Indy car constructors (1971-1978)

The table below shows the constructors whose cars appeared in USAC races between 1971 and 1978.

Everything is open to interpretation of course: the Dragon and Kingfish were both Grant King cars and should probably be grouped together, the Ras-Car could be regarded as a reworked Atlanta and the Kenyon-Coyote could also be seen as a Coyote or as a Kuzma. The Colt-Lolas are more troublesome, as it has not yet been possible to completely separate the Colts from the Lolas on which they were based. The 1971-72 Finleys may turn out to be Huffakers and it is possible that more Gerhardts, Halibrands and Watsons may emerge as the research continues.

Marque 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
Antares   x       x x x
Atlanta   x x x     x  
Brabham x x x x        
Cecil x   x x x      
Cicada   x x x x      
Colt x x x          
Colt-Lola x x x          
Coyote x x x x x x x x
Curtis   x x x x      
Dragon           x x x
Eagle x x x x x x x x
Eisert x              
Epperley x              
Finley x x x x x      
Fiore         x x x  
Gerhardt x x x x x      
Gilbert   x            
Halibrand x x            
Hawk x x            
Hayhoe x              
Huffaker x              
Kenyon-Coyote     x x        
Kingfish x x x x x x    
Kuzma x x            
Lightning           x x x
Lola x x x     x    
Mallard x x     x x x x
McLaren x x x x x x x x
McNamara x              
Mongoose x   x x x      
Morris x x            
Parnelli   x x x x x x x
Peat-Lola x x x   x      
Penske             x x
Philipp x              
RasCar-Atlanta     x x x x x x
Riley       x x x    
Scorpion x x            
Sugai Fox               x
Tipke   x x          
Vollstedt x x x x x x x x
Watson x x x       x x
Wildcat         x x x x
Wolverine x              

The 'Kramer' that appeared on a previous version of this page was found to be a 1965 Vollstedt entered by Larry Kramer, the 'Seymour' was Louis Seymour's old Gerhardt-Chev and the 'Kenyon' was just another name for a 1971 Kuzma. The Webster that appeared at Ontario in 1976 was Webster Racing's 1972 Eagle. Efforts continue to ascertain if Larry Cannon's 1971 'Autotron Special' was really the Philipp. The 1971 Peat-Lola has been added, now that we know it wasn't a Lola. The Epperly is now included as it appeared at two 1971 meetings but didn't start either race.

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