son Bryan Sala. More information about Matich A50-001/002
  9. Lola T330 [HU1] (Ian Adams): Works car for Frank Gardner at the end of 1972, then to Max Stewart for the 1973 Tasman series, the 1973 US series, 1973 Australian Gold Star, 1974 Tasman, and 1974 Gold Star. Driven by David Oxton in the 1975 New Zealand Tasman races, then by Stewart for last two races of Tasman 1975 after he gave up on his Lola T400. Driven by John Leffler, Stewart and Paul Bernasconi during 1975. To Ian Adams (NSW, Australia) 1976, and raced until 1982. Sold by Adams to Darcy Russell (Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia) in 1988, and raced in historic racing from 1992 onwards. Appeared regularly at the VHRR Phillip Island Classic from 1997 to 2016, and in the Australian GP support races in 2009 and 2010. More information about Lola T330 HU1
  10. Begg FM5 [2] (Chas Talbot): Built new in 1973 by Fred McLean for Allan McCully for the 1973/74 New Zealand Gold Star, and regarded by McLean as a FM5, not a Begg FM5. To Graham Baker 1974 and raced in Tasman 1974, the 1974/75 and 1975/76 Gold Star, and the 1976 NZ Internationals. To Charles Talbot (Australia) 1976, and raced by him in the 1977 and 1978 Rothmans Australian Internationals. Presumably the car raced by Allan R. Nitschke in Australia from 1979 to 1982. Then unknown until acquired by Bryan and Graham Sala about 1990. Bought at auction in Australia by Gavin Hicks (Auckland, NZ) about 1991 and sold by him to Lindsay O'Donnell (Christchurch, NZ) 2001. Raced by O'Donnell in the F5000 Tasman Revival from 2003 to the 2012/13 season. Returned two years later for the New Zealand Festival at Hampton Downs in January 2015. More information about Begg FM5/2
  11. Matich A50 [004] (Bronwyn Taylor): Bought by Johnny Walker, and fitted with the engine and transmission from his Elfin MR5. Raced by Walker in the 1972 Australian Gold Star, 1973 Australian Internationals, then to America for four races in the US series. To Jon Davison for the 1974 Australian Gold Star and 1975 Australian Internationals 1975 Australian Gold Star, 1976 Australian Internationals, 1976 Australian Gold Star, and 1977 Australian Internationals. To Bronwyn Taylor 1977 and raced in 1978 and 1979 - Geoff Munyard 1980 - leased to Kevin Leighton 1982 - Graham Stoll - Peter Brennan - Ziggy Schueller 1990 - Ken Smith (NZ) 1992 or 1993 - James Boult (NZ) 1996 - Russell Greer (NZ) 1996 - Richard Bendell (Australia) 2001 - Aaron Lewis 2004 - Philip Lewis 2013.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

Rothmans series results have been collated and checked by Glenn Moulds from the widest possible range of sources: Racing Car News, Australian Auto Action, Car & Driver Australia, Chequered Flag, Motor Sport Reporter and Australian Competition Yearbook. Elfin material has been checked against "Australia’s Elfin Sports and Racing Cars".

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Individual sources for this event

Glenn Moulds compiled these results using Racing Car News, Australian Auto Action, Chequered Flag, Motor Sport Reporter, Australian Competition Yearbook and Car & Driver Australia. Elfin material was checked against “Australia’s Elfin Sports and Racing Cars”. The Sandown, Surfers Paradise and Oran Park programmes were also consulted as well as television coverage of Adelaide.